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  1. ando76

    Excel race car

    Saw some in car from a car following Dennis. It was a nasty roll. Shows how good the safety is. The weir boys have it down to the cage already. Gotta love it.
  2. ando76

    Excel race car

    You have those nights. Saw the damage to the escort, glad Dennis is okay. Haven't seen any footage but glad Tim went back to back. He has a big couple of weekends coming up. QLD and National Mod Title in the mighty crossflow powered xe. Hope you guys guys can get all the cars fixed. Joys of speedway.
  3. ando76

    Excel race car

    Question is, will it be the flying seirra, or the equally fast escort?????
  4. ando76

    OGUN - the clevo

    Yeah it's pretty lively and somewhat loud in person. Nah chestnut. It belongs to a good customer of mine. He is a big Ford man and this is his dig at the chev boys. Ford motor in a chev.
  5. ando76

    OGUN - the clevo

    So I thought I might start a topic on OGUN the clevo. Probably a little out of order but here he is being born. Hope you enjoy.
  6. ando76

    Excel race car

    He was giving it to them at the Royal. I think we were marginally faster than him on Saturday night but his performance in the A main was outstanding.
  7. ando76

    Excel race car

    Has a Shallcross sticker. It will be fast. Well done team.
  8. ando76

    1985 xf falcon street/strip

    Great score.
  9. ando76


    If it is a bit rich then wind it it. Simples. You'll find a happy medium. Remember each screw must go in the same amount. So try an 1/8th of a turn at a time. That's assuming that you actually have all of them wound out the exact same amount in the first place. Another common screw up.
  10. ando76


    Unless your IR and confident of even cylinder flow - relying just on the afr gauge and trying to apply modern 'target' mixtures to these engines will leave you chasing your tail. Simple fact is - without IR and confirmed even cylinder fill flow - these engines love a richer idle mixture than what th book and the internet says. Well in my experience anyway.
  11. ando76


    Seems pretty simple to me. The engine will always tell you what it needs. You just have to be smart enough to listen. So let's listen to this engine. It conks out on decel and idle coming up to the the lights. Stab it and it comes to life. Increase idle speed (pull it onto the main circuit no doubt) and it runs. Both those things add fuel to the engine So the engine wants more idle mixture. Gee that's hard on a carb with a four corner idle circuit. Give your engine what IT'S asking for. Not what some internet guru says it needs. LISTEN to YOUR engine and it needs. It's that simple, well it is to me.
  12. ando76

    300 USA 6CYL

    Mark at Aussiespeed imported one late last year and has started making products for them.
  13. ando76

    300 USA 6CYL

    You would need a 3.9 bore to even get close to the 285 cubes used to win the aspo 6 title at this years nats. The pure expense of this bottom end is beyond the dreams of most people. Custom slugs, head gasket. Bore and sleeve etc etc. your taking serious coin. Most x flow people arc up at the price of a basic head service. But hey hey if you have the coin and it's what you want to do, why not. Im with gerg tho - why doesn't someone do a decent cylinder head for the big 300 cuber. Now that would own a lot of engines getting around.
  14. Try as you may, sometimes the organic component in the car will always find a way to break it or make it go slower. Having said that Roadkill rocks!!!
  15. I believe that's why he is going with the programmable msd. It has nitrous retard function in built along with all the other good things inside.