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    Distributor replacement question

    i'd probably buy a new cap and bypass module for MSD but im open to suggestions here Looks the same.... that's what i thought., but it was ripped out of an XH. I was referencing pictures of dizzy's from posts I've found here, super useful for me but im still flying blind. Then the penny dropped that I should check on the lengths/gear size so i don't munch my engine if it somehow fits and shouldn't be used. Can anyone confirm 4.1 to 4.0 interchangeable dizzy idea?
  2. So last time i was picking through parts i thought i'd try to find a new dizzy to pair up to an MSD, eventually to be setup for a EFi conversion. Anyway i think I've done something stupid (no surprise in automotive for me) and grabbed a XH 4.0 litre distributor, thinking to myself surely the inline6's are all the same, just because there were no XE/XF's available. Can anyone please tell me if this part no use to me, destined for the bin or are they the same spindle/cog length as the 4.1 xflow? photos linked, thanks in advance
  3. BBcube

    250 Crossflow build

    Cheers for the feedback. I reckon there's a few late comers here who all want roughly the same thing as I do, keep the 250's alive on the road with a refresh to impress. But accepting a warm motor rebuilt by who knows prior, when means figuring out what has been played with. I guess my start will be checking the cam and compression before i do anything drastic. For ignition I've got an MSD 6AL2 prog & a HVC2 coil for spark to begin. But I haven't figured out fuel management ECU options yet, still in newbie learning space. Suggestions welcome? For the inlet manifold, I reckon I'm on point for that but if you could review it would be appreciated?. I've seen a few of these searching the net and noted the ED manifold advice on this forum before, but good pictures are hard to find. It would be nice to see if anyone here has this EFI setup installed with some quality photos? Here's what I've got for intake side, cleaned up for viewing https://imgur.com/a/k1ROlsH Cheers BB
  4. BBcube

    transit vans

    Nice beast Wazza, looks huge. Needs a cat9 engine. This van project needs some serious effort before i will post pics. But here's a snapshot of my half finished clevo beddy http://imgur.com/a/bYo4rTM
  5. BBcube

    transit vans

    I picked up an old CF bedford that's halfway through a quality v8 ford conversion (probably a bucketlist project) a few years back. Since there's some van love here I might post some pics to get some info on parts I have no idea about, for example what the steering rack and pinion was originally out of etc
  6. BBcube

    250 Crossflow build

    Over the last year or so I've read up on the last ten years of info, opinions and lessons passed on by crossflow veterans but i still have to ask: If building for a mild streetable turbo, does it still require looking into non ford parts to finish off with something reliable and not spit a pushrod or something silly? I'm on this journey too, but the option/need for a forged assembly isn't going to happen. Having turbo manifolds ready and keeping the stock bottom end, is it dreaming to think I can do an efi conversion and get some head work done to achieve a stout low boost 250?
  7. BBcube

    The front yard special

    I'm keen to hear suggestions and soon to be in the market for a turbo if Dave isn't :-)
  8. BBcube

    The front yard special

    Hi Dave, just checking how you are going with your build. I'm interested because I want to do something similar and I've been reading the forums for the last year. I'm still in planning but I've got the parts to go in a similar direction, efi, MS, boost etc.. Keen to know where you are up to if you are in a position to share :-)