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  1. Xflows just love timing.Never had one stock or modified that didnt respond well to timing. Camshaft has alota effect on timing in stock mild combos. But mismatched cam comp is dangerous with timing. Other thing is...the engine wants what it wants. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it if it likes timing as long as its safe. If a engine takes bulk timing its prob over cammed with low comp. Seems basic but timing helps here. Reading plugs is the best way to set timing imo. Only way I do it.
  2. LS dont take late 20's timing. 22-24 is where they usually are.
  3. A xflow that takes timing??? No way.
  4. Progress...๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ
  5. Nope...not usually. I thought I clicked on Thoms notifaction but clearly didnt but this made me laugh.
  6. If you havnt got it already id suggest a Sparton o2 sensor from 14.7. The Innovate is only the best of the cheapest units comparred to AEM and such at the time but there electrics are quite shit and fail with varried volts or just time. I just fitted a Sparton as the Mtx2 would shit its self every single drive. Its cheaper and better built and used by MS users the world over instead of the innovate nowdays. It reads spot on with zero issues.
  7. BMW 6 for me๐Ÿ‘€
  8. The Tilly car is now a V8
  9. Yep...265 aspo. I doubt he will be beaten even at his early 400rwhp figure let alone the 450 pass. Spaz is a good bloke and open to listening and learning. Hence the cars improvements. Car is getting fitted with a ecu and individual coils,crank trigger and such. Scared everyone away from trying to beat him which is funny. But aside from been a Bulldogs fan he is ticking many coolness boxes๐Ÿ‘
  10. I use a billit Mezire flex plate on my xflow too.
  11. Mate Tony Spaznoski just killed the 6cyl dyno record with 451rwhp. Aint no one touching that. Awesome imo and props for his effort. Put your dreams away cos he just smashed em lol.
  12. Yes the free air can work well if suitable. Never heard a Lexus stereo myself but been in ALOT of sound offs bitd and standard stereos now days would win awards for staging,and sq. Sheer spl is a different story but modern stuff is impressive.
  13. BIL sold doors at his lockssmith shop and the doors come packed in MDF or chip board sheets they gave away
  14. Funny you said this...had a few prople on FB tell me they watched it at DC on the Friday night and there keen to go watch it on Sunday. Thats pretty cool. Guy msg me a heap over the break wanting to know the ins and outs of ProCharging a xflow. Another wanted the old cly head for his combo cos he seen how good Ricky at LHT made the head work. So yes your right people do watch and take a interest.