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  1. That's a cracker of a head. Look at the low and mid lift gains. Impressive. Would be lotsa fun.
  2. Very good information in here. Yes I do get passionate about a few things and spring pressures is one of them cause it's an area a lot of people get wrong. At best it causes a waste of mechanical effort, and at worst it breaks stuff that should never break. But in recent times I've learnt to just sit back and watch. One has to wonder why this efi engine has 'double springs' in the first place as the stock ecu is not capable of supporting big lift cams. I'd be more concerned with that. Just to say it has double springs isn't enough. Seat and nose pressure are more important as is who manufactured the springs. I really see no reason to go to roller rockers in this application, especially after watching several factory pressed steel rocker cars run at 6banga Nats. Sure they were turbo cars that were making decent snot through boost so they didn't need massive lift and overlap Cams, but they were getting pinned run after run. I'm returning to my slumber now Dave
  3. Be careful buying Yella Terra clevo for xflow if your buying a new set. YT have changed the design of their rockers. God only knows why they would change a design that's worked faultlessly for so many years, especially on a Clevo that went out of production 40 odd years ago, but they have. The new clevo design uses a 17mm pedestal whereas the old design uses a 14mm - same as crossflow. Some sets of the new design went out with a 14mm pedestal before they realised the new design has geometry issues on clevo if you try and use a 14mm pedestal - ask me how I know. Arghhh. So long story short - if your buying new for crossflow - specify xflow. But as others have said there is no advantage in a stocker and fitting them under the rocker cover with stock efi is a right pain.
  4. And Holley produces a video that clearly instructs half manifold vacuum at idle. At the end of the day listen to what your engine is telling you. Your plugs are lean and you have a stumble in throttle stomp. Listen to the engine
  5. Half manifold vacuum at idle for pv. Yours is well off. The sudden hit is bringing the pv on too late causing a lean stumble. If the cruise afr is sweet with those way small jets then I'd be looking at the pv. After all that's it's function, to provide enrichment to the circuit once vacuum drops - as it does when you stomp it.
  6. Well if you checked lift at tdc was right then that's close enough for streeter. Better than not checking anything.
  7. Oh dear - you didn't dial in a tighe cam. It really could be anywhere. You can't just go off what the old cam was.
  8. What are you doing with the old bump stick? Keeping it for a rainy day?
  9. You can get them in and out with the head still on. It's not a fun job, but it can be done. A strong magnet on a telescopic stick( I have a snap on (aka rape truck) one and it's good. That and a couple of long screwdrivers, patience and holding your tongue right and you can get 1 and 12 in.
  10. Yeah mate. JB in Ayr does CNC as do AED, I think that's who did FORD MAN's. There are obviously several other hand porters also doing them of which Cam, who does my stuff and did Luke's head is one. The flow results I post in the porting thread are the results of Cams work, flowed on an independent flow bench. Sean (clevo 120y) was doing them, but I believe he sold his bench. Rob is using LHT race engines as noted in his thread. Jason Murphy in Toowoomba has also played with them with some success. At the end of the day there are a few choices mate. Obviously none of them are going to be cheap. But cheap and fast very rarely go together.
  11. Oh no, here comes the 'what is a true street car' arguement. Oh no. Fact is Glen's, Ken's and Jason's cars aren't / weren't registered street cars. They are however fast. These days with the hoon laws and driving an illegally modified car on the street(one without all relevant mod plates and engineering certification) is fraught with danger. Especially in Qld. I've been jumping through some big hoops with the engineering on my corty, but at the end of the day it will carry all the necessary mod plates and certificates to make it road legal. It's not a cheap excercise but it's worth it in the long run. But it will still be a light car, cause in my racing experience a light car with weight innthe right areas is a fast car. Chestnut old son - do what you want with your car. And if you want to develop a high port head - go for it. I was just highlighting that it's not necessary.
  12. Yes but compared to your ute, it doesn't have itb, crank trigger, roller cam, massive cylinder head flow and years of running. It does run meth and your fastest run was on race fuel and dumped pipes so I guess that parts apples with apples. Now imagine if that lite car had all that how fast it would be. Kinda like cheetah and ryno in a way. Now come on - that's funny.
  13. There is a video of the car running at Willowbank on my business Facebook page, Tonys Metal and Speed. Luke races Pro Stock Motorcyle. He is accomplished racer. I doubt he will be letting on to anyone the actual weight of the car. And good on him. Fact is it's fast and will get faster. I don't know too many go karts that weigh a tonne.
  14. If you contact any of the decent convertor companies around with all your data, car weight, dyno graph showing both torque and hp and answer some questions honestly on application they should be able to build a convertor to suit YOUR engines needs and your person needs. Pits a black art, best left to the experts in my opinion. Not the old 'such and such runs a 4500'.
  15. Yeah note sure what it weighs rob. He was hoping to get to the scales at Willowbank last night but time beat him. It's all steel including a full 6 point mild steel cage. It carries the same running gear as any other corty so with the cage and associated steel work I reckon it would be at the tonne. With an engine tune and a bit more chassis work it will go a 10 on motor alone. It's very early days for this combo.