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  1. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

    AB100 International is same body but lights on top of each other from memory.
  2. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

  3. slydog

    Blown Crossy.

    So to do a set of webbers correctly will cost over $3000. Doesn't include fuel pump regs and stuff. Plus you need a engine worthy of em. Blower requires the same engine under it if not more and a properlly ported cyl head as a start. Big ignition is needed like a coil per plug/cam sync type deal. A msd and stuff can work but also kill coils like hookers do condoms. If you can't do the fab work you need to find someone left field to help you. Ryan AKA Tas is a Wagga local too and will help were he can. And yes dex I run a M1SC-b Procharger on my xflow making 14PSI. It power skids in top gear at 80-100kph. But again there a $2000 blower 2nd hand minimum and then you need to sort pullies brackets and shit.I used chev stuff as it fits xflows and a 8 rib serpentine drive. Was easy for me but its not for everyone.
  4. Sorry didn't see this post. I do use basically a McDonald Bros tri angle kit in my ute but weld in style. It runs double adjustable viking coil overs front and rear with a Comp Enginerring adjustable anti roll bar. I can lower or raise the car while keeping spring rate the same on the rear in like 5mins each side. But the shocks allow you to get the ride exactly as you want. Running a soft 150lb spring leaves the shock to control ride alot better than a conventional set up.
  5. slydog

    Injector Options

    Petrol use late XR6 injectors. E85 you would need bigger maybe. If going boost you would need 800-1000cc units. I use 1000cc units in mine. And steer away from Decca unit.
  6. slydog

    Head selection

    There was the biggest problem with peoples understanding of the long stroke xflow from days gone.Cyl pressure spikes are extreme and small cams with big comp make em rattle but the fix was camshaft design not the cyl head.
  7. slydog

    Head selection

    Theres no best head just best for combination. In my finding using a good porter is more important as you get what you pay for there. Good porter can make any head work. But for the sake of it...I have used both on mine and both get extreme chamber mods to work. Small chambers with compression and small cams are rattlers. So with that in mind and not knowing the rest of the combo (small hyd cam,2 barrel carb extractors and maybe a ignition?) I would choose the C1.
  8. 650 Will be fine. Cyl head will limit hp potential not cam or carb. I understand the budget build and you can mod the head later to suit. Cam I would suggest you research US boosted engine combos and what is currently used. Been as your cube limited a modern cam idea works better here. Mine is pretty well what most call a NA profile but my grinder does the same on RB engines making over a G of hp.
  9. Id suggest blow thru over any factory ecu. Or a aftermarket ecu like a MS3 or even a FAST set up with a screen.
  10. slydog

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    McDonald bros sell a double adjustable bolt in coil over for under $1000. Well only just barely under and few years back but after doing a couple DC events and many street miles can reccomend them as a option. Takes longer to remove the old shit than it does to install the new stuff. And setting em up is different to what most think. But each car is wanting its own set up as per driver style wants needs and use.
  11. slydog

    250 xflow crank bolt thread size

    They are a interference fit so bolt is mainly used to install not hold it on.
  12. slydog

    300 USA 6CYL

    3.9" or 4.0" ( " = inches ) not a ohc piston.
  13. slydog

    300 USA 6CYL

    You have to over bore and sleeve to suit then grout the block up to the welsh plugs at least. But again still limited by head gasket to around 3.82 from memory unless you go custom copper maybe. Moving the bore away from the valve is good move for power and cyl head flow aswell so a move to a 3.9 or 4.0 slug would be awesome in a xflow. Possible??? Well just asking the question makes it doable imo. No better way to dis prove peoples doubts than doing it.
  14. slydog

    300 USA 6CYL

    Theres more NAT ASP hp potential from the 300cuber but the cost is epic. That said Wazzy made as good as 500hp with his xflow thanks to JB race engines but that would of been at a epic cost too. Issue here is people want and think of a 6cyl as a cheapo thing and expect good hp from em just as cheaply. Speed/power/money rules still apply though. I rate the idea of one though