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Found 8 results

  1. howard2121


    Hi All, Long time reader first time post. Looking for help/guidance on a my 351 Cleveland build for a XT Fairmont. Car will be 4 speed toploader and 9 inch diff 3:75 ratio. I have OEM 2V closed chamber heads that I was thinking of using. Looking to achieve 350+ FWHP Is this achievable? What combos have others had success with using 2V closed chamber heads? Appreciate your help in advance.
  2. Patto07

    Block fill 302 clevo

    Hey all, Looking for some advice blockfilling my 302 Cleveland. Has anyone done this before and have any advice to share with regards to proceedure, hight of filler, watter flow direction and path through the filled block/heads and any photos of proceedure and results? Cheers for the help in advance
  3. imbeta

    V8 clevo into xf wiring issues.

    I've almost finished putting a 302 Cleveland into my 89 XF Ute, but have run into some wiring issues. I have put an hei dizzy in but can't seem to get any spark. I've also removed the old tfi wiring and map sensor etc. I can't get the stater to turn using the ignition switch either.
  4. ando76

    OGUN - the clevo

    So I thought I might start a topic on OGUN the clevo. Probably a little out of order but here he is being born. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Trev Vaa

    The GO-TO cleveland parts thread

    this is the GO-TO thread for everyday cleveland parts will add to this as time goes on, i need to go through the books at work to get current numbers Spark Plugs IRON HEADS NGK: BP5FS (hot plug), BP6FS (standard temp plug), BP7FS (cold plug, gas & some performance applications) Gap: 0.8mm Ignition Coil: Points: SU12R, GT40R, GT40RT Electronic Ignition: Bosch MEC723A high flow Thermostat (still looking for restrictor plate can only find genuine atm): Dayco DT66A: standard thermostat (not recommended) Dayco DT14B-BP Thermostat Gasket: Dayco DTG15 Genuine Restrictor Plate (can still get new from O/S): Brass Heater Hose Fitting: Killkenny Castings: 2 options, KC116 KC117 Oil Filter: Ryco Z9 or Z89A (shorter version of the Z9)
  6. XFGHIA747

    351c gas setups.

    Hey Men Just Wanting To Look At All Your Cleveland Gas Setups anything From Basic To Full LGI Setups so post up some pics of what you all have cheers Jake.
  7. thought i would write up the issue's I've had in the last few weeks with a mates cleveland and how we went about solving it, it may be useful to someone else. i put the engine together for him about 12months ago (maybe a little less), fairly simple combo but with a fair bit of compression. in the last couple of months with the hot days he had noticed it had been knocking/pinging from time to time under load and had started to run on upon shut down. the basic engine combo was 351 cleveland bored 20 thou 650street hp holley with a spacer (i think its 1") RPM Airgap Intake 2v CC heads with a bit of port & chamber work done (not sure what they flowed) and 4v exhaust valves Lunati 62503 cam 11.2:1 compression 6" rods balanced bottom end pacemaker 4>1 headers, twin 2.5" exhaust with Xpipe mallory ignition system toploader 9" 3.25:1 the car made 245rwkw on Lakeside Automotives Dyno we tried backing off the timing at first, it worked, but then the car wasn't performing as well, so we put the timing back to normal, and chucked octane booster in, that shut it up as a temp fix (btw car runs on BP Ultimate only) but we kept searching for things to try. put better leads on with less resistance, put a new coil on, new dizzy cap, then upped the jet size to try and cool the fuel down, which again worked, but then we had a slight stammer. next up was plugs, and i shit you not he's put at least half a dozen sets in in the last month to sort it out. different brands etc we dropped the heat range, again worked, but introduced fouling, changed brands, didn't work. i did a fair bit of research and called up NGK, got through to a tech who had a fair bit of experience working with older cars with cast iron heads. he recommended i look for another plug that had an unprojected tip, this removing a hot spot from the chamber. spent the next day at looking for plugs trying to find the right one, then ordered in a set of NGK B6FS plugs in, same heat range the car had before, which were the plugs lakeside put in. chucked them into his XC, and instantly the car ran perfect again. detonating was solved, no more run on. fixxed, simple. no fouling either which i thought might be an issue. i was tearing my hair out for about 3 weeks trying to sort this fuckin thing and all it needed was the right plug. on the flip side, it was nice to drive an XC again, even if it was someone elses.
  8. Hey guys, well as usual, I get called in to fix up another dodgy wiring job. This one is an XE 351 Burnout car I need to get running. I was just wondering if I list whats in the car and what is running on it , if someone may have a simple wiring set up for it. I can't even get the thing to turn the starter motor with the wiring in there now, it's a joke. Ok, heres what we have: XE Falcon- wiring basic for Burnout car. 351C motor- 2 wire alternator C4 gearbox with selector position switch. Battery re-located to boot. Problem is she won't start, I think it's the wiring. Have put a screwdriver across the starter motor and she wound over. It has a Gearbox selector/neutral switch and somehow that, or the way the starter is wired is wrong. Also the coil was getting super hot, so think we may need a ballast resistor in the line from the Ignition to the Coil. There is also no relay for the starter motor, which seems odd to me. Also, the "Kill switch" does not cut out Jack shit, but I can sort that. I have Fuel pump switch working, Thermo fan working. All I really need is correct wiring for the starter motor with C4 auto and gearbox switch and just the general motor wiring including alternator. The manuals are good, but made for a factory wired car, not a Burnout stripped out one. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jack.