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  1. snowhitexe

    King spring Low vs Super low

    Thanks for the input guys, the shocks part doesn’t really bother me because I’ll be replacing them either way. Sounds like low definitely have a better ride quality but they do sit a little bit higher than I’d like. Anyone have pics with superlows? Would be good to see how much of a difference they make.
  2. Hey all, i'm new here, bought my 82 xe fairmont recently, and one of the first things i'm looking to do to it is lower it, as its sitting way too high. The car isn't going to be a daily but i still want some practicality and don't really want to constantly be scraping over speed bumps etc. Just wanted some opinions and pics too, of both king low and super low. Any help would be appreciated, cheers. Car is a carby 250 crossflow btw