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    Aeroflow heads??

    The AFD's and CHI heads are the go .. I have been involved with the AFD heads , They are a good thing but on the combo I was working on the heads did need some work , but results were good . The 3V's are a good go to head IMO and have plenty of good results
  2. gregaust

    Aeroflow heads??

    I'll bet they are rebranded Procomp. They are a very poor quality alloy . A reputable engine builder showed me years ago how to tell. He tapped a good brand head , the alloy had a real nice ring to it . That apparently is an indication.. The procomp head sounded like hitting a block of wood lol
  3. gregaust

    Electrical wiring diagram

    https://www.holley.com/brands/msd/products/ignition/ignition_boxes/street/ If you go here the instructions are attached to each ignition type when you go into it
  4. gregaust

    Power Steering Box INFO

    I need to do a few of these soon. I do have some bearings . They are the same from memory as the lower sector shaft bearing that i got . The Newcom top had a washer as pictured , i just need to figure a dimension for that to machine some up. I was lucky when those bearing tops were available I bought up a few and did my cars . I have a few spare covers , even a new bush would go ok . Easy enough to cut out the old one . Someone told me years ago the F trucks had a roller top , can't remember I did do a Bronco steering box but can't remember what it had , I think it might of been
  5. gregaust

    Cleveland lifters

    Oh no, that has wiped the cam. Possibly the lifter was stuck and not rotating. New cam & lifters required plus a teardown to clean out the metal
  6. gregaust


    , Oh cool .. I used to tap threads and screw in plugs . Never seen them come with plugs . Learn something new
  7. gregaust


    Just one tip. That carb gasket , cut it to match the oval plate . I have seen those pieces get sucked away
  8. gregaust

    6 to 8 conversion trans hump

    Whoops just reread realized was XE not XF
  9. gregaust


    The 8 tooth is the most common I have come across .
  10. Something is not right in that caliper . That lever should be downwards . If it is the original lever there could be an assembly issue . The reason I say original lever is from memory there was a couple different levers . That type with a single loop on the end from memory was XD The XC levers had like a double section where the cable attaches
  11. gregaust

    CLEVELAND V8 Thermostat INFO

    Near on 100 bucks for a thermostat ? There's been so much talk of Clevo specific thermostats like these of late . For many years no one bothered or even heard of this and didn't have issues .. Sure seems like a social media following to fix other issues ????? Opening up for discussion
  12. I will add . I don't get the whole Wilwood thing . I did a setup for a guy on an XA to fit up to the factory stub axles . The rotors were very thin and to me appeared flimsy . The calipers were smaller than the later model Ford ones ..
  13. Good topic . I've been experimenting using all factory stuff . Started with XC disc/hub unit Cut the rotor off machine the hub ( that is originally around 20mm thick) to allow for added thickness of rotor I didn't finish my setup but a mate has and he used calipers from a territory and rotors , I think his were 322mm Once hub is machined you need to leave the centre hub a little oversize than the wheel centre part to locate the rotor The caliper bolts up to the XC factory lower hole on the stub axle Machine a spacer to centre caliper A top mount block needs to be made up from original stub axle hole to caliper Anyway his all came up good and is running. He did do some pics on FordForums.com.au My setup I was using all FG calipers etc and 322 mm rotors . I had some interference between the rotor O.D and caliper but his with the territory gear worked .
  14. Yep you got it for the worm adjuster . It is adjusted carefully on the bench so preload is slightly firmer at centre . If you like I can measure up the tool I have for that seal . Basically it is exact O.D of the seal , then has a large land at the bottom of the case so as to guide the seal in dead straight. The seal is tapped in very careful so it just touches the very small step in the case The seal expanders I made up out of exhaust tube years ago , basically tapered enough to expand them over the lands where they fit . Then there is a tapered sleeve bit like a ring compressor that is the bore size the Teflon seal runs in. That shrinks the seal after being fitted a while so they slip easy into place
  15. A link to the roller conversion? The top bushes are always worn. I bought up quite a few roller covers many years ago when they were available . Apparently the company that made them would only do batches of 5000. None are available now . From memory the bearing is the same as the lower sector shaft bearings . I have a few of those . But there was also a washer machined into the top cover to control the sector shaft endfloat . Been considering modifying a few stock bushed covers