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  1. This is awesome . Great work ants
  2. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    No idea yet. See how it goes i guess
  3. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    Not much . Finally pushed it back on the hoist tonight . If i pull my finger out i might have it running by the end of may. Waiting on some rockers and a couple other little things from the states
  4. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    Fucken hell . havent seen this thread in a while
  5. FAT-451

    XE Falcon project (JETFTR)

    That time slips coming very soon . Car has to spread its legs for street machine shoot in the next few weeks first before it shits itself again . Im predicting 8.60s
  6. FAT-451

    XE Falcon project (JETFTR)

    about time fucker
  7. FAT-451

    Slydog's XF ute.

    im off to the goat track for a private test day saturday ... if i can find a car trailer tomorrow
  8. FAT-451

    BGDAV 408, T56, 4.11s

    get your intake manifold o-ringed . no need for gaskets then and piece of piss when you need to take it off and re in stall
  9. FAT-451

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Did it drop the valve down the bore ?
  10. FAT-451

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Scorpion rockers aren't bad . I had them in my clevo for 10 years and never broke 1 . I have never seen one fail like that though
  11. FAT-451

    Street Fords

    Latest issue of street fords
  12. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

  13. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    its out
  14. FAT-451

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    Thought id throw a few more pics
  15. FAT-451

    Simmons doing cheap FR's

    Heres what they look like