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  1. My new toy, needs a respray then fit and test hoon :) Sent from my SM-J330G using Tapatalk
  2. ... Sent from my SM-J330G using Tapatalk
  3. Leave em here. Dirty lil home bodge secret
  4. I hear that!! Cant hide a truck behind the shed though....need bigger shed.. Always wanted to build a lotus 7 style toycar. One that shouts 'GO F#$K YOURSELF' like this beastie Sent from my SM-J330G using Tapatalk
  5. Good ideas fella's, Them pliers would be good for consistency for sure, still need to load each ring individually so time would be roughly the same. Still a good idea worth exploring though I still have dreams of a morris minor van, with a jap 4 banger motor and auto trans as a daily. But then i take on projects like this lol
  6. Haha yeah yeah, i used to own pommy cars too, stopped owning them and stopped 'needing' a counselor Have thought lots about how to cut the overlap in bulk, several theories, none that will save time or money. 1 : coil rings around a larger rod, cut along length of coil with diamond wheel etc, then use pliers to create overlap. 2: coil rings around a larger rod, cut along length of coil with diamond wheel etc, let the pixies n leprechauns tweak them overnight. 3 : buy the rings at approx 50 nzd a kilo from overseas, becomes expensive quick. 4 : (current option) pour another drink n get to work ignoring the fact i used to have a life.
  7. 6.3kgs of rings cut and normalised, approx 12.5 thousand. Expected weight of total suit is 25kg going off others for sale online. So im a quarter of the way through stage 1. Had to have a few days off cutting, back of hands were aching badly.
  8. Minus 3 forecast for tonight. Expected high of 8 tomorrow lol ice on the truck snorkel
  9. Got it done in 6 hours. Mrs too weak to use riveter. And she too short to support the panels. But she tried i guess. Be able to clear out carshed once i build some shelves.
  10. Fuckin rivet together diy sheds!!!
  11. Keep it buried to the floor, drive it like ya stole it, and most of all... have fun!
  12. Beauty work like always. If you ever want to relocate my town is an awesome place, freezing as a nuns glare for 3 months but choice the rest of time lol
  13. Why do twin tanks excite me like a good pair of titties?...
  14. Use an empty beer bottle as a windproof stand. Easily replaceable if it breaks too