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  1. 93xf

    Crow 14626 or 14650

    Looking for some feedback and pros/cons of these two cams in a hot crossy with 10.8:1 comp, extensive headwork, ef crank/200 rods, 650 dbl pumper, 3000 stall auto and 3.5 diff. http://www.crowcams.com.au/FindaProduct/tabid/92/ProdID/15320/14626__FALCON_XFLOW_HIGH_LIFT.aspx http://www.crowcams.com.au/FindaProduct/tabid/92/ProdID/15321/Default.aspx Need a new cam after damaging my current solid - any other suggestions from other manufacturers even? Thanks in advance guys .
  2. Hi Guys, Replacing the T5 with a C4 in my XF sedan. Can anyone tell me if I need an auto pedal box or whether I can get a away with removing the clutch pedal and putting an auto brake pedal in as I have heard replacing the whole pedal box isn't easy... Also, will I need a new gearbox cross member? Or can the manual cross member be used on the auto with a few easy mods? Thanks in advance .
  3. Just wondering what major modifications are involved in fitting a turbo 4L SOHC into a td corty engine bay (firewall, heater box, trans tunnel, sump etc etc.) Also, is there any difference between the trans tunnels on a manual vs auto TD in terms of fitting a C4? If it has been covered before could someone point me to where? Thanks .
  4. Have you tried rotating the opposite axle back and fourth? I had a similar issue, moved the opposite axle around and it went in snug.
  5. 93xf

    Carb sizing for worked 250.

    10.8:1 .560 lift 244 dur @ .50 106 lobe sep 3.45 gears. currently t5 manual. will be getting a manualized c4 in near future, hence why I am rethinking carb as I have read that auto can make over-carbed 'issues' worse??
  6. 93xf

    Carb sizing for worked 250.

    Hi guys, After opinions and experience on carb sizing for solid cammed 4 bbl crossy reving to 6200rpm. Currently got 650 dbl pump holley, can be a bit flat up to about 3200rpm with WOT but after that, it sings. I understand that smaller carb = higher velocity and more low down torque/throttle response. How small a carb would you go while maintaining high rpm capability??? Would something in the 450-600cfm be more suitable??? Cheers.
  7. As the title says, post a photo of your interior. Would love to see some clean original interiors and custom ideas others have had .
  8. What flexplate do people use behind a crossy with an EF crank to C4? Cheers.
  9. Hi guys, Thinking of going c4 with a stall behind my 250 but unsure as to how to go about stall speed. I understand that it all depends on setup and engine characteristics such as torque etc. The car is a 'weekender' so no need to worry about driveability and economy too much! I can provide specs/dyno readings if that helps? Any tips are much appreciated . Thanks in advance!
  10. 93xf

    no brake lights

    Nah I don't. Whichever terminal has power feed on/off with your foot on/off the brake bridged to whichever other terminal turns your lights on (foot on brake of course)should do it. So it's a two person job.
  11. 93xf

    no brake lights

    I believe the brake light circuit runs through the trip computer. Solved the problem by bridging two of the terminals in the plug that once went into the trip computer when I removed it. Hope that helps .
  12. 93xf

    10.8:1 Crossy E85

    I know the topic has been touched on before, but has anyone done the conversion from ULP to E85 on a relatively high comp crossy? The benefits of ethanol have been proven for boosted applications, but what are the opinions on cost vs. gains on an aspirated solid cammed crossy?
  13. Will have to get out and measure! Thanks!
  14. So it should get better over time... just gotta wear the clutch a little then I guess haha. Thanks for the input guys!
  15. But this seems abnormally high, a good few inches higher than the brake peddle. I'm reasonably used to it now as it's been like this a while, would be nicer to shift if it was a little lower that's all . New cable and clutch when installed.