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  1. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Mate, where do you get off with such stupid comparisons. The gate on housing will work fine, no dramas. But comparing your bush tucker pot which hits a max of 280 degrees or so to a turbine housing which can see 1000 degrees and with stupid pressures is like saying .....well.... it's just not like saying anything sensible at all. Do the world a favour and stop chiming in on shit you have no clue about. Your cook pot is not a turbine housing. All this false information is not helpful. It will work but welding a pot and welding a turbine housing is no where near the friggen same. Stick to your crossflows.
  2. Wes

    bigblock xd

    In the dungeon. The rape dungeon.
  3. Wes

    451 ci NITROUS XE GHIA

    Then it's on.... Battle of the bros... the cheque book racers who are able to race for real
  4. Yeh... one guy who helps me with clutch set ups is about to leave the industry. His name is Joe from total clutch and brakes. Call him and tell him Sam with the falcon turbos gave you the contact because he helped me with a brass button custom set up on my own cars. Explain to him what you have and he might be able to sort something for you to suit as he has a team of engineers and ex touring car experts that work closed doors and make up custom stuff. 0407457990
  5. Wes

    bigblock xd

    Don't worry, I made one more suitable....
  6. Wes

    Auto problems

    Got one for $50.00 if interested. Just oil and filter change as you usually do with any swap over and away she goes. Oh yeah, sensible people also do a sump gasket when doing the above too.
  7. Wes

    Under new management.

    Cav is a gentleman, guy is a doer. Best of luck to his new role, good shit will happen. Ricky's one of the few REAL blokes down to the core, not just when he needs a part or to waste time in cyberspace or call for no reason at all than to talk shit. He does what he says he's gonna do and lives by a man code of integrity and truthfulness. I have to admit, some great blokes on here that are real, ie you meet them, talk to them and they are normal, not only interested in wasting your fucking time or drinking your beer. From the people I have met, I can count the good ones on one hand. Some I haven't met yet so don't feel left out but this cyber world can make people who are absolute dog shit humans appear to be grand and can make real people look otherwise. If you like Ricky, drop him a line or contact him outside here and make friends with him. He don't bite.
  8. Wes

    bigblock xd

    Fucken oath. One of the few staunch cars worthy of the extreme builds section. Awesome!
  9. Wes

    disgusting treatment of a father.

    Wow... that's fucked up. That's the state of America and sadly folks, we're heading down the same lizard hole. The child abuse in this country through the court system far outweighs the actual benefit. Families are screwed over and fathers are demoralised. I have a mate that's been fighting his bitch of a wife for 6 years. Slut
  10. Wes

    Ants cammed LS1 XD Wagon Sleeper

    True Ants, but much more likely for a tried and true professional to find and fix a mistake than us laymen sifting through it and guessing. Good to hear he sorted it for you like a gentleman and it's going strong.
  11. Wes

    XFORCED - The Build DOHC Turbo

    Needs a video of that get together for sure
  12. Wes

    XFORCED - The Build DOHC Turbo

    Sick bro. That's all good. At least you're not skimping and whoring the car. At least you know it will be done right even if it takes a little more time. Still can't wait. So neat a car
  13. Wes

    Ants cammed LS1 XD Wagon Sleeper

    What happened to this? For sale yet?
  14. Wes

    PRO ZK

    Love that friggen dash.... no nonsense 'shove ya car up your ass' to any onlookers lol