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Found 23 results

  1. Hey team, About to fork out for a set of the below for the wagon. They only do a 10" and 8" option for the V51s. Naturally I want to go as wide as possible on the rear, which (for me) means 275. I'm keen for a stance like the below with a 25-30mm rake and some guard clearance at the rear. Photo credit to ford muscle cars instagram account. I used an online calculator to see what I had to play with (look at the 'new' figures) when running a 275x35 on the 17x10 rim (0 offset): I made up this highly engineered and precise measuring tool, which uses the diameter above, 275 tyre width at 0 offset and used it to test inner and outer clearance. Result was a 6mm clearance to the top of the outer guard which includes a someone 'organically' rolled lip (aka rough as guts) and a 20mm clearance to the closest point of the inner guard. Inclination is to run with a 6mm offset to gain a little more clearance to the outer guard, and about 50mm of suspension travel before guard rub becomes an issue. I'll be running 17x8 on the front with 235 and 0 offset, which don't seem to present any issues with a lowered but otherwise standard suspension set up.
  2. So my 86 xf ute ran great and would start straight away but after being parked for a few weeks its decided to not start. The engine turns over and if I pour fuel directly into the carb it will go. There is fuel in the tank and the fuel filter is not blocked, what do you guys think is the issue?
  3. The car has recently been revived after sitting for 18 months but the fuel gauge always reads empty, even if I fill the tank. what do you guys think is going on?
  4. There is a ticking noise when idling and revving, the car has been recently revived after sitting for 18 months. I had changed the oil it has 15-40 in it. I have heard you need a thicker oil, I have also heard that the tappets could need replacing. What do you guys think would fix the issue?
  5. So I recently bought an XF sedan that's been 5-speed converted it was originally 4-speed manual and the reverse switch hasn't got anything plugged on to it and I'm wondering where the wires would be located to solve this issue, eg what colors were the original 4-speed reverse light switch wired too?
  6. waderobertson

    A few electrical issues

    Slowly working my way through a number of electrical issues with the XF (among a plethora of other work ons!) A couple of questions for today... Washer motor I've run into a dead end on this. Washer motor works when bridged on the battery. There is power going to the washer motor plug in the engine bay (yellow/violet wire). The brass contacts in the wiper stem are touching when pressed (when I push them together with a voltmeter there is a slight current registering). Wipers themselves work fine and I have traced/ checked all the plug connections. However, when I connect the washer motor and press the button, no life. Is there anything I'm missing here? The wiring diagrams turn my eyelids inside out but I have stared at them for ages trying to figure out if there's a fuse/relay I've missed or something else I should be checking... Rear window demist I have this relay connected to the rear window demist/ heater. It's buggered. Looking at the wiring diagram it looks like this is an aftermarket addition so hoping I can bin in and reconnect the voilet/ white wire without issue...? You'll see below that I bridged the relay and the heater works sweet as, just don't want to inadvertently cause another issue for myself.
  7. imbeta

    V8 clevo into xf wiring issues.

    I've almost finished putting a 302 Cleveland into my 89 XF Ute, but have run into some wiring issues. I have put an hei dizzy in but can't seem to get any spark. I've also removed the old tfi wiring and map sensor etc. I can't get the stater to turn using the ignition switch either.
  8. Jay Baby

    Keys 🔐

    Hello, just wondering what the go with getting a spare key for my 1993 XF falcon Ute. I realise they have “smart lock”? And wondering if I can order these off eBay or.... what? cheers boys just scared of only having one key
  9. Barra the xf

    Barra into xf

    Hey guys I’m new to these forum pages. wanting to do turbo barra swap into 86 xf with a manual can someone point me in the right direction, I’ve already spotted engine mounts and sway bar because I heard stock won’t clear the barra. And wiring I have no f****** idea we’re to start. thibk I will get the FG Barra, will try to get a turboed one already but heard a N/A one with be fine to turbo also I’ll note I’ll be stuffing in a 9 inch any my help is very much appreciated thanks
  10. Gday everyone, I recently brought me self a 1985 xf falcon but she had fairlane wheels on her so looking for whats out there at the moment to replace them. Cheers
  11. waderobertson

