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  1. Grinds my gears you pay good money for a tool and it's pisspoor design means it's really just shit! Look at that piddly lip on this pipe bender. Halfway through first bend and it rounded that off quick smart.
  2. On clean 4wds i agree lol. I'm saving for one with sides as the mrs can't deal with ladders following knee surgeries, so rooftop tent's are out. Nothing to do with me drinking too much and being scared of falling down...
  3. People do make fake bullbars etc for show. What grinds my gears on 4x4 is mud tires with the white writing on the outside! Normally on the highly polished never seen a dirt road 4x4s too.
  4. Can the 6al2 be reprogrammed while driving if someone is in the passengers seat? Or does it need the engine off. For future reference
  5. Mine is at 10.6:1 When dyno time comes i'll get him to rev it til the power drops off. Will be interesting to see what it makes. Ill be happy with 175 whp
  6. My comment on revving it wasn't just a dig more of a curious observation. I have built my own, happily taken it to 5700 so far (little hydraulic unit not solid). Waiting on local dyno to slow down their workload so i can take it in for a power run.
  7. Quick question dude. Why build a solid cammed engine which should be capable of 6k or so, and then only rev it to 5k?
  8. Check compression. Raise it regardless
  9. Hence the xflow section of this forum!
  10. Fuck the ls. I dont care how good they can be etc. That stable isnt welcome on my property
  11. Buy a nose cut from a wreckers here from an rx8 easy enough. Everything you need. Late model simplicity. Just to say i did it. One day. Get this house and wedding stuff out of the way.
  12. You are right there. My next toy wont be an old ford, might do something crass like putting a rotary in a morris or austin.
  13. Hahaha
  14. Yeah pretty much. Im not a fan of oddball tats, like cartoon unicorns on each tit. But she is still gorgeous for sure. Cant see tats with the lights off anyway, so i'll volunteer now to go last
  15. I won't hold that against you lol