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  1. Yeah #2-3 shifter location can swap around but was concerned about #1 shifter position but found dimensions of TKX and measured it out & I'm swt as. Got a good score on a XD centre console with rubber boot for $40, apparently over here just the rubber boot sells for $80 alone. It's chopped & I'm gonna have to Chop it some more but happy. It's sucks when ya press return key one too many times & loose everything that just typed out
  2. Hey BGDAV, aren't I clever, I managed to quote my own post Hey um... did you have to change your shifter location 1 2 or 3. Hope I don't have to use #1 shifter location, it's $455 USD for a mid shifter. I'll fork out for that if I have to as want to keep my bench seat
  3. Hey just reading over this, is the XE brake booster & brake master still OK to use, it's just clutch master needs to be a FC HOLDEN... I understand why now it's about the bloody bore size
  4. 408WPN

    408-SBF OIL LOSS

    Thanks so much NZ Be back to level 3 on Wednesday, so hopefully bit closer to getting it sorted
  5. 408WPN

    408-SBF OIL LOSS

    Cheers Dean, apreciate
  6. 408WPN

    408-SBF OIL LOSS

    Yeah I've touched base with blueprint myself & they seemed happy enough to do it myself but no way hozay. If it went paired shaped, good chance it'd void my warranty & kiss goodbye to that. Silvester performance V8's down in Christchurch 350km away is who imported the engine in,I contacted them & they reassured me they were going to email Blueprint engines & pretty disappointed to learn Blueprint haven't heard from them. Been stung by a few mechanics in last 12mths ,not listening to instructions & mainly over charging etc so plenty of trust issues there. There is local guy here that seems pretty clued up on V8 Fords My main hope listing on forum is hopefully engine builder see's it & can comment about rocker stud threads etc & whether this be contributing factor to the problem
  7. 408WPN

    408-SBF OIL LOSS

    Hi everyone Crappie raining day in Picton NZ Too much time over thinking etc Last year bought a XF ute un-certed, originally rebuilt stroked 393w, that went South. Breifly considered rebuild but for some bizzare reason had a sudden rush of blood to the head & went down the track of 408ci crate engine from Blueprint engines in USA with a 30mth warranty. Few months later all certified & on the road, happy days. Done break in as required & have also used manufacturers recommended 10w-30 mineral oil. About 6wks later checked the oil & noticed I'd used about a litre, thought, hell that's not good but put it down to, I don't know what Topped it up, kinda forgot about it, checked it again last week had used all of the top up & now discoloured. All of this & have only done about 1800km.. Jumped on another forum, some suggested try different oil grade such 20w-50 high zinc. Now down to the nitty gritty & this is where I need the advice on. I've been in touch with Blue engines & have lodged warranty file etc. They seem to think when the heads where getting assembled they've forgotten to seal the rocker stud threads & this could be the cause of the problem but 2L oil in 1800km is a bloody lot. They seem to think it's an easy fix, easy to check for, want the rocker studs removed & forward on photo's of the threads. Well it's not bloody as easy to check for is it, such as removing the studs x 16 & then torque'n them back into place, then also adding such technical terms in place such '0 lash 3/4 of a turn (((that's after bolting them back into 40 lb torque, they're also screwed in & not pressed))) Also been advised by a freind have to rotate engine so opposite cylinder is rocking when removing studs, worst case scenario if undoing it wrong, motor will go bang . Really after just dribbling on about all this,, has anyone heard if this could be the problem & why would it use so much oil. On a positive note it's note blowing blue smoke & I've got a 30mth warranty but they cover there arse's big time in the small print but have been really good so far in saying they'll look after me
  8. Thanks have sourced Xe hydraulic pedal box, should do the job
  9. Thanks, just when ever but no hurry could you send me photos of custom mounts & pedal to please, cheers
  10. Is this what slave cylinder on FC looks like,abit gay looking, possibly cause holden part, also tilton throw bearing probably different part number for your T56 compared to T5 WC
  11. Awesome thanks for the tips, comes in very handy  & also Google the Tilton bearing, good stuff
  12. Yeah not sure on rev range etc but have added a pic of cam specs.
  13. Thanks to you both for the excellent feedback & now you alone could of saved me thousands & obviously made my wife happy & saved myself countless head in hands, thinking "F" this. Shall I chime on in with my amateur hour input. The T5 did have a Z in it F4ZR,the flywheel tooth count differently sounds familiar, the T5 had 300 lb of torque rating my motor 470 lb but some advice I got ther, was as long as I'm not doing massive burn outs or thrashing it changing down it would have been OK probably not . My tri-y's kinda looked like heaps of clearance cause quite low (I'll add a photo ) At present just got rebuilt Fmx but just feel I want some form of overdrive, AOD transmission out of the question & on Trademe there's another Transmission Ford 6R80 6 speed that they've adapted to be bolt onto SBF. Can't really afford latest Tremec TKX ,emailed place in USA for complete package in clutch etc, came to $8300 nzd if that's not including GST when lands in NZ. Then the whole Hydraulic vs cable dilemma would arise again & obviously hydraulic is the way. Manual fun all day long but even just some form of something moving on from 3spd & suppose diff ratio comes into play also, which is 8" 3.23 All so added couple pic's of Ford 6R80 thanks again for the invaluable feedback