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  1. slydog

    Mystery rear main seal size

    Its got a 84 DA seal in it but needs a 86DA unit. Same size as a EF seal.
  2. slydog

    Spark plugs

    You need r's on a EFI engine so you don't cause signal interference
  3. slydog

    clocking rings 250 crossflow

    Sooooooo...tighter you set em longer they last usually but there is a limit to both sides of that comment. Some work on x.007 of bore. I actually set my Wiseco's at 15th top and 2nd 17th 8 years ago. After much of that time NA and 8200rpm and later a P1SC Procharger I pulled the bottom end down to ready for a freshen up and found there at 26 and 28th respectively. My turbo combo will be set up the same with 26th top 28th 2nd. So I never go crazy on ring gap and TBH 20-22th and 22-24th on a stockish engine set with 3or 4th piston bore clearance is heaps IMO.
  4. slydog

    clocking rings 250 crossflow

    Pushrods and lifters (if flat tappet) do too. Along with valve springs if you watch a spintron in action.
  5. slydog

    clocking rings 250 crossflow

    So first thing to know is the rings rotate in the bores as they go up and and down so don't stress too much. But for the argument I set the oil rings 180 apart from each other and find a spot on the piston im happy with. Then the 2nd ring goe's as far away as you can get it from the "top oil ring" gap. Then the top ring is 180 opposite the 2nd ring gap. But the rings still rotate in the bores at there own rate anyway so don't be too concerned.
  6. slydog

    crossflow porting results

    Duttwellier turbo podcast is awesome.
  7. slydog

    crossflow porting results

    Tom is a veteran US Pro Stock racer,Darrin Morgan...well best there is in porting.
  8. slydog

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    They spin in the bores. If they do not spin you wipe cam lobes. 8mm 1/4 drive on a battery drill fits in there with manifold on.Done it heaps.
  9. slydog

    Interchangable Balancers

    Crank snout stuff is the same. Offset belt size is the issue later engines use serpentine belts. FYI I use a SBC ATI damper on my xflow.
  10. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    Mine revs to 8200 yet drives around at 2000 around town very easy? Sits on 3150 for 100kph thru a 5700 convertor But do relate the above to performance engines. Just it has solid info that is helpful for use on a build.
  11. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    As said you may have to click on the link once or twice to read in postimg to get full screen. But its good stuff and well worth it.
  12. slydog

    Engine tech tips by a real pro

    Engine tech tips and some common sense stuff by Colin Lloyd of Headsense... May need to click to read
  13. slydog

    Air filter size Aussie speed

    A traditional filter is to tall but a flow thru filter top is the go.