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  1. gregaust

    FMX dipstick?

    I like the FMX's , they are a good trans . Back in 2004 I put one in a mates car more as an experiment , with a 502 stroker, 550 HP , 580 ftlb.. It's still there to this day
  2. gregaust


    Was a long time ago but I seem to remember they are a different pattern on the block
  3. gregaust


    No the factory bells are only for Pan fill cases . If you were to go an aftermarket bell like a JW they fit up to the pump bolts so fit either case
  4. gregaust


    No , not at all .. With aluminium heads weight is basically same as an all iron clevo.. 400HP lol , not hard to make 6-700. Really all you need is a block , by time you get a good set of rods , might as well get a crank as well , Hello 500+ cubes I use the factory bells and C4's The factory bells are for Pan fill type cases
  5. gregaust

    ball bearing in brake caliper?

    Yeah , nah , never come across that
  6. gregaust


    Just replied your PM . I did a 400 in a Bronco years ago. It had the Bigblock trans pattern, the block had been drilled and used normal 351 mounts . All this trouble for a 400 , look towards a 460
  7. gregaust

    Intake gaskets

    Just use the RTV , Sit manifold on the block with gaskets first . Measure the gap . Ensure bead is a little bigger than the gap . Make sure block is spotless clean , then put a light wipe on the block . Then lay your bead . Then a light wipe on intake . The light wipes ensures the bead takes to itself better .
  8. Have a read in that link i posted above . That was the setup I was working on, only he finished his before I did lol . It's all factory stuff
  9. The guy i mentioned did a bit of a write up on Ford Forums . I'll find the link and put it here . Edit :- scroll down the page here ZG Fairlane (PCOTQ WINNER - 3rd QUARTER OF 2020) - Page 9 - Australian Ford Forums
  10. That site has changed , used to be pretty good .
  11. Don't get caught up in the Willwood fad lol .. Yes those look a lot like the kit I fitted .. Have a good mate just removed Willwood from his Bigblock coupe as well , just didn't do it for him. He went to a kit similar to the one in the vid
  12. gregaust

    Aeroflow heads??

    The AFD's and CHI heads are the go .. I have been involved with the AFD heads , They are a good thing but on the combo I was working on the heads did need some work , but results were good . The 3V's are a good go to head IMO and have plenty of good results
  13. gregaust

    Aeroflow heads??

    I'll bet they are rebranded Procomp. They are a very poor quality alloy . A reputable engine builder showed me years ago how to tell. He tapped a good brand head , the alloy had a real nice ring to it . That apparently is an indication.. The procomp head sounded like hitting a block of wood lol
  14. gregaust

    Electrical wiring diagram

    https://www.holley.com/brands/msd/products/ignition/ignition_boxes/street/ If you go here the instructions are attached to each ignition type when you go into it
  15. gregaust

    Power Steering Box INFO

    I need to do a few of these soon. I do have some bearings . They are the same from memory as the lower sector shaft bearing that i got . The Newcom top had a washer as pictured , i just need to figure a dimension for that to machine some up. I was lucky when those bearing tops were available I bought up a few and did my cars . I have a few spare covers , even a new bush would go ok . Easy enough to cut out the old one . Someone told me years ago the F trucks had a roller top , can't remember I did do a Bronco steering box but can't remember what it had , I think it might of been