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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, My '92 XF van (250 carby) came with an aftermarket Facet electric fuel pump - which makes a deafening ticking noise when ignition is on/car is running. The car is running but has trouble starting and takes a while to sit at a comfortable idle - I'm putting it down to the pump not delivering the required amount of fuel + carby needs a service + possibly some other things (choke etc.) that may need looking at. But one thing's for sure, the fuel pump has had it and needs replacing. But: should I just replace with a new electric unit? Or: should I change it back to the old mechanical pump? The mech pump is still there - someone has just blanked it off and left it on the engine - but I assume it's cactus and will need replacing. Either way, they cost about the same to buy. But which is better and why? Thanks!
  2. There is a ticking noise when idling and revving, the car has been recently revived after sitting for 18 months. I had changed the oil it has 15-40 in it. I have heard you need a thicker oil, I have also heard that the tappets could need replacing. What do you guys think would fix the issue?
  3. So I recently bought an XF sedan that's been 5-speed converted it was originally 4-speed manual and the reverse switch hasn't got anything plugged on to it and I'm wondering where the wires would be located to solve this issue, eg what colors were the original 4-speed reverse light switch wired too?
  4. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to this and this has probably been discussed several times..aha Looking at getting an msd 6al2 for my Crossy. What do u guys think, good choice? Also what dizzy will go with that? Probably need a new coil as well yea? Any other things I should be aware of.. Engine mods: Is has a 250 crank that was balanced and polished and knife edged counterweights. A lot of time went into the bottom end. 200 rods were shot peeved and polished with bigger rod bolts. The rotating assembly was blueprinted and Balanced. The block was line bore honed, machined, crack tested, pressure tested, it has oversized pistons (I think 30 thou). Flat top custom pistons (11:1 comp) The block is also machined to zero deck. The head is ported and polished, has oversize valves, has double valve springs and Teflon stem seals. Also has hardened inserts and bronze valve guides Double row timing chain. All new gaskets and a copper head gasket. TE distributor has been graphed to suit the cam and has a bronze dizzy gear to suit the camshaft also. The fuel pump on the car is also modified and has a stronger spring and diaphragm to maintain enough fuel pressure. It's running a mustang 5 speed manual.. My plans for the next mods are msd ignition, TFI dizzy, 4brl manifold with 650dp, roller rockers, but before all that I need to swap my 2.77 diff for a 3:45 as it need it..aha The motor revs to 6500 pretty easy.. Also what size carb would u guys recommend? 465, 600, 650.. Sort of want to go double pumper..
  5. 93xf

    Carb sizing for worked 250.

    Hi guys, After opinions and experience on carb sizing for solid cammed 4 bbl crossy reving to 6200rpm. Currently got 650 dbl pump holley, can be a bit flat up to about 3200rpm with WOT but after that, it sings. I understand that smaller carb = higher velocity and more low down torque/throttle response. How small a carb would you go while maintaining high rpm capability??? Would something in the 450-600cfm be more suitable??? Cheers.
  6. staids

    OTD 250 Kenny's Corty!

    Had a Good look at this Cortina today Parked & on the Track! Slydog & I had spoken about this Car & Kenny being in the same place at the same time as me quite often, well today i finally caught up with him. What can i say but MADD..