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  1. what colour paint is that?
  2. those are some amazing photos... They look professional, way better than what I can achieve with my shoddy phone camera
  3. Do you do all your own photography?
  4. haha yeah. Does now I'm in Perth area
  5. Hey everyone Planning a little ahead... Just wondering if anyone might be keen for a cruise on Australia day next year
  6. Looking good mate
  7. That is one nice AU
  8. The Offspring, Bon Jovi, a bit of ACDC... pretty much anything pre 2000's
  9. You have to specially request the build numbers, or they won't add the numbers
  10. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a sump guard... I can't remember seeing anything like that when I had it up on the hoist. I'll crawl under it tomorrow and have a look though Here's the build options, I got it a few months ago
  11. Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone is able to recommend someone, preferably south of the the river (WA), who can dynotune my '85 XF falcon Cheers John
  12. Cheers mate. Yeah I really want to lower it, but I've only got a part time job at the moment, and I've just finished year 11. I'm hopefully getting my P's on 29th December, and at the moment, I only occasionally take it out for a drive with my brother. So hopefully, when I start driving it more often, it will motivate me to spend the money, and get it lowered But until then, it drives well, so it isn't a necessity, but I'm saving up for it to be done
  13. Only problem with this, is that I'm nof sure if I'd even trust myself to cut them evenly... However the thought did cross my mind, as I have a spare set of springs on my parts car...
  14. I also bought 5 7x15's Globe rims, but I need to get new tyres for all of them. Here is a teaser photo of the xf with the rims on. Sorry for the terrible photos, as there isn't much room in the shed, due to parts being everywhere From seeing this photo, I've decided that I'm going to have to lower my car eventually, when I've saved up enough