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I really need to do something about my front end. I have sl, or ssl (I can't remember) in the front and at the time I put standard front shocks in, not knowing any better.

I was looking at putting spacers on the shock towers, but short big bore shocks might be a better option.


Anyone used these? They are on the cheap end of the scale.



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yeah check your bump stop clearance first. if it's so low(SSL) then you won't have any suspension travel. 

SL are barely an inch, most people cut the bump stops a bit(half an inch/whole inch off) to gain some travel .


those ULTIMAS have had good reviews from members here who've used them, i haven't used them, but they'd be at minimum twice as good as Monroe GTs


i've only had Pedders Big bore sports ryder i think, they are OK at controlling super lows,  but they better handle LOWs  (i won't use SL springs if i want to drive the car, they bump steer also due to being low, let alone bottoming out from low suspension travel and needing an expensive shock) 


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On 4/30/2022 at 2:56 PM, Crazy2287 said:

Give us a review after a few hundy KM!

Hey man, I've done about 300 ks so far, all over the beautiful roads we have out here at Bathurst 😜

Lots of twisty, windy and potholed roads on my way to work. I duck across past Tarana to get to work at Oberon.


So much better with the new shocks in it. Handles a lot better and I'm not slamming into the chassis/bumpstops everytime I run over a pebble.


So all in all pretty happy with them, especially for the price.

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