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Found 6 results

  1. Hey fellow ford nuts. I have an idea to preserve my xg while its rebuild begins. Auto to manual. Would it be to much work to convert the xg column shift auto 4 speed to the 5 speed manual. I want to replace the engine and I thought the manual version of the xg would it fit in?. Is there a difference in the auto transmission and manual gear box, size wise or fitting sizes that might make fitting into the auto xg an issue? I also understand that the gear stick needs a cut and fit but am I allowed to do this or does an engineer need to do this? I just haven't been able to find information on this topic. Any information or ideas would be good help. Thanks in advance
  2. PapouGhia

    Xf Efi problems

    Hi all, i have this year purchased a xf 1985 efi, I'm having trouble with the top end, the lifters where going off there nut, i brought a whole set of lifters and at the time there was one loose rocker, and the rest where all pretty loose as well so I tightened them all up without getting on info on it, put the rocker back on and drove it and still had a bigger rattle, took rocker off and one of the pushrods where bent and also the bolt for the rocker snapped off. Yes this was mine and my mates fault as this is a project we have both been working on. We did put 2 washers on that rocker to stop it moving, and that would of been the reason behind it snapping. My my question is should I take the whole top end off and through it out and find another running mint head and change it straight over? And when I do use the new lifter I have in that head? I'm willing to learn step by step, and have learnt my lesson, and I'm not sure if the pushrods bending and jumping out of spot may have stuffed the head. im located in Melbourne Mountwavelrey and is anyone selling a efi complete head or even a complete running Xf efi for cheap I could see running as I don't want to be in the dark if that head is runined also, if anyone is willing to come down and help when I do have the parts (won't be free of charge you tell the price) would be appreciated as well. i have attached a few photos of my Xf. Thanks Emilio
  3. Montymatt

    Ed gli 5ltr wagon!?

    Hi boys and girls. New to the page I own a couple Ford's. (5ltr eb monty and dropping a windsor in to my xg eventually. ) But yesterday I came across a factory 5ltr ed wagon, Google is vague on info but apparently ment to be rareish? Just wondering if anyone has more knowledge about this?
  4. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to this and this has probably been discussed several times..aha Looking at getting an msd 6al2 for my Crossy. What do u guys think, good choice? Also what dizzy will go with that? Probably need a new coil as well yea? Any other things I should be aware of.. Engine mods: Is has a 250 crank that was balanced and polished and knife edged counterweights. A lot of time went into the bottom end. 200 rods were shot peeved and polished with bigger rod bolts. The rotating assembly was blueprinted and Balanced. The block was line bore honed, machined, crack tested, pressure tested, it has oversized pistons (I think 30 thou). Flat top custom pistons (11:1 comp) The block is also machined to zero deck. The head is ported and polished, has oversize valves, has double valve springs and Teflon stem seals. Also has hardened inserts and bronze valve guides Double row timing chain. All new gaskets and a copper head gasket. TE distributor has been graphed to suit the cam and has a bronze dizzy gear to suit the camshaft also. The fuel pump on the car is also modified and has a stronger spring and diaphragm to maintain enough fuel pressure. It's running a mustang 5 speed manual.. My plans for the next mods are msd ignition, TFI dizzy, 4brl manifold with 650dp, roller rockers, but before all that I need to swap my 2.77 diff for a 3:45 as it need it..aha The motor revs to 6500 pretty easy.. Also what size carb would u guys recommend? 465, 600, 650.. Sort of want to go double pumper..
  5. I went into Repco today and got quoted $50 per ball joint upper and lower both sides = $200. He gave me a part number 7510 upper and 7512 lower jbj brand but I haven't been able to find this part online to see if it is good with wear or any information on this ball joint. Has anyone found cheaper ball joints that are not sealed. Sealed is ok if it is cheaper. I want to replace both sides in one hit but just for now I want to replace the screwed ball point to run it to repair places. I do however wish to do the full repair in one hit to avoid having to jack the car up and do another hour of so of work completing the others. So has anyone found any cheaper ones for the XG or is this a good prices. What is the price different with sealed or greasable, if any.
  6. Since I have been the owner of my beating down XG 1994 model I have began to slowly fixed issues wrong with it. This issue is one that I have not been able to see a workshop about. It is is the temp gauge. The car seems to not overheat one bit. I have checked the thermostat and it seems to be opening and closing at the right moments. I know this may be easy to fix but I am not what you say a car smart person as I work with computers in the networking engineering department, this complete new world I say.. haha. The temp gauge does move to cool temps but it does not go into operating temperature unless hailing a lot of weight. I am not sure if its the gauge or the temperature sensor. Is there ways to tell what could the issue be. Any easy test?