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  1. Big Block will go in early cars ok . Castle auto pipes go right in they are tight out of the heads but make way more torque than any small block ever will.
  2. Hmmm that upper clip next to the casting code should be on the top side of the valvebody
  3. I've used a few of those type , one in my car been there 13 years is fine. Only thing I had to do was used dome head allen bolts as bolts supplied had minimal clearance to the steering box case
  4. They do a bit but unless the car is crazy low they are ok.. Next choice a little shallower is the RTS pans from VPW Funny that is a Procomp pan but the name milled off. I did that with one I have . For a procomp/Speedmaster part they are ok
  5. Following, i need a rebuild kit also
  6. Good result . So the old hose was blocked once you removed it ???
  7. Yes I've had a few too. I had an XC hose , no matter what I did even with over 100 psi air it was solid
  8. You could try cracking the steel line where it goes into the flex hose . That will tell for sure if it is the hose
  9. Your flex hose is ok????? I have had them close up with age. Being the LHR rotor was sus previous i'd be checking. Could been some air trapped ? But if the hose was blocked would still give an ok pedal
  10. Yes , look up the PWR coolers . They come in push on hose also , stack plate type and very compact. They work awesome . Be wary of using a used cooler. Even if the oil looks clean they can still hold contamination inside. Can be difficult also to flush fully but can if you flush real well with plenty solvent
  11. That's awesome deal for sure . They looked near full thickness anyway. Good to go now Or should that be Good to STOP
  12. Good / Best practice to do them in pairs If not you risk uneven braking or pulling. Yes even rears can cause a car to pull undr braking. You will need to measure the thickness , minimum from memory is 22.2mm or thereabouts
  13. That is the adaptor . Sorry about size of the pic, I had to reduce it down enough to post. Could email the bigger pic if you need. The swagelock fittings are good but I don't think the wall thickness of that tube is enough to support a good high pressure joint. We use all swagelock fittings with natural gas @ 3000psi but the tubing is all thick wall stainless
  14. Pretty sure you are right, sure looks like the plastic pump type