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  1. 351XD_Fairmont


    I thought the utes all used the same cable, oh well the more you know
  2. 351XD_Fairmont


    Yeah it'll fit mate you just need an adapter for the brake line as they're metric and the xd is imperial
  3. 351XD_Fairmont

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    Weren't all v8's disk brake as standard in xd's or was that lsd?
  4. 351XD_Fairmont

    Au engine conversion into ZK

    Your best bet would be to call an auto electrician and get a stand alone harness made or you could look for someone to make one on Facebook, there are a fair few people on there that make them
  5. 351XD_Fairmont

    HeadGasket Waterport Holes.

    No worries Searley and as ESPSIX said above the holes are blocked of to promote even flow throughout so opening them up isn't a good idea. It should last until you can get a mls gasket(I bought the permaseal branded kit recently with no problems) and remember the head bolts are torque to yield items so can only be used once, after that it's straight in the bin with them so always get new bolts with your head gasket or alternatively you can get some arp head studs and reuse them as many times as you like and although their a bit more expensive they pay for themselves after your second gasket change.
  6. 351XD_Fairmont

    HeadGasket Waterport Holes.

    Yeah they block off some of the smaller passages mate so don't worry about it although if your going through head gaskets you should change to a mls gasket as they are much better, should probably check the head hasn't warped either if you haven't already. Also what's up with the capitals on all your words, some strange spellcheck issue maybe?
  7. 351XD_Fairmont

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    Quick somebody buy the kit and write a review so we can all start saving up our tax returns, oh I mean car parts funds. But seriously the price doesn't seem that bad considering what rrs charges for theirs, and I know what you mean about them being hard to get a price from I had to ring them for a quote and it was ridiculous what they wanted for even the base model front set-up.
  8. 351XD_Fairmont

    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    Good information in here Dave and great work sharing it, should help alot of people out.
  9. 351XD_Fairmont

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    I don't think the problem your having is caused by the smartlock as it sounds like the gas system wiring might be a bit dodgy, I'm not positive but I think ford kill switches turn power to the injectors off so if that's the case it should still crank, once again not positive just a thought. Also if it happened the way you described and is losing power to the switch I'd be betting it's an earth wire that's not grounded properly, probably been knocked lose from all the hits to the dash
  10. 351XD_Fairmont

    New headunit

    They come with good printed instructions that will get you through it but if not there's a good chance someone has a video on YouTube of the particular model you purchase, they've got some reviews that are usually worth a look aswell. They're usually just a Phillips head or torx head screw.
  11. 351XD_Fairmont

    New headunit

    I know what you mean mate I've got Sony Xploud stereos in most of my cars with various brand speakers and they all sound great but the displays do annoy you.
  12. 351XD_Fairmont

    Long style clutch

    Yeah twin plate mate, the newer style ones made by exedy and extreme for example
  13. 351XD_Fairmont

    Long style clutch

    Don't know anything about long style clutches sorry but have you looked at any multi plate clutches, the ones I've seen are a bit expensive but seem to be good. Also with the toploader check out renegate shifter's sequential shifter, I'm definitely going to be getting one for mine(eventually), it eliminates the problems caused by the standard linkages and makes gear shifts and spirited driving much more enjoyable
  14. 351XD_Fairmont


    I'm making one out of an old zk fairlane that was cut just behind the gear shifter hole so the dash/pedals and everything foreword are there. Also tinkering with an engine cradle/trolley made from an ed falcon k-frame, just welded on some C channel and other scrap steel to mount some casters and looking at adding stub axles for a some full size wheels when moving around the backyard. I've got afew k-frames so hopefully I can put some of the engines/transmissions I've got on them so I can move them around much easier
  15. 351XD_Fairmont

    Wtf ,,!!!

    Yeah looks like their for a horn to me, you'll have to hook up a spare and see if it works