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  1. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Nope they're still on the website mate. They didn't actually acknowledge the manufacturing flaws, just apologized and stumped up the refund.
  2. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    An update on this. Restocountry refunded my purchase price and I've just today ordered a set of the open tracker roller spring perches from the US. Once I fit them and the LCA bush then the front end is done burger! Until the budget allows for wedged ball joints and a beefy sway bar... maybe.
  3. When I was removing front hubs, stubs and calipers to redo suspension rubbers and ball joints a wee ball bearing dropped out of the passenger side caliper when I removed the brake line. No ball bearing in the drivers side caliper and no mention of them in my workshop manual so I pulled the brake lines off another set of front calipers I have in the shed to do a little applied learning... no ball bearings in either of the front calipers. Yeah, nah?
  4. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    So it looks like I have two issues. @SPArKy_Dave you were right, the after market spring doesn't have the small straight 'tail' and is about 15-20mm short of the tab. @Kiwi-E you were also right re: fit (obviously) and it's the spring saddle that's the issue. As you can see from the photos below neither the original or aftermarket spring align with the the saddle, in fact they're not even close when you remove the rubbers. These are from Restocountry (ex AUS) so I'll be in touch with them. Original vs new spring saddle - note new saddle is about 4-5mm shorter in width New vs old spring in original saddle - despite the new one being short of the tab both fit well with no rocking. New vs old spring in new saddle - no possible way to make either work. So it appears I'm on the hunt for another new set of saddles and I'll be off to the suspension shop to yack to them too. Can anyone confirm if the Kings has the wee straight bit that these are missing? The springs are the same price as Kings and are from a well known/ reputable outfit here in Christchurch so I'll be interested to hear their thoughts. Also, mindful of the thread hi-jack so happy if someone wants to bounce this over to my build thread!
  5. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Thanks for that @SPArKy_Dave good to know
  6. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    I'm gonna need some help deciphering that code @slydog
  7. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Copy that, both sides clearly marked and on the correct side. Looking at the drivers side saddle the tab is definitely doing it's own thing when compared to the passenger side and how it comes off the saddle itself. If i turn the spring so the cut end is flush with the tab there's a gap so suspect the tab has had a whack or shoddy manufacturing.
  8. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Yeah that was an absolute ass to line up on that side, passenger side is ok. Its like the tab is not quite on the right angle... as simple as a little gentle persuation perhaps?
  9. waderobertson

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Just replaced all front end bushes (sway bar and linkages, control arms and castor rod), tie rods, springs, saddles and shocks in the XF. 86 XF 6 Cylinder Cobra Super Low Springs (40-50mm lower than std) Koni short body shocks (821742SP4) 17x8 rims with 235/45s bump stops cut to 22mm with about the same clearance to control arm. A couple of pics showing why she handled like it was driving on marbles... springs are the same, the one on the left has had a 40mm haircut... and the resulting bump stop which was pumped right through to the head of the mount screw. Shocks were shortened KYBs. Cut open the ball joint rubber and there's definitely sign of the ball joint tapping out. She's a couple of weeks from being back on the road so we'll see how she goes. Not really happy with the ball joint angle, and expect springs to settle given they're new, so might look to invest in some of those flash harry ball joints down the track.
  10. waderobertson

    Checking 275 wheel clearance on the XF

    No she's after market mate... 'regal peacock green' its called. Not the manliest of names but I'm happy with it!!!
  11. waderobertson

    Checking 275 wheel clearance on the XF

    Hey gerg, +6mm for the back and 0 for the front mate. I'll take some pics of clearances if you want? Cheers.
  12. waderobertson

    Checking 275 wheel clearance on the XF

    A few pics of the wheels on the wagon. 10x17 6mm offset. I've ended up with a little more guard clearance that I had expected so as it sits there's about 50mm of travel before guard rub becomes an issue. I'll slap a full tank of gas and some weight in the back and road test it is see how it goes... maybe a small spacer in the back might be in order, hopefully not as I'm happy with stance. (note: the current tyres are 275x40 slicks while I wait for 4 weeks for the actual tyres to arrive from over the puddle.) 8x17 235x45 are spot on for fronts. I still don't know what I've got in the way of front and rear springs but given the overall diameter of the wheels are the same as standard I reckon it's been dropped about 40-50mm. Hopefully this is useful for anyone that might be getting mixed messages about running 10inch wheels on an otherwise standard setup, I know I did!
  13. waderobertson

    250 Crossflow build

    Did you end up pulling the trigger on this mate?
  14. Hey team, About to fork out for a set of the below for the wagon. They only do a 10" and 8" option for the V51s. Naturally I want to go as wide as possible on the rear, which (for me) means 275. I'm keen for a stance like the below with a 25-30mm rake and some guard clearance at the rear. Photo credit to ford muscle cars instagram account. I used an online calculator to see what I had to play with (look at the 'new' figures) when running a 275x35 on the 17x10 rim (0 offset): I made up this highly engineered and precise measuring tool, which uses the diameter above, 275 tyre width at 0 offset and used it to test inner and outer clearance. Result was a 6mm clearance to the top of the outer guard which includes a someone 'organically' rolled lip (aka rough as guts) and a 20mm clearance to the closest point of the inner guard. Inclination is to run with a 6mm offset to gain a little more clearance to the outer guard, and about 50mm of suspension travel before guard rub becomes an issue. I'll be running 17x8 on the front with 235 and 0 offset, which don't seem to present any issues with a lowered but otherwise standard suspension set up.
  15. waderobertson

    A few electrical issues

    That's what I thought mate, but I have two motors and both work when I run them straight off the battery. I really don't want to have to swap out the wiper stem unless I really have to but if the motors work and there's current and earth (which there is) then I'm thinking it must be the washer button unless I'm missing something between, but the washer wiring doesn't go through a relay according to the wiring diagram