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  1. Sweet build brosef!
  2. If your good at these enges now, wanna come pull the one outta my 87 Integra? It needs a freshen up for turbo. Also, following thread.
  3. According to specifications for raceworks ptfe 200series in an8 can take 4kpsi and minus 70 to plus 250dec c. In which case you can terminate it yourself using 200series lines to make the flexible lines. Use annealed ally hardline in something like an6 for high side and an10 for low side. And just single flare everything to 37deg jic flare. This way you don't have to worry about o rings or corrosion. And you will only need bulkhead fittings where you put flexible lines. Everywhere else can pass through with a grommet. Probably save yourself a bit of dosh. That is how I'd do it anyway. Love me some well made hardlines. Also you can get reciever driers with male Flair's so you can terminate the Hardline stright to them. And use the 3rd fitting as the high side service port.
  4. If your keeping the crossflow and stock EFI, then keep the engine stock. No point fucking around chucking money at it to go faster while it's got the factory EFI. Carbys work, but it is 2018. You can put an aftermarket EFI solution on fully installed for under $1k if you do it yourself. Then tune it as cranky/mental as you want with all the benefits that come with efi and after market computer (full tuneability) If you were smart you would fit a Barra and be done with it. There are a few of us that have a disease and love spending money on crossflows to go slow. Myself included. But I know deep down I could have spent half on a Barra conversion and gone twice as fast.
  5. Pretty sure they need a specific gas and lubricant. R1234? And a high dialectric lubricant. Might be hard/expensive to source the right stuff.
  6. Yes an fittings will work. All the stuff you use must be rated for at least 600psi on the high side. Can charge with r290 and buy the equipment to do it yourself... Set you back about 250bucks inc gas. But building the lines will be the real test. Weird fittings up the wahzoo.
  7. You're in Melbourne complaining of heat? IMO aircon probable isnt worth the headache, especially if you need to custom make all the pipework. It will cost a lota a moola and your car's not going to go any faster... actually probably go slower. That money will buy a lot of slushies and soft serv cones.
  8. Yeah are pretty scarce now. Mines one of the old torsion front ends with pop up headlights. Atcually it's the Mrs car. I like the way the donk revs in the thing. It's like a morotbike engine. Should be fun with some boost. Not fast, but definitely fun. Wish me luck in procurement of parts for it.
  9. Decided i'll be leaving Betty alone for a while so i can drive it for a bit. In the meantime I've got an 80's Honda Integra i'm gonna try and turbo. Will try and have it finished by March next year. There will be some minor things done to Betty to get her in a nice place to be Driven semi-regularly but nothing worth reporting on unless the car shits itself again. Till then.
  10. Race is a strong word. TBH it's probably in a good position to go ATM. Just need some tires. 14 second bracket is heaps more fun then dem fast boiz anyway.
  11. At this rate Betty is gonna' have to take the Utes spot at DC >8')
  12. Looks good Rob. Drop that fkn thing in the hole already. It's tuning time!
  13. I would not be too worried. pump comming out of the fuel would be rare and momentary. It's true the fail if you dry run them, but momentary suction of a bit of air should not shorten it life in any noticeable way. Would take me 30seconds of WOT to empty a 1l surge.
  14. factory tank used to give me surge when under hard acceleration and under 1/3rd a tank. even with the swirl pot (factory pump). Surge tank is definitely needed if making decent power.