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  1. Just came back from a trip to Busselton. I drove about 550km all up, and only used about 55L of my 65L tank 😀
  2. Not wrong there. Got so many stares driving through town
  3. Finally got my P's today Took the XF for a quick drive down to Byford, to my mates house, and around Armadale a bit It's such an awesome car to drive
  4. Haha. I can't use my XF for the pda, because it doesn't have a centrally mounted handbrake, so I used my parents Toyota Corolla
  5. Haha naah I didn't. I've got another pda coming Tuesday morning. I'll have to swing past Pinjarra one day 👍
  6. I've been really slack over the last month... I've started to realign a few of the panels... And that's about it 😀 Oh... and I'm going for my licence today, so hopefully I'm going to start driving it more often 😀
  7. what colour paint is that?
  8. those are some amazing photos... They look professional, way better than what I can achieve with my shoddy phone camera
  9. Do you do all your own photography?
  10. haha yeah. Does now I'm in Perth area
  11. Hey everyone Planning a little ahead... Just wondering if anyone might be keen for a cruise on Australia day next year
  12. Looking good mate
  13. That is one nice AU
  14. The Offspring, Bon Jovi, a bit of ACDC... pretty much anything pre 2000's
  15. You have to specially request the build numbers, or they won't add the numbers