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Found 3 results

  1. Mustardxf2

    1985 xf falcon street/strip

    Alright, restarting a thread on my 1985 xf falcon. So bought the car in 2014 for $1000 was a complete original grandad spec xf spak, and yellow. (Love the colour now). Original plan was for it to be my first car so nothing to crazy. 350 Holley - 2bbl manifold - extractor and exhaust were the plana! Now 3 years later and a year until I'm on my opens the car still isn't registered but is complete and ready to be put on the road. So were do I start, I pulled the motor back in 2014 for it to get a full rebuild, had the head sent to Brisbane to get a complete head job refurb( impressive head). The engine went to the local engine builder in town to get freshend up as well. About a year and abit later and lots of moneys I had the engine back ready to put in, all is well dad and I got around to putting the motor in! July 1st 2015 my 17th birthday was my deadline to fire it up for the first time as a gift to myself, all went well and we got it runnig. Boy was the exciting, sounded awesome out of the headers. Right so motor running and car being able to move under its own power once again I was itching to drive it. Started taking it for quick straps up and down the street couple little dumps of the clutch here and there nothing serious, well impressed. Got some mates over and took them for a lap got to excited and dumped the clutch, well wasn't that a bad idea! Lol So here we are, car won't move under its own power hmmmm! Inspection cover off the gear box and well. I found a snapped bolt. Long storey short ripped the clutch off the flywheel. So on the meantime of fixing that I ended up putting a t5 and a el XR6 diff in it. Close to being roadworthy in early 2016 I decide to take it to the dyno for a run to see how it was running. We'll come back to get the car and it developed a slight nock and aggressive shudder/shake. Engine out and we'll the harmonic balancer split at the key way cause the harmonics at 7000rpm to be very bad. Back to he engine builder, now another year later and a lot of moneys the car is finally back up an running healthier then ever, very impressed with it I aimed to take it to the drags the day before my birthday 30th June 2017, well over all very impressed and now have the bug to go faster. Mine and the cars first time at the track went very well, I ran the best of a 9.152 1/8th at 76mph very bad r/t and 60 foot so have plenty of room to improve, from now I'll be doing updates of modification I do to improve on that time. Here is a video of the run. Any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Hey guys, new member!!! Got recommended by a mate to join here for advice! My engine is tired, i'm over 1.2m km's on the clock and it's an XF engine out of an 87 panelvan. So assuming it may have over 500k easily. Lifters are gone, or something isn't right in the head, nearly everything about it needs some attention and its been recommended to me by a few mates to just replace it. Carb and inlet look like they've been through hell, leaky rear main seal etc etc etc. Would anyone have a crossflow motor or beable to lend some advice as to how to purchase one? I bought this truck to learn about mechanics and be more hands on, i've since rebuilt pretty much everything except the engine.. It's a rust bucket but it's taught me a lot. I'm terrified of buying a second hand motor from a wreckers but i am also short on funds like 99% of us. Any advice as to what todo?? Engine photo is when i first got it. Thank you all so much!! Cheers
  3. Neil Armstrong

    Gas Turbo 250.

    Engine. Block has been Acid bathed, torque plate bored and diamond honed TRW rods have been beam pollished, shot peened and resized with ARP bolts. New ACL rebuild kit. Pistons are ACL duralite 28 cc dish and block has been zero decked to eliminate detonation. Crow Timing chain Standard volume mellings oil pump. ARP head stud bolts. Cam is a custom grind Wade including lifters. Crow pushrods. Head is a 57CC Xe head has been ported by Glen Salmon in WA. Has Crow double springs,Crow retainers, speed pro collets, 1.84 and 1.60 EVL black hardened valves, crow spring seats, k-liner guides, 3 angle seats, back cut inlet valves and face cut exhaust valves. Has yella terra roller rockers and Aussie speed polished cover. Romac race balancer. C9 Gearbox with 2200rpm converter, kevlar band, extra clutchs in the high pack, modified oil reliefs for lube and also modified oil pump for extra lube flow and pressure, also runs a full manual valve body and large front mounted alloy trans cooler to keep it healthy. GRA 380cfm throttle body, 2x b2 converters with twin lines direct from the tank and modified lockoffs. also runs a E-series LSD 28 spline diff with a 2.97 ratio has slotted rotors all round aswell as bendix ultimate pads. also has new upper and lower control arms in the rear, link pin bushes up front, spring saddles up front, caster bushes up front. Exhaust. Custom tubular manifold, with 3.5inch dump into a 3inch exhaust with 1 rear muffler and a hotdog to a dump pipe (by Jason ghiller) Also custom heat shield that covers the turbo and the dump to avoid melting the breakmaster. ESP Seats, Battery to the boot, Full back interior, B&M shifter incased in the factory center console with electric windows and seats. Also Crane Cams' FireBall HI-6 Ignitions with Crane coil, also a regraphed ice dizzy. When the strip down began Fixing what little rust it had