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  1. All you haters. Trump is the president they deserve. Hillary was just trying to erase her past life of defending predators and child molesterers, unfortunately history books can't be deleted like her emails. i propose a toast, TO CAPITALISM!!
  2. Yup 2 door camry. Got as a trade 6 years ago. Owes me a fuel pump, dizzy, cambelt. Oil n filter every 10k. Done 350k now. Only issue is buying seatbelts, as its now only the mrs' daily it wont wear them out in a hurry.
  3. Easy as. Just set it to 16.5 foot pounds
  4. KEEP THE IRONHEAD!!! The extra weight will keep the front wheels on the ground when you launch it. Vroom VROOM
  5. I was trying to work out what to write as a response. Thank you for helping! What. The. Fuck.....?!
  6. Damn. Average for 3 bedroom rentals in town is between 300 to 450. Apparently being able to see the lake from one window is splendid lake views and price goes up. Glad i got outta that game when i did.
  7. You did pick it up off the grill first aye chap?
  8. Its going to be a tight 14 years finance wise but have managed to pay off around 35k in 2.5 years so far. By aiming to pay it off over 14 years is saving over 200k in interest payments compared to spreading it over 30 years. Means toys and the like are on the backbench unless i save enough stashcash.
  9. Drove to work and back yesterday. Reset float height and fiddled with tacho wiring before heading home. Tacho works now! Power still holding back a smidge. Will wait for new diff before i rejet etc. No point double handling.
  10. He got biscuits on the back wheels. Average commonwhore from west auckland could do that.
  11. Im getting a bike again one day. After mortgage has been taken care of. In like 14 years lol
  12. Hahahahaha fuckin awesome. Been a shitty week this week so a laugh is good for the soul. Drove the xc to work today for a smile. Grinds my gears bastards who speed up from 80 to 130 WHILE TOWING when being passed. I'm too tired for high speed manuevering at the moment.
  13. Yea i reckon. He barricaded himself from the world, built 7 foot fences round his property... arsenal of firearms (since more than 2 is too many according to the news)... disappeared for days at a time into the hills... never bothered the neighbours
  14. Well last goat shooting trip i brought back this little fella. Costing me my sanity and im too broke to buy that back! People classing hunters as bloodythirsty killers grind my gears. Sent from my SM-J330G using Tapatalk
  15. Well best you empty her account. Can't leave if the funds are not there. I'll look after it for ya lol