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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, My '92 XF van (250 carby) came with an aftermarket Facet electric fuel pump - which makes a deafening ticking noise when ignition is on/car is running. The car is running but has trouble starting and takes a while to sit at a comfortable idle - I'm putting it down to the pump not delivering the required amount of fuel + carby needs a service + possibly some other things (choke etc.) that may need looking at. But one thing's for sure, the fuel pump has had it and needs replacing. But: should I just replace with a new electric unit? Or: should I change it back to the old mechanical pump? The mech pump is still there - someone has just blanked it off and left it on the engine - but I assume it's cactus and will need replacing. Either way, they cost about the same to buy. But which is better and why? Thanks!
  2. RuffXf

    Unknown cam performance

    Gday all I’ve had a mate give me a cam for a crossflow I’m planning to build. Only problem is it is a reground factory cam so I have no idea how much I need to do to run it. I haven’t a huge amount of knowledge in engine building and this is my first build Valve lift is about .500 and duration seems to be left standard. What will this do for my torque and power and will solid lifters and roller rockers get the job done?
  3. So my 86 xf ute ran great and would start straight away but after being parked for a few weeks its decided to not start. The engine turns over and if I pour fuel directly into the carb it will go. There is fuel in the tank and the fuel filter is not blocked, what do you guys think is the issue?
  4. There is a ticking noise when idling and revving, the car has been recently revived after sitting for 18 months. I had changed the oil it has 15-40 in it. I have heard you need a thicker oil, I have also heard that the tappets could need replacing. What do you guys think would fix the issue?
  5. S-Pac Jake

    3.3 running issues

    Hi all. Have owned my 84 xe s pack for six months now and has ran like a clock ever since I’ve owned it,( 3.3 crossflow four speed single rail). She’s done 500,000 ks and still going strong..... until the other day when I drove it into my garage, put it on jack stands and commenced my power steering conversion. After getting it all together I go to start the car and it continuously cranks but will not fire up. ive changed the dizzy and the coil for a known working one and still no luck. I’m getting fuel down the carb and spark at the plugs. I’ve even got a new module for the dizzy that’s helped give it a Stronger spark but still not helping it go. I’ve checked to see if the motor is at TDC and it is. No signs that it’s skipped a tooth on the timing chain either. ive ran a positive straight to the coil to rule out voltage drop issues however it has not helped the situation. Even tried another key barrel to rule out the contacts being bad. ive got the car to run for a total of 30 seconds however it dies slowly, and while running’s it ran as it normally would no signs of issues. And since then no more luck. at this stage when I swing the dizzy left and right it almost wants to go however it will not. I’ve thrown almost half a can of start your barstard down the carb to make sure fuel isn’t an issue. However no luck. It’s got everything it needs to go however it won’t. the motor ran fine with no signs of issues before I decided to put power steering on it. Does not make any sense why it dosent want to go it has everything it needs for it to go. anyone able to help me out thanks.
  6. Harrison Kotrolos

    Exhuast Note

    Yo yo yooo, How's everyone going? Okay so here is the go, Got my Falcon running pretty nice, I recently did a electronic conversion with MSD box and TFI dizzy. I finally got a graph that she likes and shes running pretty well, of course I ran into a problem the mechanical fuel pump just wasn't cutting it, so i've got a small electric one running inline witht he mechanical and that issue is fixed. The final thing i have to do is possibly change the cam on the accelerator, because she bogs out when you flat foot it from idle or even cruising. Anyway, shes sounding awesome, once out of bog, BAM, she just launches, you just watch the speed go up and up, the engine revving to 5500rpm, and bam shift. Now this is great and all except one part, the exhuast, when you are flooring it, it sounds amazing, its a 2 1/4 inch straight pipe, with a small "sports muffler", it has PaceMaker Extractors which have been wrapped from the head all the way down. Now my problem is I want to refine the exhuast system, make it loud but nice, get rid of the drone when idling and curising, and the ugly frequencies you hear when you aren't hammering it. Now of course, anything I do will make it a tad softer, but I don't want to make it too soft, I love it loud, just want refined. I'll make an example, take a modern commodore, now factoring out the fancy exhaust flaps and stuff, I want ot be able ot cruisie around in a nice burble and hum, and when I floor it, its as if the entire exhuast has just opened and the demons of hell are all yelling at the same time. Now there has to be a way to gain what i want, I am more then happy If i have to weld in a flap system, to redirect exhaust notes, into a soft muffler and and then into the louder one. What about running resonator?? Like throw me all the ideas guys, it can be out of this world I don't care, I will consider it, I love different and challenging, as well as aweosme. Hope to hear what you all got. thanks, Harry
  7. Neil Armstrong

    Crossflow Exhaust thread.

