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  1. So my 86 xf ute ran great and would start straight away but after being parked for a few weeks its decided to not start. The engine turns over and if I pour fuel directly into the carb it will go. There is fuel in the tank and the fuel filter is not blocked, what do you guys think is the issue?
  2. The car has recently been revived after sitting for 18 months but the fuel gauge always reads empty, even if I fill the tank. what do you guys think is going on?
  3. marcus

    86 xf falcon ute 250 crossflow ticking noise

    @Panko I will get a video soon.
  4. There is a ticking noise when idling and revving, the car has been recently revived after sitting for 18 months. I had changed the oil it has 15-40 in it. I have heard you need a thicker oil, I have also heard that the tappets could need replacing. What do you guys think would fix the issue?
  5. @deankdxdo you know what exact pump i need to buy?
  6. @deankdxMy oil level does not rise noticeably but I can smell it on the dipstick. I was talking to a mate the other day and he said it could be the fuel pump leaking, apparently its really common.
  7. It might be, I still have not got the engine running smoothly. It seems to be ok but that might be the issue.
  8. I checked the oil in my xf ute and there is a small amount of petrol, the car has 120k and has been sitting for 18 months. Does anyone know how to fix it?