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  1. If you make sure the jack is pointing sideways you cangently go side to side. Have the jack as low as it can go (keeping chassis etc off the ground of course) to reduce the risk of it sliding off. Keeping the front wheels straight with the steering lock helps reduce twist/roll in the body too. Do it at work quite often safe as.
  2. Will be pretty rough on wheel bearings. If the shed floor is concrete then just roll car back and forth gently on a trolley jack.
  3. Towed car into work tonight so hopefully a 'snappy' video will be uploaded by the end of the week!!
  4. Lunati Voodoo roller rockers, and crane stud and guideplate kit. Think i listed them earlier but not sure so heres more links haha
  5. Good to know Im looking forward to driving the old girl with the rail, shifter feels good as is... not that i pretended to mash gears after fitting the console lol
  6. Gloves?
  7. While trawling the net for oil specs i found this part number/ratio sheet. Someone might find it interesting. Was a pdf so did a screenshot, if you get drunk and fall over it will make reading it easier
  8. These are the guys for the flywheels if anyone is interested.
  9. See the first page for an uncovered pic of the flywheel. Steel billet weighing in at 6kg, 6.5kg with ringgear. Crowd here in NZ has em cnc'd and sells to the speedway crowd. I just had to redrill the holes to 7/16. One of my clutch and brake suppliers sorted the clutch for me, i just had to drill 3 more bolt holes in the pressure plate.
  10. Black rims are for people who don't want to wash their car/wheels!!!
  11. Proof!!
  12. Correct terminology is 'percussive maintenance' lol
  13. Heap of progress today...not really. bolted up the flywheel and clutch. Was nice to have a light flywheel for a change, dealing with modern dual mass ones sucks balls. Update pics to follow in morning
  14. So your going 22 grey for a single rail with 3.45 diff? 25 inch tires? Hadn't thought that far ahead with my setup!
  15. Gimme a week geez lol