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  1. mcfly94

    15 inch rims on AU LTD

    definitely a s1 module
  2. mcfly94

    15 inch rims on AU LTD

    only fit series 1
  3. mcfly94


    Hi guys the au btr use a 50 oz 164t flexplate behind the EFI 5.0: Unfortunately im finding it hard to find a 164t flexplate in 28oz that has a 10.5 circle bolt pattern to suit au converter in AUS (351W into AU with BTR) Only place seems to sell is summits!
  4. mcfly94

    Fuel pumps for mild 4.0ltr

    walbro gss342 its 255lph pump $130 brand new and genuine
  5. mcfly94

    ELXR8 185kw vs AUXR8 220kw

    Au3 got 70mm throttle body, minor flow work on gt40p heads, yella terra 1.7 ratio rockers. The 220kw is the equivalant of the Crow 621339 Valve Timing IN.16/72 EX.75/20 DUR in.268 ex.275 .050" in.203 ex.209 List - .455" .455" Range - 1500 5000 the 200kw got a bigger cam with a lower 1.6 ratio rocker by crane cams, on the 220 the 1.7 brought the 450 up to 470ish this is all the info ive found from the net. and dont forget the comp ratio was upped from the 185kw motor from 9.1 to 9.4 in the 200 and 220.
  6. mcfly94

    XE-XF Rear Courtesy Lights

    There are people than electroplate plastic and these come completley apart and can be screwed back togethernive done one before but painted the chrome black
  7. mcfly94

    XE-XF Rear Courtesy Lights

    they can be restored aswell
  8. mcfly94

    Hooker aero chambers? Who's using them?

    the hooker aerochambers are pretty straight through mufflers, may be loud on a Windsor with only dual aerochambers
  9. mcfly94

    Au 3 low idle

    As you would already the au has self learn, so far from driving tonight its already improved and bumped the idle up
  10. mcfly94

    Au 3 low idle

    I just did a full exhaust on mine, reset on the battery. 2min in neutral no air con 2min in neutral air con 2min drive no air con 2min drive air con took it for a blast but idling just under 600rpm in drive, its dropped about 25rpm. I think I may need my idle bumping up slightly due to the ph4480 and 2.5 exhaust, don't know yet as it could also be my fuel pump. Clean your throttle body and iac, and reset the kams and see how you go.
  11. has been done to e-series to, um wouldn't be hard, youd just to sit down and work out how your going to do it, or see if you can find a thread on the fordforums. I know there an red xh with a supercharged Windsor that has them in but he bought the car with the seats in, but you could ask him how its done because he has had the seats in and out a few times. his username is 'xf84'
  12. 100% go with the xr's youll love them
  13. mcfly94

    Late model diff into XF?

    If you've got an ef diff youll have to do some modifying to accompany the ef/el handbrake to suit the x-series, ea-ed handbrake style. Cant remember, but I think its like adding brackets or something on the diff or car. Easier if you have an eb-ed diff as you just use the rear section of the handbrake from an eb/ed. Tailshaft goes straight in.
  14. mcfly94

    Xflow tuning thread

    For a stock 250 (larger valves, extractors, 2.5" straight through) I ran 28* locked timing through street fire cdi, superconductor msd leads, msd blaster 3 coil and TFI dizzy with module. Ran AFR about 14.3:1 through the standard webber. Ran very well started as soon as I turned the key (AU Starter, 0GA Earth for Engine and Battery, 575cca Battery) and felt more responsive and felt it had more torque through the rev range, also returned 500km to 57 litre tank for town driving with 3.27 rear gears and c4.
  15. mcfly94

    Battery cable rating

    dad uses 2 gauge