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  1. Core shift is a concern for sure hence the chopping a couple up and keeping a average not chasing to go as far as possible. That and boost will aid in any HP shortcomings👊🏽
  2. So new boosted cyl head testing is underway and very promising atm. New test ports have gone over the old cyl heads total figure by 500th lift! Its 22cfm better by 200cfm aswell. Ricky worked in with John Marshall Custom Cams who came up with a grind to suit the boosted combo. Just finding people interested and with drive for a challenge is key. Took Tighe 4 weeks to deliver what he said would be a week. Then it turned up with a notch in it. Pin placement has it advanced 8 degrees which is no shock to anyone either. So back to getting its getting closer and closer each day.BOV's sorted,fuel pumps,reg,filters and so on.Getting exciting😎
  3. See where water is and how much material is where and to profile the port. He has done lots of Chevy Ford Holden and LS stuff but only 2 xflows. This been the 2nd. My NAT ASP head the first. I know local shop just sent a Iron Windsor head over to Kuuntz in the US so they can do the same then CNC duplicate for future use. Smart thinking imo.
  4. Test port for the boosted head has gone over the old NAT ASP head total figure by 500lift already. Its 22cfm better by 200th aswell. Wonder if he had been playing with xflows for 20 years how they would flow,seeing this is his 2nd ever.
  5. They need to keep the valve under control hence needing duals or tripples with dampers. Modern spring material helps but spring pressure is needed regardless.
  6. His name is Chris,nice bloke and did Tony Spaznoski's combos. Yes he swears exactly like that in person too. The hp gain for them is easy to explain. The exhaust and inlet are on the same side.So if you have a tube pulling air from the grille getting air forced in by a fan thats cooler than under bonnet temps it will make more hp. I would suggest using the EF El intake as it works and fits better. Quintin aka crazy did it years ago and alot better than Clints effort. Having a solid roller webers and 13:1 comp idle @ 950rpm in gear and handle traffic like anything else I often hold back from commenting as I know how different real life is to internet life. Quintin drove the car like 300-400kms and we even loaned a fellow LS powered racer some fuel as our economy was better than theres was. I know right...better than a EFI LS.So again the Webers (which were standard fittment on BMW Ferrari Mazaratti Lambos the list is endlist) came out beter than all thought in real life. Look up Bud Moore intakes. You will see how he used twin 1050 dominators on flat tappet 289-302 Windsors and 302 chevs that worked so well they got banned. So will you actually fit tripples to anything ??? Ill say no but you sure would have a hell of a experiance if you did.The noise is so addictive,the wow factor is huge and your street cred would surprise you. The power... well smoking 275x60's to limiter in top gear from a dig no brakes for as long as your game makes it all worth the effort.
  7. Nope...the manifold uses a thick 20mm or so spacer and thick gaskets and to tune em right you need to be able to fit a syncronizer to the carb bell to set em up. Needed room for that. All this bull shit about space is just that bull shit. Ive seen cars on dynos where you close the bonnet with 5mm above the carb make exactly same hp bonnet open or closed. As for carbs to use no carb beats the webbers. The fab work involved in the 3 Holleys is too much and they require a serious engine to work. Webers work on stock or race type deals. Tuning em is sooooooo easy and parts easy to get. My vote Webbers for lyf PS the air box is no faster than just open carb trumpets too. Ive done it waaaaaay too many times to be wrong. On the street it may be better but my deal no way.
  8. Im actually keeping em and the NA cyl head now. Im build a 2nd forged bottom end like the current one and just have 2 engine combos to use as I feel.
  9. Get up !!!
  10. Hey Ryano...thing the vid doesnt show is how the track was or how L O U D your car is. God dam
  11. Annnnnnnnnd so...
  12. Well never thought of it that way lol
  13. I sorta kept the can bit quiet cos it may make people think I have a drinking problem
  14. Chopper wheel for better resolution or postion indicator really. Cam sync is better for TDC and so I can run COP and delete dizzy. MS is doing spark,fuel,brake,fans,water pump,line lock and all the running features it needs/uses.
  15. Nah bred...D1SC ProCharger sequential EFI driven by a MS3. 36-1 chopper wheel crank trigger and EF style cam sync. COP via 6 LS coils. Still solid roller still over 11.1 maybe 11.5 comp and big convertor and diff gearing. Gunna be a bad fuckin bitch