    18" Rims on XF

    Hey team - any fit issues with 18" x 9.5" +6mm offset on the back end of an XF? I'm thinking that probably not with people rolling with 20" x 10" on the back end Cheers, Wade.
  12. Bought my first falcon over the weekend, shes a 1986 XF, bodys in good nick and engine runs well, discovered this while I was going over it tho. Does anyone know what this part is called and/or its function? Im pretty sure the part below it is the temperature sensor in the thermostat housing. cheers =)
  13. FAIRXF

    XF 250 crossy EFI problems

    Hey Guys, Recently I have replaced the push rods in my 250 and had to take out injectors ect.. it started before beginning the process and now it doesn't could it be a fuse? because i've tested the power at injectors and there is no power there. what could cause the injectors to not get power or the engine to not start? Thanks in advance
  14. GRIFF

    T5 and SOHC into XF

    Hi all, I have a 3 spd auto carbi xf. I have a LSD disc brake diff out of an e series I think that I want to put into my car. I know I need to change the master cylinder. Anything else? I think my dad said I might need to change hand brake cable. I also want to t5 swap it. For that I will need a crossmember and gearbox mounts which I can get from Castlemaine Rod Shop or an XG or XH. A manual pedal box which I have at my local wreckers waiting to be picked up. Will I need a bellhousing out of a t5 XG? And then later on this year I want to put an AU intech non VCT motor in. I can do the job I just need to find all the info and I've been reading up the past month and am struggling a little bit. If anyone has any info or can post links to threads that they know might have info it would be greatly appreciated. It dont want to pay someone to put it in id rather attempt it and learn something from it. So far I know I will need XG engine mounts, I will most likely go standalone ECU or chip the au ecu to bypass smartlock. Im going to need an xg bellhousing to adapt the t5 to the au motor in the future. XG swaybar doesnt clear the au sump so im gonna have to go custom I think. Any more info or links is greatly appreciated. Would not even think of doing stuff like this without this forum.
  15. I just reinstalled my dash in my 89 xf and now when i have the high beams on, after a period of time all lights on the car will flicker/ pulse on and off rapidly i have no idea whats going on and need all the help i can get -thanks
  16. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi everyone, Pulled my xc off the road to do a few maintenance things and also replaced the water pump. Mine has aircon and was running a three belt v-belt pulley with a solid aluminium spacer against the fan. I pulled the old one off and put it in the trash box, but didn't throw it out. I guess out of sight, out of mind. I have to have two manuals for the xc, one for the body and running gear and the other for the xf engine so when I ordered a new xf water pump I used the manual. When the pump arrived I checked it off against the xf manual. All correct. Now comes a lesson in tardiness - I fitted the new pump and forgot to physically check the new one against the old one before I did. Wouldn't you know it, the pulley fittings are different and my fan won't fit. Center hole in my fan is far too small and bolt holes closer together. I assume that the mechanic who put my engine together and into the xc must have used an xc water pump which has a small hole in the aluminium spacer and fan. The standard xf has a large threaded shaft. The question is, would there be any problems with getting an xf fan and bits from somewhere and lining everything up with the aircon, alternator and crank pulleys? or should I just simplify it by ordering another xc water pump with the holes that will match my own fan and spacer? Any advice muchly appreciated. Heath
  17. PapouGhia

    Xf Efi problems

    Hi all, i have this year purchased a xf 1985 efi, I'm having trouble with the top end, the lifters where going off there nut, i brought a whole set of lifters and at the time there was one loose rocker, and the rest where all pretty loose as well so I tightened them all up without getting on info on it, put the rocker back on and drove it and still had a bigger rattle, took rocker off and one of the pushrods where bent and also the bolt for the rocker snapped off. Yes this was mine and my mates fault as this is a project we have both been working on. We did put 2 washers on that rocker to stop it moving, and that would of been the reason behind it snapping. My my question is should I take the whole top end off and through it out and find another running mint head and change it straight over? And when I do use the new lifter I have in that head? I'm willing to learn step by step, and have learnt my lesson, and I'm not sure if the pushrods bending and jumping out of spot may have stuffed the head. im located in Melbourne Mountwavelrey and is anyone selling a efi complete head or even a complete running Xf efi for cheap I could see running as I don't want to be in the dark if that head is runined also, if anyone is willing to come down and help when I do have the parts (won't be free of charge you tell the price) would be appreciated as well. i have attached a few photos of my Xf. Thanks Emilio
  18. Just wondering if there are any replacement motors for the X series window winders.?? Has anyone tried EF maybe BA or equivalent? Mine are OK, in the ZL, but a couple are a bit slow. Tried lube, graphite powder, beeswax, but still seems the motors are dragging their arse a bit. Can they be rewound? Maybe just swapping the rear to the front might help, as they have done less work over the years. Cheers Bear.
  19. Jonathan Mark Davidson

