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  1. Well...only have to wait till Monday to find out I spose lol
  2. Feels strong too. Just blows the street tyres off it but today it landed the dashmat in my lap in 2nd gear. Still no o rings in the BOVs as a bit of a organised leak to limit boost but seen 8 psi and it doesnt stop pullin.
  3. Did some road auto tuning today. Feels real good lol
  4. Timing sorted now to start tuning...
  5. First EFI ProCharged start...
  6. The cables I ran down drivers side all chassis rail to a distrubution block in the engine bay and to the starter. Easy as man
  7. Battery is next cell on drivers side. Fuel pumps and such pass side. I can get a pic for ya tomorrow if you like?
  8. Fuel system underway
  9. Im ofically one of "those guys" and don't know how I feel about it but it's kinda needed.
  10. Less talky more doey 👍
  11. Pro-There are kits available to do it. They can make really really good hp done right. Con-there expensive and every other person on here will tell you to turbo it cos its cheaper. But why be its bitch when you can be its master. I love the blower idea because its different now days.
  12. Never get accused of following trends lol
  13. Waiting for a reply here 😎