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  1. n00bus m@x1mus

    Show me your gauges

    Probably would be, but its easy enough to remove it anyways, just a few plastic clippy things and it falls off. its not like your going to ever use it are you LOL
  2. n00bus m@x1mus

    Show me your gauges

    Just a simple sheet of 3mm aluminum bent to shape and fitted over the entire face plate as the hole was a lot larger than the B&M coverplate would cover. then i just gave it a brushed finish with some 20 grit paper on the belt sander and then painted it flat black and then sanded off the face with some 600 which left the paint in the grooves and polished on the ridges. Did something similar with the trip computer but out of 3mm perspex sheet
  3. n00bus m@x1mus

    Show me your gauges

    I did this many moons back, was an afternoons job and could have been refined a bit more but i ended up with an AU console in there aswell so it was never finished.
  4. n00bus m@x1mus


    Back to the ebay packages... this is the reply i got back from the seller i listed above for anyone interested. Clint. All except the idler arm are Wasp units. Idler is a Roadsafe one as Wasp do not do them in the standard form. Ours are all good units. Nothing cheap and chinese about these. I have sold them for over 30 years .. Cheers Rob Mills Ringwood Auto Parts PO Box 230 Hurstbridge Victoria 3099 Australia Phone 03 9714 8196 0408 104894 Fax 03 8692 6942
  5. n00bus m@x1mus

    ways of repairing leaking simmons wheels,

    A tip if your worried u wont get a neat finish, inject your nice wide bead of sika or silicone into the groove making sure u get it evenly over the join. Dony care too much for a finish as this stage just make sure u get the sealant thats touching the rim in an even fashion. Then grab the missus's ironing spray bottle or something similar, mix up some dishwashing liquid and water into a nice sudsy mixture and fill the bottle up. Then grab ur old pair of thongs or something else with a flat bendable edge (credit card works or proper bog trowel) and spray thr sealant generously and simply wipe the thong over itto flatten it out. Wipe the excess off on a rag and repeat. The soap will stop the sealant from bonding to where the soap is so u cant smear it all over the rim. Once ur done leave to cure.
  6. n00bus m@x1mus

    ways of repairing leaking simmons wheels,

    Clean all the old sealant off 100% and then apply a nice neat continuous bead of sikaflex or similar in the join. Remember more does not equal better.
  7. n00bus m@x1mus


    Cheers guys, i have sent him an email to confirm what parts he is actually selling so should be all good. ill let u know my findings cheers.
  8. n00bus m@x1mus


    Dragging this back up... so im looking at this kit at the moment - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/290236172270?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 It doesn't list what brand they are but the boxes in the pick are Wasp units and it doesn't state that the item pictured is not what i would be receiving. So whats the collective opinion?
  9. n00bus m@x1mus

    X series ute tailgate's

    If you do settle on an aftermarket gate steve then be sure to run a few stitches of weld around the seams as they are simply pressed over and then a bit of seal sealer worked over it. They twist and carry on and you can never get alignment to stay spot on with the skin not bonded to the frame. Only needs a few tacks but obviously the more you do along the long sides will help aid in strength too.
  10. n00bus m@x1mus

    what is log?

    I heard tell of the latest alloytechs in the omegas being log motors too, except on the exhaust side. So u have a single exhaust port at the side of the head and no option for a better flowing unit.
  11. n00bus m@x1mus

    Can You change 2.77 lsd Diff Centre

    Wasnt it 2.52 or something like that? Yeah would be good with a C4 and a really short 1st.
  12. n00bus m@x1mus

    Can You change 2.77 lsd Diff Centre

    Loads more info can be found Here including said lifted picture
  13. n00bus m@x1mus

    Solar controllers, Deepcycle batteries and Inverter Questions?

    Sorry mate this project has stalled at the moment, funding ran short and i had to get back into full time work so i havent had much time to play with it unfortunately. what 12v pump did u have in mind cos i have to look into that too sometime to finish off the kitchen in the camp trailer.
  14. n00bus m@x1mus

    AU XR8 vs EL XR8

    The au pump setup is worlds above an early e series as they have a captive swirl pot pickup on them to prevent fuel starvation in cornering or braking as well as preventing an air vortex when low in tank level which i know is an issue with earlier ones that just have a filter sock. I cant say for el but the pump itself would be identical.
  15. n00bus m@x1mus

    Ute spare wheel door

    I thought that was a no brainer... otherwise its digging into your knee when fully up or fully down.