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  1. Annnnnnnnnd so...
  2. Well never thought of it that way lol
  3. I sorta kept the can bit quiet cos it may make people think I have a drinking problem
  4. Chopper wheel for better resolution or postion indicator really. Cam sync is better for TDC and so I can run COP and delete dizzy. MS is doing spark,fuel,brake,fans,water pump,line lock and all the running features it needs/uses.
  5. Nah bred...D1SC ProCharger sequential EFI driven by a MS3. 36-1 chopper wheel crank trigger and EF style cam sync. COP via 6 LS coils. Still solid roller still over 11.1 maybe 11.5 comp and big convertor and diff gearing. Gunna be a bad fuckin bitch
  6. Changes are coming...will be selling digital 7 programable HVC coil crank trigger set up, the 50mm webers and custom trumpets manifolds and shit. Going to be a fresh start but still xflow and no turbo
  7. Yeah funny enough a leaf spring racer had the correct idea. Car was crazy crazy close but just shy. The difference in how it drives out of the hole is night and day. Feels slow but it hauls ass no wheelspin just leaves every lap🤛💪🏾🤙
  8. So SLY250 did a thing... Won 6cyl drag 1/8th event @ Wilby on the weekend. Raced on radials and 98 pump fuel too. Car was off pace but consistant and tbh would of came 2nd over all in V8 boosted final even. New suspension tweaks have it leaving like a bullet.
  9. Poor old fuel pump gave pump thats been on the car and lived a hard life. So made 1 good 1 out of 2 spares and Ill test it this arvo🤔
  10. Yes Burns said you were a wealth of information for his swap. Yes he is racing too. His car is tuned for E85 and has fitted the big mph convertor. See what happens I guess
  11. Ohhhhhh the car feels good. Ill go over the rockers tomorrow arvo then wash and load it for the races 🤨
  12. New shed feels awesome working in there too. Pushed car out onto the carport pad and enjoyed the cool breeze and light. If im lucky Swan Hill Saturday.
  13. Cyl head is back re paired and on. Put new locks on and heli coiled everything and machined the exhuast mating surface and cleaned the deck a bit 🤓
  14. Well its 1 of 9 from memory ? Very first design Mark did and prob my fav Aussiespeed cover for sure.
  15. Getting a new custom rocker cover built for the ute so the current Aussie speed (1 of the very first batch) will be put on the bench or sold depending. Sheet metal job fashioned after some US units.