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  1. So i have i a au engine and auto in my burnout ute woundering what is the best diff gears to run the motor is stock has cometiton pacees amd good 3in zorst That pad is really sticky i think stock diff gears would hold 2ndbuut id like 3rd with the right tires would 3.89 be to low.
  2. XFGHIA747

    Will Xf fairmont efi fuel pump runna a barra ok ?

    Thanks crazy. For those figures. I wont run the stock pump then im running a egas bf motor on premo with some pipes and good exhaust would be fine to plotter around but go fuel stick she die in the ass. Will the walbro 255 fit in the xf tank?
  3. Thats all i want to know lads Will the standard pump feed a standard 4l bf engine?
  4. XFGHIA747

    barra in xf extractor questions

    Hey lads all i wanna no will standed ba bf extractors fit a the barra in a xf amd not hit anything ? Pitman arm etc cheers looking at a set of genie GEN006E Just need to no if they will fit cheers
  5. XFGHIA747

    Melling hv pump.

    Well said ando.. i know a old guy here in tassie has built over 250 engines in his time in his 60s 90% fords, clevos, crossflows and old ford truck engines, big blocks etc and iv spoken to him about this before and he said years ago he tryed the hole hi-volume crap that killed a few engines. And said he has never used them again in fords as ando said and im talking before i was born, and i know when i built my first crossflow that made 157rwkw 2.77, 4sp running 465 holley i almost had to much oil pressure with a standard pump, years on now if i new then id be sending my pump to ando..
  6. So guys as the title says how much clearence is there with the barra in a xf or do i need a xg one if xg wont work ill have to get a custom one, was going to angle the sump but its just easier to mod the swaybar, i would prefer not to make up spacers for under the swaybar mount just need a rough guide how much room there is as want it right for when motor goes in as wont be coming back out.. Cheers
  7. Hey guys are are all the t5s the same strength wise from ea to au ? Or are the tremec boxes better? Looking for a t5 to go on my au bellhousing i have whats my best options or doesn't it matter ? Can get a 89da t5 and one from a ef ? Also a au manual flywheel will bolt up to a bf crank im presuming? Cheers
  8. XFGHIA747

    Porting feedback

    Looking like a good start mate.. dont be afraid to open up the area from the valve seat down to the guide and it doesnt hurt if you round a bit of the guide off either try and make a slight channel from the the back where you havnt touched down past the guide.. remember your trying to port in the direction of flow so looking up your inlet port you want to picture where your fuel and air need to travel, but id work around the valve seat, and guide abit more.. but hey im just a back yarder so i could be just talking shit theres a few good guys on here that no there shit they might have some good advice, one good thing that is very hand is some long carbide bit with a few different shapes i normaly only us one or to never the ones with the sharp squared off endes as the dig into much. Also might sound stupid but a old bloke told me one day if your doing some porting on aluminum cook up some chops the night before and get all the fat and every so oftern dip your bit in to stop it cloging up.. all i ever do now.. cheers Jake Goodluck.
  9. Can you fit a au live axle lsd diff centre in the early e series housing running the e series axles? Have a mate just brought a ex cop au and it has a really nice lsd im keen on if it will fit in a ea diff housing. As my standard xf diff is 2.77 the lsd wont fit in my housing right? I want to chance to 3.08 or 3.23..
  10. Yeah thats it, na at this stage im keen on just getting it in there haha ? Might supercharge one day that would be awesome. But for now stock na cable will be fine..
  11. Thanks for the info lads will get onto a au t5 bellhousing then and run the cable setup. Or is it better to setup a hydraulic one ? I guess using all the original stuff is alot easier..
  12. Hi Lads Just wanting to know weather a xg or (e series) t5 will bolt up to bf block as iv got a mate selling one cheap wanting to know if it will work with the barra. cheers if so what needs to be done with the clutch plate? run the e series with the ba bf pressure plate? cheers guys
  13. XFGHIA747

    XH - injectors replaced - still have issues!

    Well i dunno what might be your problem mate but i have a ef wagon just for skids... any way when i got it few weeks ago bloke said it had a slight miss didn't notice it for a wile, only when you stab it flat you could here it, thought it was coil packs or plugs so changed plugs looked ok if anything a bit lean but im a carby man, my v6 in my Kingswood plugs looked the same. So got another set of coils 40 bucks of a good running car, no different thought right must be fuel fuel filter, new one on old one was dirty as, no different right so injectors are blocked didnt have any ef ones to put in but the good injector out of my efi crossflow went straight in and run heaps smother, but still not fixed only when its stabed flat, parked it up the back for now, pretty sure i has a blown head gasket and the 02 sensor might be shagged id give that a look. Hope im any help to your issue.
  14. XFGHIA747

    My Clevo build - Thoughts

    +1 on the 268h thom a mate of mine is running one in fairlane with mild ported 2v closed chamber heads, for a lane sure as hell gets her moving running a performer with a quickfuel 750 i think.. its a nice grind felt alot nicer then the f246 thats was in it!.
  15. XFGHIA747

    My Clevo build - Thoughts

    Well there interesting results tony gonna have a wicked mid range with plenty of torque to real the smoke off, with a 500 lift cam with strong mid section would pull like a train i reckon. Well done to Cam, that exhaust flows well also, love the increase from 300-400 on the inlet,