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  1. 351XD_Fairmont

    Factory AU VCR?

    Sounds interesting to say the least grommet, do you know what year it was? Sounds like someone on the floor that day made an end of model special at the ford plant
  2. 351XD_Fairmont

    XD Toploader

    Yeah gregs right the build plates only say 4 speed floor shift, so to do the letters you get from ford(not that their known for their accuracy). One of mine a factory 351 manual has a toploader and from the inside it all looks factory but I highly doubt it
  3. 351XD_Fairmont

    ZL fairlane no injector pulse

    Does it have an aftermarket security system installed? If you still have the previous owners number try asking them if theres a hidden killswitch somewhere, other than that you'll probably have to start tracing along the wiring looking for a fault
  4. 351XD_Fairmont

    Barra into xf

    There are afew options for wiring but the simplest way I've heard is ring(don't email as they won't get back to you) Haltech and tell them what your doing and they will work out a loom for you, they make of the shelve stand alone looms for barra's now so it shouldn't be as pricey as it used to be. Also have a read through the members builds section as there are afew conversions in there that will help you with your project
  5. 351XD_Fairmont


    I know you already said you changed them but perhaps the relay for the high speed circuit isn't hooked up right or the connections aren't contacting properly
  6. 351XD_Fairmont


    Have you tried plugging in another set of fans to see if its not just that the ones yours using are faulty? Simple enough to check if you have access to another set, just put them close enough that they can be plugged in and see if they work properly, if nothing else it will confirm that the problem isn't with the fans your currently using.
  7. 351XD_Fairmont

    351 ?

    Where's grommet, someone mentioned a Cartier
  8. 351XD_Fairmont

    What are this?

    Ha ha, ando will be here soon boys don't worry, gotta love how we all instantly knew what the joke was
  9. 351XD_Fairmont

    Tips using regular household products

    Bit of a thread revival here, anyway one I recently discovered was using old Christmas wrapping paper for masking up panels for painting. Had heaps of it laying around and it worked great.
  10. 351XD_Fairmont


    I thought the utes all used the same cable, oh well the more you know
  11. 351XD_Fairmont


    Yeah it'll fit mate you just need an adapter for the brake line as they're metric and the xd is imperial
  12. 351XD_Fairmont

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    Weren't all v8's disk brake as standard in xd's or was that lsd?
  13. 351XD_Fairmont

    Au engine conversion into ZK

    Your best bet would be to call an auto electrician and get a stand alone harness made or you could look for someone to make one on Facebook, there are a fair few people on there that make them
  14. 351XD_Fairmont

    HeadGasket Waterport Holes.

    No worries Searley and as ESPSIX said above the holes are blocked of to promote even flow throughout so opening them up isn't a good idea. It should last until you can get a mls gasket(I bought the permaseal branded kit recently with no problems) and remember the head bolts are torque to yield items so can only be used once, after that it's straight in the bin with them so always get new bolts with your head gasket or alternatively you can get some arp head studs and reuse them as many times as you like and although their a bit more expensive they pay for themselves after your second gasket change.
  15. 351XD_Fairmont

    HeadGasket Waterport Holes.

    Yeah they block off some of the smaller passages mate so don't worry about it although if your going through head gaskets you should change to a mls gasket as they are much better, should probably check the head hasn't warped either if you haven't already. Also what's up with the capitals on all your words, some strange spellcheck issue maybe?