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  1. Have heard about this. I Though I had quite a bit wound into the front but still heaps of room. Maby it's because I run small tires? The wheel alignment guy reconed it was too much caster, even for track work and we agreed to take .5 off it. Heaps of clearance to the bumper. Still oversteers well before under steering, so there is no need to go more agressive (yet)
  2. You will have plenty of adjustability in both camber and caster. Don't worry about it too much.
  3. Few other things holding me up. But managed to get the new water pump in. Calibrated The fuel gauge, so that works again. Need to spend some time driving and tuning now. Which may be easier said than done as the wideband in playing up. So I'm hoping some driving and analysis will indicate the issue, as I'm not really interested in sending the fkn thing back to America for innovate to look at it.
  4. Your grease mod for those bushes, the pivot pin clamps the gussett/centre sleeve when the pivot is done up. All the rotating is done on the inner. Or did you drill right through the bush so the grease gets to the inner?
  5. Cheers. Total cost would be about 40bucks. Just took a bit if time for RnD. Hopefully this helps a few people. Drop tanks are not necessary, few custom bits and you can keep the factory 80litre tank no worries. Plus it's plastic so no issues with ethsnol
  6. Installed and tested Installation is easy. You can pos and neg from the factory plug. The green and gold is output to gauge and the last wire goes to the sender.
  7. Flying into Queenstown on wednesday next week. If you get a cam before then I can bring it over for ya.
  8. Emailed Davies Craig last night and they gave me a call this morning. Polite and energetic gentleman on the phone, stepped me though everything and asked a heap of questions about the system to see if he could acertain failure. Then sorted me out with a new pump for a good price. Asked if I could send the failed pump back once I got the new one so they could analyse the failure cause at no cost and I'm happy to oblige. Gotta give these guys praise for running a good business, looking after customers and making a great product! So often I run into shit business I forget that not everyone is out there to fuck me over. Hopefully get it before the end of the week.
  9. Rpm generally no-go for normal pumps unless under driven. Bit of work to convert back. Would like to keep current setup.
  10. Got the fuel pressure damper. Figured out a place to mount it, locked it into the bench drill and drilled the 3/8 hole to tap the thread in and my shitty bench drill allowed the bit to 'walk' into the fuel rail cavity as it breached it, and I ended up with oval hole. Fuckin. Tried to tap anyway but she was well oversize. Was a bit upsetting since I was very careful when setting up for the drilling. Simply nothing else could be done, all clamps were locked in fkn tight, the bench drill just has too much flex in it. Double upsetting since I've spent a lot of resources on the fuel rail over time and I rendered it useless. But after a vent to Dan (thanks cuzzy) he told me to keep at it. I die grinded the hole square and oversize then I dropped the rail off and had it welded up. Essentially giving a 5-7ish mm step. The ally tigging man did a stellar job. Then I redrilled the hole, tapped it and woooo, a week after the great ovaling of 18, everything was Serv again. Car back together around midnight last night. Woot. Rough idle tune, seems good. Ego sensor... still intermittently playing up. Fuel pressure, still jumps around a little but seems to be by under 10psi. a lot better than before where It darted around about 40 psi. Went for a drive. Was going to check the wideband ego correction but laptop died almost immediately. Turns out the battery is shagged and won't charge. Time for a new laptop battery. About 10min in to the drive the electric water pump failed. Pulled over. Fucky. Boiled a lil water out. Checked all connections. Ign back on... pump working. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Drive home. Get pulled over on the way, police man, very polite. Asked about the car and about historical rego, how it works. Told me the plates are bloody hard to read and that ls why he followed for so long before pulling me over. Which is fair, as the plates are tiny compared to normal plates and brown on white isn't the best contrast for nighttime. Got home. Went to bed. Wake up. Jump in car to go to Jaycar, to get a cheap inverter to power the laptop. Make it about 100meters from home. Pump dies. Pull over. Hardwire the pump into the window squirter circuit to test it. Nil stock operate. Waited for car to cool. Drove home. Hardwire pump to battery. isn't going. Not even arcing to suggest current draw. D e a d. Check price on new pump. Open wallet and moths fly out. I think this falcon is trying to die. For all the manours it's taken in the last 18 months I've not driven it more than 100km total. Just keeps killing itself. Stuck in my driveway till I get a new pump. Do have some pics. Will share. eventually.
  11. If you have adjustable timing gear you can always advance or retard the cam to get the peak torque where you need it. So don't be too scared of getting a cam that says it performs at 5500 RPM because you can just put in a couple of degrees advanced and bring that torque down to the 4500 RPM Mark.
  12. Hey I'm digging this. Already turning out to be an awesome diy thread!
  13. I never scraped the guard with 245's and I've not rolled the guard. I dunno how low you guys are going but from a steering geometry point of view it's not fiesable to have a 17" wheel tucking in the front of an Xfal. Even with all my mods it would be difficult to get the wheel to tuck in practice and cornering performance would suffer if I did. Not to mention banging off the ball joint or bumpstops. I pulled the spring out and even with modded ball joint mount this is as much tuck as can be acheaved at ball joint bind. And in the rear, my tailshaft hits the tunnel, even though I've cut and raised the tunnel. And the rears don't tuck. So if you want to tuck, your gonna need bigger than 17's or run big sidewall truck tyres.
  14. 245's on 17" rims and Shelby drop. would rub on bump stop plates. Was not real bad, took a long time before it started to get through the paint. 3 mm offset or spacer would have sorted it in my case. I'm running homemade bumpstops now so heaps of clearance.
  15. One thing to consider. How much are you spending on suspension? Spring saddels 200 Shocks 400 Lowered springs 350 ... For 1000 bucks you can upgrade both sides with coil overs and this gives fully adjustable shock and ride height and a rose joint lower mount onto the UCA.