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  1. And God help them if they try and put baby in the corner
  2. Looks like I'll need to take a trailer just in case then, cheers
  3. Anyone know how many 44gallon drums will fit in an au ute tub? I'm getting some empty ones and need to know how many I can fit on a load
  4. Timing looks good mate
  5. Surely wherever your buying them from would have the assembled dimensions available or at the very least be able to measure them for you, that way you could check how far they would stick out from the head. Seems like common sense to include that sort of thing in the description/information if buying from a business, either way good luck with it mate, looking forward to seeing how it goes
  6. Might be for added airflow as I'm pretty sure Rob didn't have to do anything to fit his when he was running them, maybe check through his thread again to refresh your memory
  7. Congratulations mate, just remember you can never run out of dad jokes because you just reuse them, plus they never go out of style
  8. You can't upload pics to ozfalcon, you need to use an image hosting site like imgur or use the tapatalk app to upload directly. There are multiple threads that explain the process in greater detail, just have look through them
  9. Yeah it's the one Banno is talking about bear, and there aren't any pick a parts around here that's the problem, surely someone sells them aftermarket though
  10. Anyone know where to buy an Ef/El thermostat housing bolt/stud, the one that the plastic belt cover attaches to? I've tried every search bar I can think of and didn't find any, even the local stores can't tell me where to get them.
  11. I'm making one out of an old zk fairlane that was cut just behind the gear shifter hole so the dash/pedals and everything foreword are there. Also tinkering with an engine cradle/trolley made from an ed falcon k-frame, just welded on some C channel and other scrap steel to mount some casters and looking at adding stub axles for a some full size wheels when moving around the backyard. I've got afew k-frames so hopefully I can put some of the engines/transmissions I've got on them so I can move them around much easier
  12. I know what you mean mate, but I have a laugh every election when I vote because there's a family in town who all load up into the family bus(similar to a maxi taxi) and head down to the local catholic school to "vote", they all walk in get their names marked off and throw the forms in the bin on their way out. The people behind the desk don't even bother to argue anymore as they just get told whats the point when they don't even count our votes until after the election has been decided. One of them did say they were voting for that United Australia party this year though.
  13. Yeah looks like their for a horn to me, you'll have to hook up a spare and see if it works
  14. Hi mate and welcome, like others have said both are great cars so whichever way you decide to go make a build thread for it as we can never get enough x-series or e-series falcons
  15. What would they be worth? Can't remember the last time a set in as good condition came up for sale. I think he'd be asking more than $500 for them