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  1. Hey Steve sounds like a good project and I'm in a similar position as I'm trying to decide what to do with my 87 ghia as the crossflow in it is very tired. I'm either going to throw the 250 and auto out of a zk in it while I build a stout crossflow for it or drop a 4litre with a btr in and just enjoy it. Mines just going to be a cruiser with abit of grunt though so not as far as your planing, you will benefit greatly from the correct diff ratio choice with any combo you choose
  2. So did it end up being 1/4" NPT or 1/2" Unf? Have seen pictures my uncle or someone took from an old car show of a hotrod with a gauge there before
  3. One of the best parts is when the little prick pisses down the exhaust and gets a nasty surprise
  4. Yeah if you get them out tell us how, I tried everything short of drilling them out and only managed to twist the heads off
  5. They should make a race series with only production vehicles and options, so if you can't buy the basic set-up from a dealer without it being special order you can't run it. Obviously allow modifications for greater safety and reliability but nothing that changes the spirit of what it once was, might not be as fast but would be entertaining atleast
  6. Supercheap do it in the pressure packs in-store, got a couple not long ago. One of the lads there said if I needed more for a bigger job they can get a tin of it, not sure if he meant they'd order it or mix it up
  7. Looks good mate, remember being a professional these days just seems to mean someone pays you but doesn't really reflect on the quality of work, atleast not with the majority of "professionals" I've heard of
  8. Ha ha, I laugh every time I hear that, best was probably Margot Robbie reading it out in the tweet about herself
  9. I'd go with the fg and then if I wanted to go 4x4ing I'd buy something cheap and small like a sierra. They're a whole lot of fun to throw around
  10. If they're going to be like that it's best to go through the proper channels, https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-protection/where-to-go-for-consumer-help Use the link above to report them and if you have any photos of the rims before they were damaged and the receipt to prove they were new(if bought second hand ask the seller for a receipt or a stat-dec specifying condition) get them all together with pictures of the damage so you can have them ready when asked for them. Not sure how long the process will take but hopefully it all works out.
  11. Did you ask them what the fuck happened before you left or you didn't realise until you got home? Either way I'd be going back and asking for the owner/manager and not leaving until speaking with them, tell them you want them replaced with new rims or refurbished by someone of your choice. If it's a franchise I'd call the head office while there
  12. Go the green, should be a good build for you
  13. Sounds like they either didn't test it or the bloke who did isn't communicating with the one your talking to properly, your right though it shouldn't be that hard for them to see its not charging. Hopefully it all works out for you and they replace it with a working one
  14. I'd be asking who tested it when it went back as you said rocket was saying it was charging fine but that powermaster said it was fucked? If it was me depending on their answer as to who tested it I'd be after a replacement and probably a brand change. If a brand can't stand by their products then the name means nothing, don't think I've used powermaster before but I've purchased from rocket many times with no issues
  15. One that got away from me was my old mans xb Fairmont, 351 column shift c4 with a worked engine and kitted box. It actually got away from me twice, he was having niggling little problems with it and cracked it when it stopped on the side of the road while mum was borrowing it one day, we were waiting at his for the towie to drop it off when he said that if I wanted it to call the towie and tell him to drop it down mine, but I didn't and it turned out to be water in the dizzy cap from mum taking it through the car wash. He kept it a couple more years and asked if I wanted to buy it but I didn't have any money so he sold it to the owner of a wreckers in Canberra who was going to use the running gear in another as the rust had well and truly set in by then