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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all , have an intermittent fault XF EFI 4 speed sort of late ECU etc, but does it on XF system too. Is doing my head in, car runs fine then goes to hell no throttle take up misses etc which also causes the XF Fairmont digital cluster speedo and taco to jump all over the place. running out of things to try anyone encountered this ?
  2. So last time i was picking through parts i thought i'd try to find a new dizzy to pair up to an MSD, eventually to be setup for a EFi conversion. Anyway i think I've done something stupid (no surprise in automotive for me) and grabbed a XH 4.0 litre distributor, thinking to myself surely the inline6's are all the same, just because there were no XE/XF's available. Can anyone please tell me if this part no use to me, destined for the bin or are they the same spindle/cog length as the 4.1 xflow? photos linked, thanks in advance

    XF 250 crossy EFI problems

    Hey Guys, Recently I have replaced the push rods in my 250 and had to take out injectors ect.. it started before beginning the process and now it doesn't could it be a fuse? because i've tested the power at injectors and there is no power there. what could cause the injectors to not get power or the engine to not start? Thanks in advance
  4. PapouGhia

    Xf Efi problems

    Hi all, i have this year purchased a xf 1985 efi, I'm having trouble with the top end, the lifters where going off there nut, i brought a whole set of lifters and at the time there was one loose rocker, and the rest where all pretty loose as well so I tightened them all up without getting on info on it, put the rocker back on and drove it and still had a bigger rattle, took rocker off and one of the pushrods where bent and also the bolt for the rocker snapped off. Yes this was mine and my mates fault as this is a project we have both been working on. We did put 2 washers on that rocker to stop it moving, and that would of been the reason behind it snapping. My my question is should I take the whole top end off and through it out and find another running mint head and change it straight over? And when I do use the new lifter I have in that head? I'm willing to learn step by step, and have learnt my lesson, and I'm not sure if the pushrods bending and jumping out of spot may have stuffed the head. im located in Melbourne Mountwavelrey and is anyone selling a efi complete head or even a complete running Xf efi for cheap I could see running as I don't want to be in the dark if that head is runined also, if anyone is willing to come down and help when I do have the parts (won't be free of charge you tell the price) would be appreciated as well. i have attached a few photos of my Xf. Thanks Emilio
  5. Crazy2287

    Megasquirt Updates

    Hello there, Making this as sort of a news spot for Megasquirt ECU related things. Try to keep the off topic questions out of here, If you need help with your megasquirt or choosing a setup make a new thread and i'll come over there and help, if you don't get a reply withing a day PM me with the link to make sure i find it. I'll start with: I'm interested in very soon purchasing a RS232 to bluetooth adapter. For those in the loop it's been about for a while, but the big thing on this front at the moment is there is finally some reliable dashboard software to interface the Megasquirt with an android powered Tablet (slate PC) or mobile phone (such as galaxy S3) Wireless, 100m range and awesome. The hardware required can be purchased pre-configured so it's basically plug and play. and im interested in purchasing some of these units asap. After expressions of interest. Organize a bulk buy right here for people interested. it will work out between $60 and $70 bucks inc postage for the RS232-bluetooth adapter. the software is +$10 from the android play store (but there is a free trial) I'll be between Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney over the next few weeks so logistics for those areas is sorted. More info: http://tunerstudio.com/index.php/shadowloggerms http://tunerstudio.com/index.php/shadowdashmsmenu
  6. Crazy2287

    Retrofit intank pump?

    Hello all, Wont keep you long on this one, just throwing it out there for some discussion. I'm intending to upgrade the fuel system in my EFI 4.1 ltr to flow enough fuel to handle up to 95% ethanol mix. Stock pump only flows 1.9LPM on a good day so need to step it up. Was originally going to swap to a carby tank and mount an external pump, then i saw this: http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/walbro-gss342-255-lph-intank-fuel-pump-p-348.html I cant imagine it will be beyond me to mods this onto the factory pump assembly, but its still a concern. Will be a bonus having the pump in tank as opposed to the logistics behind mounting it externally. Has anyone upgraded the factory intank pump before?