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Found 4 results

  1. howard2121


    Hi All, Long time reader first time post. Looking for help/guidance on a my 351 Cleveland build for a XT Fairmont. Car will be 4 speed toploader and 9 inch diff 3:75 ratio. I have OEM 2V closed chamber heads that I was thinking of using. Looking to achieve 350+ FWHP Is this achievable? What combos have others had success with using 2V closed chamber heads? Appreciate your help in advance.
  2. Hey fellow ford nuts. I have an idea to preserve my xg while its rebuild begins. Auto to manual. Would it be to much work to convert the xg column shift auto 4 speed to the 5 speed manual. I want to replace the engine and I thought the manual version of the xg would it fit in?. Is there a difference in the auto transmission and manual gear box, size wise or fitting sizes that might make fitting into the auto xg an issue? I also understand that the gear stick needs a cut and fit but am I allowed to do this or does an engineer need to do this? I just haven't been able to find information on this topic. Any information or ideas would be good help. Thanks in advance
  3. Welcome Everyone, So I will give a quick run down of what this is, I've read heaps of the forums on here, especially those based around performance gains on the good ol' Crossflow. This forum, will be a kinda build topic, showing the build of the engine, specs, asking for help, giving you people information on what's happening. But most importantly, I wanted to create a forum, where I tell you guys what I'm doing, and what's going on, and you can give me specific answers and help to my issues and wants. Yes I know, there are heaps of build threads and forums and posts about gaining performance, but I want a post and forum specifically targeted at what I'm doing, so I can gain personalised help, as well as give results and insight to what I did for future project goers. Okay, so this is whats up, I started this build 5 years ago, and you can check it out on my other forum "Sleeping Beauty", I'm not going into detail with the build here, only engine related components. Alrighttyyy into the nitty gritty, quick rundown, engine rebuilt, everything nearly new, entire engine is balanced internally and externally including flex plate and pulleys. When motor was new it had a dry cranking compression of 210PSI. This is what it is running: - Stock OEM Cam - .050 Duration Int = 190 .050 Duration Exh = 190 Cam Lift Int = 234 Cam Lift Exh = 234 Valve Lift Int = 407 Valve Lift Ext = 407 - 350 Holley Performance Carby Jet Size = 52 - Redline Performance Manifold - PaceMaker Headers - 2 1/4 Inch Straight Pipe with Straight Through Muffler - Unknown Compression ratio, only know 210PSI dry cranking pressure - Converted to Unleaded Valves - Running 98 Octance Fuel - Mechanical Fuel Pump - Thermo Fans - MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Box with XF EFI dizzy and 8.5MM plug wires Okay, so that's a run down on the motor, I ran it in over 1000kms, and god was it a bitch, this thing had like 65 jets in it from the factory Holley tune, and it had original points ignition, so it just died, bogged, sucked absolute monkey b**l. Okay, I'll leave you guys with this last information, and will do an update in a day or so. I got the car dyno tuned after it was run in, had massive issues, the throttle wasn't even opening to full throttle only half, and when we did our first run, without any tune, we got a powerful 40RWKW, WOOOOO hahahaha So we fixed the throttle position, we pulled the jets straight down to 58, and then advance some timing, slowly slowly the power came up. Eventually, we ended the day on 53 jet size, timing, and without air filter 110RWKW and about 380NM of torque, and with the air filter on I lost 10RWKW, WOW, so turns out the air filter is super restrictive. Anyway, I'll leave you guys without for now, pretty late when I was writing this, will post some picks up with the work I just spoke about, and will then tell you what I've done next, where I am going, and ask a few questions I need help with. Thanks, harry ‚Äč
  4. Neoblazer

    XH fuel running poorly

    Hi Guys/Girls I am having a lot of issues with how my ute is running/idling is rough as guts idling and using a massive amount of fuel but not delivering the power it should be its a 4lt 6 cylinder. I have replaced the following parts to help remedy the issue: Drive Belt (was worn out) dizzy and leads Spark plugs Air filter rocker cover seals and o rings Injector seals and o rings I am going to drop the oil and replace the filters for fuel and oil, I have run injector cleaner through it seemed to help but only temporarily is there a way to turning it or anything else that could be causing the car to idle so roughly, I haven't checked the O2 sensor yet and I am going to remove and clean the injectors to remove and built up shit, I am running out of knowledge on what else could be causing it to run so rough. The car is run on 95 and every 3rd tank is 98 octane (91 barely gets me 400km a tank the car has done 255k so is a well used car but i do regular maintenance i have owned the car nearly 12 months and want this car at its former glory Suggestion Welcomed