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  1. Just try and refund it and get a Bosch universal alternator. Cannot go wrong with genuine Bosch. As for fuse causing it? Thats a crock a shit. I have a hard time following your troubleshooting. Think you might be over complicating it a bit. If it's outputting over 14.4v then the regulator is toast, or it's wired up wrong. If that is the case it's usually rpm dependant. (Increase in rpm = increase in voltage)
  2. $58 inc express post with tracking. (Can combine post) $45ea if your close by and want to pick it up. More info will come, I expect to be able to ship on Tuesday 11th September. 7 units available. First in best dressed.
  3. Yep. Should work for any sender, as long at it is not inverted. In other words, low ohm= empty and High ohm=full. So a empty 2-300 full, will work. But not a empty 300-2 full. The one I link to in the OP, uses 2 screws to mount it to whatever you want, so you simply install it upside down, and it goes from a empty 240-33 full to a full 33-240 empty. Does that make sense?
  4. Yeah, pretty much. Just takes a variable resistor type sender and converts it into a voltage/current to feed an x-series gauge. could be re-purposed for other gauges or applications pretty easily.
  5. Just an update, I've made the fist unit. I've still got a bit of work to do before i can ship them. Bit of testing and parts list/cost figuring out to do. I wanna make sure i got all my ducks lined up and quacking the star wars theme before I ship em out. The idea is that whoever buys em, gets it, Wires it into their stock fuel sender loom. Adds 1 wire for the fuel sender. Then use a screwdeiver to adjust the low level/high level readings for whatever sensor they used. And it's done. QuUUUAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK..... quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quaaaaaaccck... quack-quack-quack-quaaaaack QuackkkKKKKK. quack-quack-quack-quaaaaaaaCCCKK QUACK. quack-quack-quack-quaaaaaaaCCCKK QUACK. QUACK-QUACK-QUACK QUAACK! *Credits roll*
  6. Thanks Dean, I'll try and come up with an interesting read in the next few posts then =P Them scallywags over at innovate have send me an entire new ECF-1 kit. I sent the gauge back, They said it was toast and send me an entire kit. That means i got a free Flex sensor, LSU4.9 wideband, and Fuel pressure sensor. So i think that makes up for the fuck around. +1 innovate you've kept my patronage. I've finished assembly on the fist fuel level interface PCB. when it arrived in the mail i was fizzen, I accidentally let a couple of the farm animals get out and they caused a ruckus. It was like having a second child. Except instead of crying and shitting itself it makes a cars fuel gauge work. That night when i got home from work i fired up the ol' E-lab and whacked the components on the PCB. Finalised a couple of the prototyping stages and fired it up. Only to find the Linear voltage regulator, was not regulating in any sort of linear voltageish way. Was 1.5-2v over reg voltage. Spend like... 2.5 hours fiddeling around, Googeling stuff, Swapping out cap values and trying different v-regs. I went to bed. Anyway after a sleep i woke up thinking "Hmmm, i wonder if my multimeter has shat itself?...." So i got my other meter out and tested it... my PCB Baby was operating perfectly. So the dodgy DMM gets a quick trip to the rubbish pile. I did make one mistake with the Nodes and ratlines when designing the PCB, i got the tac switch leg polarity wrong and ended up making the circuit between 2 legs from the same side of the switch. Quick mod to the board sets it right. I've since edited the Gerber file to fix the issue for V1.1 Anyway. Have a look at my PCB Baby.
  7. Smaller. Needed to design a mounting method Have a look through here: Page 5 I think. Yeah facet pump in line. Can lift a decent amount of fuel and very reliable. Make a little noise but nothing like those Holly pumps, they are fkn rediculious. As for protection, I made a ally plate that sits under the floor pan and covers the high pressure pump, reg and filter. All fits underneath, inc the surge. No plumbing in cabin.
  8. Okay yeah. Lift pump don't need to be too expensive mate. Can even use a facet pump. In most applications they flow plenty. Have seen people using a facet as lift pump making like 400rwkw in a turbo LS1. Do the math and you'll find that lift pumps don't need to be hectic I use one of these myself but mounting was a bit if a pain.
  9. Just having a but of a read through your thread. Some good stuff might have a big read once I've got some time. I've been through all this EFI tank pump upgrade shit so if you need any advice hit me up. Intank factory pump is good for about 200hp on a crossy. Over that and your risking running lean. Walbro 255 or Bosh 044 are solid upgrades. Both inline options should be able to draw from tank so will simplify install. If you want a surge go and check my build thread, few pages in there of my e85 fuel system upgrade. As for senders. The dirt left by mogas will generally clean off with a normal dish soap, petrol is polar, and won't dissolve or mix well with everyday dirt so it sticks everywhere inside the tank. Water and doshsoap will break it down. Best way to clean a fuel tank. I have a thread on cleaning and testing the capacitive fuel sensors. Very simple thing. Super easy to recondition and test.
  10. It would slightly, but I would not expect it to be noticed on the gauge in the car. Far more likely is the errors caused by ethanol. You can look up the dialectric constant of different liquids, this gives you an idea of how it would affect the gauge. Flex fuel sensors work on the same principal. They know the dialectric constant of petrol and ethanol, so can extrapolate the percentage of the ethanol based on the resulting dialectric constant of the mix.
  11. Almost everything will conduct its just not always easy. Air will conduct, but water is much better, and copper is much better again. And some things will not conduct DC, but can conduct AC. A capacitor for example. The capacity of a capacitor changes with it's dialectric. In this case, fuel or air. Measuring This difference in conductivity/capacitance is how the xseries senders work.
  12. Not a great deal going on with this car. Cars running well enough. Starts and drives reliably and seems to go better with the new head. Had to drive it to work for a week and a bit and no dramas. Sent the gauge back to America, to innovate. They've checked it and found it's fucked. So sending me a brand newy. Expect it to arrive this week, It landed in Sydney yeasterday according to the tracking, so depends how long customs holds it up. Bit of a fuck around since it all had to go to America but innovate have come through with a win for me, fingers crossed. 4x4 has been getting worked on again. As has the elgrand. So they are eating up some racecar time. Have gotten rid of the shed I was renting to do car stuff. Got rid of heaps of shit. But I still got stuff up the wazoo so have been spending a lot of time moving everything around, trying to get a system that works, so I can get the fgx back in the garage. Putting a temp garage up in the backyard for Betty. The landlord and EAD if they don't like it. Once all that is finally sorted I should have a bit more cash, as I won't be paying rent on a shed, and you know what that means? Racecar parts.
  13. Getting this circuit on a custom PCB and will have enough to make and sell 7 units, fully assembled ready to wire in or self assembly. Price to be decided still. As with all the stuff I make for the forums, not in it to get rich so can expect them to represent the cost of manufacturing. Estimate between $40-60 each inc Assembly and post. Expressions of interest/reservations are welcome. Still need to receive and test the pcb's and proove circuit function, estimate ready to sell/ship in 2-3 weeks.
  14. Plus 1 sparky. Id chuck in for it. If the price they are asking is reasonable. Not interested in been held for ransom though.
  15. Good to head they got back to you. Good luck.