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  1. 351XD_Fairmont

    The completely off topic thread

    The one I was thinking of was an xd or xe i think, yeah sounds simple enough I was mostly just after some pictures for reverence of what holes they welded up or kept open.
  2. 351XD_Fairmont

    The completely off topic thread

    Hey guys just seeing if anyone remembers a thread where someone made the upper radiator support panel removable? Think it was in a build thread possibly on the old site, I am looking for some pictures or info but am having no luck searching, hopefully someone has a link or remembers where it was.
  3. 351XD_Fairmont

    MENTAL XD - The build.

    Thats great to hear mate, hopefully all goes well for you from now on and you can get back to living with less pain.
  4. 351XD_Fairmont


    Looking at the picture of your bonnet with the grille removed I never noticed they weren't open there, always thought they had openings there for airflow to the radiator
  5. 351XD_Fairmont

    The completely off topic thread

    Thats the one, apparently he thought up the story line for all the movies before he made the first one, must have got caught up doing shit live action movies like avatar: the last air bender and that god awful dragonball shitfest.
  6. 351XD_Fairmont

    The completely off topic thread

    Yeah that unbreakable was a great movie and there was one a year or two back called split that also ties the three together
  7. 351XD_Fairmont


    Only you would go to so much effort dave, but thats what we've come to expect from you, full of information and just a little bit crazy. Btw I keep all my old fuses and relays in old milo tins, have about 3 of the large tins full now.
  8. 351XD_Fairmont

    1981 Ford Fairmont XD Ghia Build

    Cheers for the offer mate but I'm in nsw so bit of a drive, if you could find the name for me though that would be awesome. With the wheel situation globes always look good imo, 19's look great too but get some decent sidewall for them as rubber bands on big rims are pretty harsh on the old girls
  9. 351XD_Fairmont

    1981 Ford Fairmont XD Ghia Build

    Looks spot on in the pics mate, how close is it to original in person and would you know the name of the territory trim? I've been after a door card for years now and the others are abit rough so if I can start fresh with new material that'd be great.
  10. 351XD_Fairmont

    1981 Ford Fairmont XD Ghia Build

    Nice project mate, is that interior dove grey velour?
  11. 351XD_Fairmont


    I've never taken them off to fit one before, I just close the door and lock it then push the new one on, make sure it's facing the right direction and the catch part that holds onto the rod isn't already clipped up
  12. 351XD_Fairmont

    Zk lowrider build

    That patterned one is dead set exactly as I saw it in my head, same colour and wheels too. Can't wait to see what you do with the zk as those two look great
  13. 351XD_Fairmont

    Zk lowrider build

    Sounds awesome mate, you have any pictures of the nc? That sounds like it would of been a cool project aswell
  14. 351XD_Fairmont

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    Took me longer than I'd like to admit to realise that was a tunnel and not a projection image on the windscreen
  15. 351XD_Fairmont

    NZXD's XD money pit

    Pretty sure you can adjust the length of the throw on them though, as for cutting the hump I've been told it is possible to get it through the standard hole but I'll have to ask them directly about that. In any case it's got to be better than the factory shifters, always get stuck them pricks of things, anyway looking forward to see how yours goes