    250 Crossflow exhaust, Name what you have, what you've done etc. Mine is a 2.5 inch exhaust, with 1 rear muffler, normally run a 2nd hotdog muffler in the rear but ive taken it out, and now sounds like this. also custom made extractors. Hopefully link works. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=522193877818712
  8. Welcome Everyone, So I will give a quick run down of what this is, I've read heaps of the forums on here, especially those based around performance gains on the good ol' Crossflow. This forum, will be a kinda build topic, showing the build of the engine, specs, asking for help, giving you people information on what's happening. But most importantly, I wanted to create a forum, where I tell you guys what I'm doing, and what's going on, and you can give me specific answers and help to my issues and wants. Yes I know, there are heaps of build threads and forums and posts about gaining performance, but I want a post and forum specifically targeted at what I'm doing, so I can gain personalised help, as well as give results and insight to what I did for future project goers. Okay, so this is whats up, I started this build 5 years ago, and you can check it out on my other forum "Sleeping Beauty", I'm not going into detail with the build here, only engine related components. Alrighttyyy into the nitty gritty, quick rundown, engine rebuilt, everything nearly new, entire engine is balanced internally and externally including flex plate and pulleys. When motor was new it had a dry cranking compression of 210PSI. This is what it is running: - Stock OEM Cam - .050 Duration Int = 190 .050 Duration Exh = 190 Cam Lift Int = 234 Cam Lift Exh = 234 Valve Lift Int = 407 Valve Lift Ext = 407 - 350 Holley Performance Carby Jet Size = 52 - Redline Performance Manifold - PaceMaker Headers - 2 1/4 Inch Straight Pipe with Straight Through Muffler - Unknown Compression ratio, only know 210PSI dry cranking pressure - Converted to Unleaded Valves - Running 98 Octance Fuel - Mechanical Fuel Pump - Thermo Fans - MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Box with XF EFI dizzy and 8.5MM plug wires Okay, so that's a run down on the motor, I ran it in over 1000kms, and god was it a bitch, this thing had like 65 jets in it from the factory Holley tune, and it had original points ignition, so it just died, bogged, sucked absolute monkey b**l. Okay, I'll leave you guys with this last information, and will do an update in a day or so. I got the car dyno tuned after it was run in, had massive issues, the throttle wasn't even opening to full throttle only half, and when we did our first run, without any tune, we got a powerful 40RWKW, WOOOOO hahahaha So we fixed the throttle position, we pulled the jets straight down to 58, and then advance some timing, slowly slowly the power came up. Eventually, we ended the day on 53 jet size, timing, and without air filter 110RWKW and about 380NM of torque, and with the air filter on I lost 10RWKW, WOW, so turns out the air filter is super restrictive. Anyway, I'll leave you guys without for now, pretty late when I was writing this, will post some picks up with the work I just spoke about, and will then tell you what I've done next, where I am going, and ask a few questions I need help with. Thanks, harry ​
  9. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to this and this has probably been discussed several times..aha Looking at getting an msd 6al2 for my Crossy. What do u guys think, good choice? Also what dizzy will go with that? Probably need a new coil as well yea? Any other things I should be aware of.. Engine mods: Is has a 250 crank that was balanced and polished and knife edged counterweights. A lot of time went into the bottom end. 200 rods were shot peeved and polished with bigger rod bolts. The rotating assembly was blueprinted and Balanced. The block was line bore honed, machined, crack tested, pressure tested, it has oversized pistons (I think 30 thou). Flat top custom pistons (11:1 comp) The block is also machined to zero deck. The head is ported and polished, has oversize valves, has double valve springs and Teflon stem seals. Also has hardened inserts and bronze valve guides Double row timing chain. All new gaskets and a copper head gasket. TE distributor has been graphed to suit the cam and has a bronze dizzy gear to suit the camshaft also. The fuel pump on the car is also modified and has a stronger spring and diaphragm to maintain enough fuel pressure. It's running a mustang 5 speed manual.. My plans for the next mods are msd ignition, TFI dizzy, 4brl manifold with 650dp, roller rockers, but before all that I need to swap my 2.77 diff for a 3:45 as it need it..aha The motor revs to 6500 pretty easy.. Also what size carb would u guys recommend? 465, 600, 650.. Sort of want to go double pumper..
  10. staids

    OTD 250 Kenny's Corty!

    Had a Good look at this Cortina today Parked & on the Track! Slydog & I had spoken about this Car & Kenny being in the same place at the same time as me quite often, well today i finally caught up with him. What can i say but MADD..