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  1. Trev Vaa

    Pistons - 351 crank, 302 rods

    whats the piston measurement down the bore? it wont change compression if comparing 0 deck to 0 deck. standard 302 rods are just over 6" long, i think 6.030" center to center.
  2. Trev Vaa

    Help with cleveland custom exhaust

    merge twin 2.25" into a Y collector with a 3" outlet, if its a mild motor not turning past 5000rpm that'll do, otherwise step it up to a single 3.5" exhaust. your choice of muffler will denote how loud it is. putting a hot dog or bullet muffler on the end just before the exit will keep it toned down.
  3. one of the cars i would kill to own being driven how it was designed to be
  4. Trev Vaa

    XA Phase IV RPO83 sump. With ears.!!

    http://www.falcongt.com.au/shop/shopexd.asp?id=1300&bc=no i didn't pay that much. genuine one wont be sold as its off the RPO. ill ask dad if he still wants to use my one as he wants it for a new motor.
  5. Trev Vaa

    XA Phase IV RPO83 sump. With ears.!!

    yes you can get them, i have 2. one genuine one repo.
  6. Trev Vaa

    The completely off topic thread

    just putting a post up to let everyone know. i may be a little hard to contact for a while, I have some personal issues that I need to attend to, things haven't been great since I broke my back for me personally, emotionally or physically. I need to take some time out from a lot of things and put focus into others, it's come to my attention that I have been pretty inattentive and ignoring a lot of things in my life that mean more to me than life itself, and wasting a stupid amount of time and energy on things that frankly, don't mean shit to me, that has unfortunately come at a pretty serious cost. I had no idea it was happening and thought everyone trying to tell me was just clutching at straws or being ridiculous, but over the past few days I've had a pretty serious think about what needs to happen to change my state of mind, my emotions, and my current position. those who have my phone number feel free to contact me anytime. i will still be around, but not very often for the foreseeable future. Regards Trev/XCSEDAN
  7. Trev Vaa

    The completely off topic thread

    my birthday present from the family
  8. Trev Vaa

    The completely off topic thread

    next day at ford in the warranty department.
  9. Trev Vaa

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    coming together dude and lookin fuckin awesome. measure the thickness of that xtreme flywheel compared to the old one, the last 2 i have bought from them (wont be buying them again) were 5mm too thin and caused the clutch fork to hit the bell housing.
  10. Trev Vaa

    The completely off topic thread

    what an amazing day, to everyone from these forums that said happy birthday either via txt, phone call or the faceballs, you're all legends. spent last night surrounded by friends and family, then spent the whole day surrounded by family today, was honestly the best birthday I've had in the last 10 years, not very often someone goes out of their way to make my day, and today and last night everyone seemed to. was real nice. off to bed now, needa rest, got job interviews all week this week, changing careers completely. peace.
  11. Trev Vaa

    Nath's Cleveland

    my 2 cents, try and clean the block up then measure it with a set of verniers if you can, you may find its already been rebuilt. my biggest concern with a block like that is what the water jackets would be like and how much would be left after acid soaking it. if you want to buy another engine, have a good look around, there is a lot of clevelands around and freight can be organised from interstate. another option if you are hard pressed would be to buy an engine down here (i know of a bloke who would have plenty), send your 6" rods down here and i can point you in the direction of a very very good machinist. don't fool yourself into thinking its cheap, id expect to pay 2K to have the block machined, a bottom end balanced and dummy assembly. minimum. pistons etc are all easily available for a 6" rod combo too, ross, diamond, arias, precision intl etc all keep them in stock. you can always collect your parts too then buy a block later on, everything except pistons & bearings that is, but they can just be ordered once you know what sizes you need, cam, heads, intake, carb, exhaust, etc can all be organised before hand. don't get bogged down thinking its too big of a project either, chip away at it and eventually you'll have everything.
  12. Trev Vaa

    No Front Brakes

    chase your steps backwards, something is blocked if the peddle is hard. first step, undo the brake line from the caliper, if you have fluid coming out there then the calipers are seized, if not next step next undo flex line to hard line, check for fluid, if theres fluid then you have crap in the lines, if not next step then undo master cyl (be careful when you do this) and put a cup underneath it, check for fluid. if fluid comes out check for a pinched hardline and blow line out (make sure its all disconnected) with compressed air, you may have shit in it or the line might be kinked. still no fluid? master cyl needs replacing. check all stages, even if it ends up being the master cyl do not reassemble the whole system, there's a good chance there's shit in the lines that you'll need to clean out. do yourself a favour, wear nitrile gloves.
  13. Trev Vaa

    Nath's Cleveland

    its not a rev limit.... the mild combo i posted will go to 6000
  14. Trev Vaa

    Nath's Cleveland

    gerg has spoken words of wisdom. id advise listening to him