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  1. ProCharger isn’t for you.
  2. People are so predictable lol. Why not a blow thru centrifugal like a Vortex or Paxton. Or the better of them a ProCharger. My car will not be NAT ASP forever and the benifits of a ProCharger over a aspo or turbo engine in what “I do” with my car is what I’ll do next. Make a easy 650hp run bottom 10’s high 9’s xflow powered and still get props and street cred off the people who matter.
  3. Nah not yet,carbs are all intact as is cyl head 🤔 Odd but I also don’t run air filters so not impossible it didn’t have something bouncing around in the bay go thru it. Chances are prob remote but can’t rule anything out atm cos the offending item has long been spat out 😝 Piston is still intact as well so ???
  4. So finally in the new house and the list of jobs to do is getting much smaller by the day. Good news...bad news still got a broken SLY250. So pull the head Sunday and find a bent inlet valve but also find it was caused by something been ingested by the engine not a broken spring as first thought. So head will get sent off this week for repair and checking and I’ll pull the rest for a proper look. One good sign is there is now zero reversion in the inlet ports thanks to the job LHT Engines did on it. First time that cyl head has had clean inlet ports which is a bonus and how it should be. So pinch more comp and pinch more flow before further mods on the combo. Might be another good year ahead 👍
  5. Running a twin 2.5” on mine showed hp on the dyno but no improvement in ET at all. But again the weight offset any gain perhaps? So back to getting...the poor xflow head design adds to the need for more camshaft over what the head can flow in cfm as lift adds torque and torque x rpm equals hp. Which shows more need for more exhaust to aid in hp making.
  6. Yes all testing is done @ WOT from like 2500 but on the street rarely does me daily go over 3000. Be a solid street engine that 1 still.
  7. Branko used em on his 850plus hp Windsor. I used em but broke a few exhaust rockers due to them rubbing on the back of the pushrods but certainly not the rockers fault. There a very good unit and the cost is a bonus. But some internet mechanics seem to like to shit on things they don’t have.
  8. Nope Scorpion
  9. Next 1 is the Roller rocker ep. Best bit is the brand they use lol
  10. Xflow with webbers...
  11. Craig Smith builds all his race engines this way. His engines have actually won Bathurst a few times so may know what he's on about.
  12. Is that a C2 Dean? Wow don't see em like that anymore LOL. I just had to purchase a C1A (with real money too!!!) and these things are starting to get hard to find. But the out come will be a very happy xflow for me
  13. You need to measure the crank for size,buy bearings to suit then fit and measure then fit crank and measure. Or you could measure crank and buy bearings to suit and just deal with it co I know 95% of people building engines would do this. I'm not one of em. Most don't check end float just pull the crank forward and back and thats it LOL.
  14. Skyline and Pintara auto's had em. But TBH by the time you find some and buy buying new may well be a better option anyway as new cost is prob on par. You can search US sites and get US GM 9 bolt gear to suit Camaro.
  15. Yeah that’s the truth. Any luck Friday we sign some papers but tbh I’m expecting next week lol.