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  1. RM351

    Door Glass Scratches.

    Gonna have to shop around for a better price but I'll save that site as an absolute last resort.
  2. RM351

    Door Glass Scratches.

    Yeah might have to do the same, I've seen some vids on how to remove the scratches looks tedious. I have to see what's cheaper.
  3. RM351

    Door Glass Scratches.

    It's like this on both sides, can it be repaired or would I need to replace them? If it can be repaired , can I do it myself, how is it done or do I need a specialist?
  4. RM351

    Can Anyone Figure Out This Setup?

    No spotlights and there is only wiring going from the relay to the headlight wiring. It may be used to take the load off the aftermarket switch like you said. Do have one, need to check if it's works otherwise will send it to that guy that reco's them.
  5. Trying to figure out what this relay is for. Currently has an aftermarket push pull headlight switch and the relay is connected to the original headlight switch wiring. It's connected to the Brown wire, yellow wire and Red/Yellow wire. At first I thought it's the only way the aftermarket switch will work having the relay but the lights work fine even when the relay is unplugged. Is there another reason for the relay?
  6. RM351


    I've been unlucky when it came to buying a 400. Purchased 2 over the years, the first one I went the trouble of getting from the US via ebay. At that time the aussie dollar was over the 90 US cent mark. Engine was fine except on hot days, it was bored 60 thou. 2nd one I bought it here, came out of a '71 Galaxie with a C6 and I currently have. This one is already 40 thou and needs a rebore, not going to bother. Gave it a hone but as you can see it ain't enough.