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Found 5 results

  1. So I recently bought an XF sedan that's been 5-speed converted it was originally 4-speed manual and the reverse switch hasn't got anything plugged on to it and I'm wondering where the wires would be located to solve this issue, eg what colors were the original 4-speed reverse light switch wired too?
  2. Atawhai Kaka

    Eb T5 into au3 xr6

    I have au xr6 and have aquired a t5 manual conversion form a eb falcon, will it all go straight in? Anybody done this conversion before?
  3. Just seeing if anyone has any experience with putting a T5 on a 2L pinto engine? Can't really seem to find any solid info on the conversion. Trying to see if it's a bigger hassle than it's worth or not. If there's an easier suggestion i'm open to it as well just have a spare T5 handy is all. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, After t5 conversion into XF my clutch pedal is sitting probably 3 inches above the brake pedal to get full disengagement of the clutch. Any lower and the clutch doesn't disengage enough. The adjusting nut is as far one way as it can go to get the pedal lower but it still sits high... It's an EF t5 clutch (to suit crank) if that makes any difference... could it just be that my cable is too short?! There has been a few questions asked previously about this issue but none of what I have read has really answered my question. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Morning All. Just trying to figure out which transmission my xf has. It was originally an auto and has been converted to a manual at some stage in its life. its a 5 speed and reverse is beside 4th making it a t5... correct? how do i tell what model it is out of? If its an XF t5, will an EB onwards t5 bolt up to the bellhousing ok? thanks all