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  1. iCat

    xf disco dash

    Can anyone advise whether it is possible to get to the voltage regulator that controls an xf ghia disco dash? NOT the alternator regulator, i want to get to the regulator for the dash which i have been told may be in the dash cluster itself? The dash flashed brightly at me about a month ago - since then the volts have read abnormally high for a short while from start up when mobile and the temp reads almost to red. Once the thermos kick in it's all good. I really don't think the engine is getting hot - especially when i have only been mobile for 5 mins and the outside temp is 5 degrees... thanks for any advice
  2. iCat

    Exhaust Shops in VIC

    i second Dandy Exhausts in Dandenong, speak to Vince the owner. He's done fabulous work for me over the years.