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  1. SydSpring

    Engine bay rust

    I'll go with the epoxy primer then. Thanks everyone Happy new year's eve
  2. SydSpring

    Engine bay rust

    I'm planning on using spray cans since I don't have access to a compressor in my little garage Maybe I could use this epoxy spray? a bit pricey though: https://vgautopaints.com.au/collections/primers/products/eastwood-2k-aerospray-epoxy-primer-gray-aerosol If I went with the etch primer, how do you "blend" the bare metal to the existing paint since the etch primer cant touch the existing paint? or is a little bit of overspray ok
  3. SydSpring

    Engine bay rust

    So strip it all down to bare metal? sounds fun haha Should I apply etch primer and then primer surfacer right
  4. SydSpring

    Engine bay rust

    Engine is out
  5. SydSpring

    Engine bay rust

    Hey everyone, Trying to make the engine bay pretty over the holidays and I've come across small rust spots throughout. Is it best to just strip it all back to bare metal and start again? Or treat the spots with rust converter/etch primer individually and then paint it all? Thanks!
  6. SydSpring

    Xf Manual Conversion

    Thanks for that, I'll look into the wreckers
  7. Hey guys, I've got an Automatic Xf that I've put T5 into. Found it near impossible to find manual pedal box from wreckers. What's the best solution for the pedal box or are there any products that have worked for you? Not a huge fan of going hydraulic setup because of the price Thanks
  8. SydSpring

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

  9. SydSpring

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

    Just some small rust sections in the engine bay Engines out at the moment, you could say its getting a bit of a makeover
  10. SydSpring

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

    Hey yall, Looking at touching up the paint in the engine bay It's an Olympic Gold Xf (colour code W) Wondering if anyone knows which paint to use for that? Cheers
  11. Hello, I've heard the length and shifter position between xf and au T5 is different. I'm wondering if the crossmember position is different though. I ask this because I've got a Barra + Au T5 going into an xf and can't find a x-series or e-series T5 Thanks guys!