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  1. BigCav

    XC Fuel Sensor R/R

    the return rate on the new ones are very low, there has been a bad batch of floats that were damaged and a leak at the wiring pin post on another model but they were all fixed a while ago, there is a new quality control machine checking resistance on every sender and checking the lever arm operation and smoothness across the resistor wiring now too, every return iv had in the last 6 months personally ended up being a wiring fault in the factory 40 year old wiring or dash etc
  2. BigCav

    XC Fuel Sensor R/R

    howards instruments have the resistor blocks and you can repair them yourself easy as, if not send the unit to howards and they can repair yours and do a full reco
  3. BigCav

    XD-XE-XF ID codes

    whats the vin on it lott?
  4. BigCav

    XF Tonneau to suit Sports Bars

    the trouble is that non of the sports bars are the same as each other really, unlike say a ba where they are all running ford brand bars our x series are all random brands or custom jobs as far as im aware nobody makes a cover to suit, but it wouldnt take much for a trimmer to modify one i recon
  5. BigCav

    The GO-TO cleveland parts thread

    I had my 2v rebuilt stock with new valves for 650 about 5 years ago
  6. BigCav

    thai front guards

    Nobody does the good quality versions of the xe guards, and with the tooling costs for the quality fenders and the very small market (at the prices that would need to be charged) they will not be made for many years
  7. BigCav

    thai front guards

    yeah as ants said the xe xf aged guards are still old moulds and will be for a very long time, actually i think you cant even buy them anymore they will be old flogged tooling judging by the purchase price on them when you could still get them
  8. BigCav

    front door

    maybe a bent rod
  9. BigCav


    fan resistor block will be shot, they use different size resistors to slow the fan speed down on the first few settings but the top speed setting uses no resistor so will work fine if your resistor block is stuffed should be behind the glove box somewhere, a few screws hold it on, been years since i looked so memory is fuzzy
  10. BigCav

    anyone got a ba?

    wont be the same thing, see my post above, this does a fair few changes to the digital displays on the dash
  11. BigCav

    anyone got a ba?

    need an obd2 unit and there is a program you run on your laptop while hooked up to the car and it will enable it, best thing i ever did on the ba condsidering most of my driving is highway between those stupid point to point cameras on the hume i have a cable and the program if your ever in the area but do some searching on the ford forums and youll find it all
  12. BigCav

    anyone got a ba?

    sure its on avg fuel and not inst fuel? fuck all that shit off and fit police mode, best thing i ever did, gets rid of all those trip meter stuff which just annoys you by telling you your wasting to much fuel being a hoon haha and replaces it with a digital speedo which is actually spot on accurate instead of being 3kmh faster like the needle gauge ba wagon here too, my best daily yet
  13. BigCav

    Front door seals XD

    those are rares seals steve, A ) I know the seller and B ) rare seals have the white inner section of the pinchweld, if on this model car it has the white then its a rares seal, youll notice almost every seller is selling the same seal even if they claim its theres (rares sell through hundreds of rubber retailers), pretty sure even the "BETA" rubber version linked above is white inside so buy it from whoever is cheaper or local etc
  14. BigCav

    Preferred method for torquing headbolts?

    if they are standard bolts use the torque to yeild method, more accurate for that application
  15. BigCav

    SAAB rim wheel nuts