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  1. slydog

    crossflow porting results

    Duttwellier turbo podcast is awesome.
  2. slydog

    crossflow porting results

    Tom is a veteran US Pro Stock racer,Darrin Morgan...well best there is in porting.
  3. slydog

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    They spin in the bores. If they do not spin you wipe cam lobes. 8mm 1/4 drive on a battery drill fits in there with manifold on.Done it heaps.
  4. slydog

    Interchangable Balancers

    Crank snout stuff is the same. Offset belt size is the issue later engines use serpentine belts. FYI I use a SBC ATI damper on my xflow.
  5. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    Mine revs to 8200 yet drives around at 2000 around town very easy? Sits on 3150 for 100kph thru a 5700 convertor But do relate the above to performance engines. Just it has solid info that is helpful for use on a build.
  6. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    As said you may have to click on the link once or twice to read in postimg to get full screen. But its good stuff and well worth it.
  7. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    Engine tech tips and some common sense stuff by Colin Lloyd of Headsense... May need to click to read
  8. slydog

    Air filter size Aussie speed

    A traditional filter is to tall but a flow thru filter top is the go.
  9. slydog

    Air filter size Aussie speed

    9" K@N or Aeroflow filter top and base sealed with pinch weld fits under bonnet with a 2" spacer.
  10. slydog

    Blow through carb

    You can buy boost referenced metering blocks for carbs.
  11. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

    No it isn't. Its a general gauge of 6 pipes together. Each cyl can run 4points difference. Think about that. Heat signature on the earth strap,colour and condition on top of the body before the threads.Colouring on the porcelin. But reading em has to be done with new plugs and directly after a WOT pull with no idle time.
  12. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

    I helped him out with the dizzy and other bits and pieces and tbh it punches above its weight now.
  13. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

    Talking about blown crossy's. Ryan Ohara aka Taz Tuned has had great success with his 4/71 blown cross flow running low 11's now. 11.1 119mph in his gasser gig. Still the same basic engine combo,some match porting and switch to a TFI dizzy over electronic but reading plugs and adding timing made it drop nearly a second.Yes went from 12.0-11.9 type deal to a 11.1 by not taking out soo much timing. Engines need timing to be efficient and the results are happier engines and faster times.Once plugs identified tune timing was added and BAM its a new car. Internet scare tactics and only this person knows days are over. There just a engine that wants what they want.Give it to em