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  1. Thanks for that mate, yeah wasn't sure because I don't think I've used one similar before(although I might have and forgotten about it) so just wanted ask opinions before buying, I've also got my trusty old arc welder for the big heavy jobs just looking at this one for the lighter to mid range stuff. Thought it was good deal with those specs from a good brand with warranty and yeah total tools and afew others have it for $519 delivered so I'll be cheering if it serves my needs
  2. Has anyone had any experience with a cigweld weldskill 155? I'm looking at getting one for mostly basic MIG welding but am not finding very many reviews and although the ones I have found have been positive I'd like to here from someone who's used one for awhile, any input on it would be appreciated
  3. This series has got to be one of if not the best b-grade movie series ever. I remember watching the original over and over when I was a kid and still love all of them, even the strange prequel one was great fun to watch
  4. Also there's no need for xg engine mount chassis plates for an au engine unless you're going to use a log manifold instead of the bbm that's already on it. Xg's only had them so the log manifold would clear the strut tower whereas the with the bbm theres no such problem
  5. If you have an HR department go and see them about it and ask them to bring it up with him and the rest of the staff, failing that go speak to him with your supervisor and tell him to pull his head in. We've had a few like that in my workplace and now when someone like that gets hired those of us who've been there forever make it a point to tell them that that shit doesn't fly around us, it's funny when after we tell them that they go to someone else to have a whinge and get told the same thing but in much harsher words. But definitely take it up with HR if you have one.
  6. At a quick glance I honestly thought that was Capri or something
  7. If you do make a new loom don't buy individual coloured wires just get afew packets of trailer wiring harness's. You get an assortment of thicker coloured wires but with thinner insulation so as to fit through bulkhead grommets easier
  8. Maybe the rental agent is just being over-cautious because he's been burned on that house recently? I've heard there's been a few problems with rental properties and such lately around Melbourne
  9. Thanks for the replys guys, thinking I might put a pair of uca's aside for trying this out later on down the track, there's a local bearing joint in town that will be able to steer me in the right direction
  10. Just wondering if anyone has replaced the upper control arm bushings with bearings before? Im not seeing any reason why it can't be done.
  11. Sounds like a nice project, and welcome to the forum mate
  12. You obviously haven't read a paper lately then can't wait to see what the new set up runs
  13. Did you get the block hot bathed or what? It came up pretty clean by the looks of it.
  14. Can't really tell from the pictures myself but could it be part of a piston gudgeon pin?
  15. You should see the looks people give me when I'm explaining common sense to my 4 year old daughter, some even say she's too little to understand and I tell them that's why my kid can help out around the house while their child still needs to have their ass wiped at 6