    doors doors and doors their not all the same

    ok in this thread im going to try and clear alot of confusion between the different doors i'm going to start with confusion between xg/h doors and Xd/e/f doors (I know d to f theirs differences) At the front end of the door apart from the hardware used and a rebuildable hinge their the same. At the back is where the difference starts. I'll start with the lock mechanism in xd/f it's external on the door and the catch is almost a flat plate and the catch a xg/h it's internal e series type and the catch is a round bar and its catch Ok now it comes to the door handles xg/h door handles and most aftermarket handles will fit a xd/e/f but not the other way around Hears a pic of a genuine Xh handle from the inside Hears a d/e/f handle from the inside Now you can mix and match but it takes a bit of nounce. xd/e/f doors are a common conversion on g/h but you have to weld the holes up on a def catch and 're drill to suit the xg/h body Door handles can be swapped the reverse way by drilling a hole if you have enough metal or drilling of the pivot mechanism and fitting your g/h pivot mechanism and 're securing it with a self tapping screw or a bolt. that concludes this section as i grab some more doors out of my parts rack i'll update the differences between xg and xh doors also the differences between the xd/e and xf doors
  20. Over the past few weeks the speedo in my XF has been dancing a little bit and its begginning to increase. My amp guage is wired directly into the fusable link that powers the dash and shows no change at all when the speedo dances which (correct me if im wrong) would rule out a voltage issue. I have a few spare transducers, would it be worth my time wriggling underneath it and swapping it out?
  21. hey everyone, ok so after putting a xe wiring loom and dash into my xf i came across a lot of problems with my lights now there all fixed except for one thing my HIGH BEAMSSS! they don't work flash does mbut no high beam so i bought a new switch replaced relays and fuses and then i was like fuck it i'll put the old xe switch on and see if that works and now everything works fine BUT i can't use my switch to pass rego its broken little metal pin and plastic casing is broken and just falls down so its always turning right but any way i want to put my xf one in how? are the wires different some how between them they all look the same? and whats this random green and white wire go to that is from the pink and yellow wire on the headlight plug( they weren't connected at all even when the xe switch fixed the high beam issue? please help ????
  22. hey everyone, for the last couple days i've been chancing a haynes manual everywhere but can't find one :/ i have a xe s pack ute and a xf sedan was planning on fixing my ute up but found extreme amounts of rust through her so i moved on to plan B fix the XF up it looks pre sweet with a sunroof, electric blue paint lowered on kingys no motor box or dash or front seats so i decided to take the dash and wiring loom out of the xe and put it in the xf so far so good headlights are wired up not sure if they work yet either and most of the wiring done BUT thenit comes to the indicator/wiper switch high beam/low/beam i have 4 wires left over a grey a black and to clear silver ones?? also i've realised i have to get a switch to turn in my lights since the xe had a pull switch to turn the lights on and pull again and you have high beam i need to make that work on my steering wheel i'll grab a switch of a eb to ef car tomorrow but yeah i need as much help as i can get im not the best with wiring and multimeters and that shiz so yeahh keen to get this shit done my XF my XE so rusted and you can't even see it
  23. The Kelvinator

    Panel Van Tailgates and Barn Doors

    Ok so Id thought Id start a thread for those of us who are panno mad. What does your van have? My XF has barns and my XD has tailgates. Im trying to figure out a way to have a handle on the inside of the upper tailgate so it makes it easier for camping. Anyone got any ideas? share the things you have done or want to do! Keep on vannin!