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  1. motoSycho

    Blown Crossy.

    Ok, had a think about it and looked at my project list. Thanks to everyone that replied. Lots of good advice, especially from @slydog . I think I will go back to Plan A and build a decent carbied motor. I'd love Triples Webers, so will start looking at what I need for that. I'll start a thread in the Crossflow forum for that. I've got three Dodge AT4s here that I am going to start work on at Christmas. Got a 318 for my 114 and will look at another 318 or bigger for the 329 I am building for my wife. Third truck is a donor cab for my 114 as its cab s rusted out. Rat Ute in work sitting next to Rat Rod going to be.
  2. motoSycho

    Blown Crossy.

    Thanks all. Lots to think about. This is my daily driver, so I do need to be a bit sensible and reliable in what I do. Spending money and time and making bits or having bits made is no issue. Love that stuff. First thing to do is track down a decent donor motor anyway.
  3. motoSycho

    Blown Crossy.

    LOL. The cost and mucking about makes the Triple Weber setup look good doesn't it. Still, Blower!!!
  4. motoSycho

    Blown Crossy.

    Have you seen Tas Tuneds work? Home made manifold, albeit this is for his drag car, but still.
  5. motoSycho

    Blown Crossy.

    Had a great day yesterday. The FPV club organised a run up to Bathurst with some laps round the Mount. BBQ up the top, raffle etc.. All proceeds to Beyond Blue. They had 70 cars last year but opened it up to all Fords this year and well over 150 or so rocked up. Lots of modern stuff of course, but a few from XF back. I got sweet FA in the way of photos, but can throw some up later. Lots of modern Barras with some fucking HUGE turbos. Like sucking small children and low flying birds in and spitting them out the back huge turbos! Lots of modern V8s as well and the sweet sweet older V8s which just look great. And of course my old girl, who stood out like dogs balls. So because I'm a subtle sort of chap and I like different. I am 99.9% wanting to jam a big old school blower on the side of a Crossflow and stick it out the bonnet,,,,,,, just 'cause. I know there are easier cheaper ways to make power, but I don'r care. The other .01% of me wants to go the Triple Weber route,,,,, but you know, Dude, Blower hanging out of left side of bonnet! Hunting down another 4.1 to do this to, so I can keep driving with the original motor and box whilst collecting bits and putting it together. I'll be looking for a better box to put behind it as well. I've got a disc brake diff from an XE V8 panel van sitting here I can use as well. I have seen bits and pieces in other threads where this is touched on, but if anyone has any experience with doing this please feel free to post it here. I'm a blank slate with this and have no ego about being told what will or won't work.
  6. motoSycho

    GPS Speedo Gauge

    I did think about that, or using the TomTom, but I have to get a speedo gauge at some stage, and comparing the EBay cheapies to the more expensive jobbies I'll be buggered if I can tell the difference in the way they look. Unless they all use the same casings but different internals??? They seem to jump from up to $150 or so, straight to $600 for a name brand. For the $92 I'll just grab one and give it a go.
  7. motoSycho

    GPS Speedo Gauge

    You can get a retro looking set here https://www.partsforhotrods.com.au/shop/wiring-harness-power-windows-electrical-switches/gauge-kits-accessories
  8. motoSycho

    GPS Speedo Gauge

    I'm going to be changing out the original XF dash for aftermarket gauges. First thing I need is a cheapish speedo to get me out of trouble for a bit. I want to use a GPS speedo. Anyone got any experience or feedback on something like this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/85mm-GPS-speedometer-200km-h-Odometer-For-Car-Truck-motorcycle-OverSpeed-Alarm-/263793049711?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10