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  1. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Mate, where do you get off with such stupid comparisons. The gate on housing will work fine, no dramas. But comparing your bush tucker pot which hits a max of 280 degrees or so to a turbine housing which can see 1000 degrees and with stupid pressures is like saying .....well.... it's just not like saying anything sensible at all. Do the world a favour and stop chiming in on shit you have no clue about. Your cook pot is not a turbine housing. All this false information is not helpful. It will work but welding a pot and welding a turbine housing is no where near the friggen same. Stick to your crossflows.
  2. Yeh... one guy who helps me with clutch set ups is about to leave the industry. His name is Joe from total clutch and brakes. Call him and tell him Sam with the falcon turbos gave you the contact because he helped me with a brass button custom set up on my own cars. Explain to him what you have and he might be able to sort something for you to suit as he has a team of engineers and ex touring car experts that work closed doors and make up custom stuff. 0407457990
  3. Wes

    Auto problems

    Got one for $50.00 if interested. Just oil and filter change as you usually do with any swap over and away she goes. Oh yeah, sensible people also do a sump gasket when doing the above too.
  4. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Faster and ran longer than any engine you've built. You're out of your territory. Should be a how to blow up a crossflow thread elsewhere. That desperately needs your expertise in there. No one here more qualified.
  5. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Why do it properly when you can do it every other way first
  6. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    That's a good cast unit but most do it like this
  7. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Being a split pulse manifold, not the best idea at all with that adapter. Again the gate is to one side. If you don't put two holes from each pulse side then it should be bang in the middle of both sides, ie half on each side for the most benefit.
  8. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Yes, theoretically being as close to the turbine as possible is the best option as Branko mentioned. Only problem is the differing materials and welding on a cast item, you have to be a real good welder to make sure you get a great seal but cracks are inevitable due to heat and expansion rates of different metals. Still, it's the best place to put it. But if you're going to use that manifold which I don't recommend, you shouldn't just put it on the other side too.
  9. Yep, that will work too. Either way, mods will need to be made as no standard hd clutch is good for turbos
  10. Excedy HD are shit for turbos. Will wear out quick. You will need a custom made one by a guy who knows his shit. 3500 lb brass button with the pivot point moved to make engagement easy. It will still carry on a little like a brass button should, ie with shudder but it will bite and bite hard and work well. But changing the pivot point allows for easy foot pressing and releasing. Anything else is junk.
  11. Wes

    Ed diff into xf

    Yeah those pedders ones are solid.
  12. Wes

    Ed diff into xf

    Steve was it a standard diff or xr diff? Can't remember for the life of me
  13. Wes

    Ed diff into xf

    Get a whole ED or EL even do a whole retro swap. Best thing you can do for under 500 bucks.
  14. Wes

    Ed diff into xf

    upper same lower different if xr6 not sure if different on standard sedans Best swap you will make in your car along with getting rid of the big piece of shit they call a crossflow
  15. Wes

    Wastegate positioning

    Not good It's a split pulse manifold there should be pipe from each bank coming out and y piecing into the gate for the most effective gating