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  1. pioneerxf

    250 xflow dyno charts

    Much appreciated guys for the info. Yeah I’m still caught in that do I hot up the 4.1 and enjoy it for what it is. Or chase a bigger number and enjoy the newer designs. Haven’t got much feedback yet from engineers on the 4.0 legality in QLD. Costs for a 4.0 conversion and a decent 4.1 build are pretty close to comparable in most aspects. Feel the 4.0 may be more fun and more reliable but the 4.1 would be a bit more cranky and have some cred.
  2. pioneerxf

    250 xflow dyno charts

    not even a torque power pull, sadface... best I've been able to find so far crappy screen grabs from a video lol trying to balance against a half decent VCT 4.0 see what impact mods have to the 4.1 to see if it's worth the work yes I'm aware of dyno comparison differences, correction factors etc. I'm more interested in the where and when of the torque than absolute number
  3. pioneerxf

    250 xflow dyno charts

    Hi all, On the path of deciding to work the crossie more or go the AU VCT road I started searching for dyno charts on the web. Seems there is bugger all for the ol trusty 250. I’d appreciate if people could post up any graphs they’ve had done. Good bad or ugly. Only interested in NA for myself but won’t discourage blown. Could be a good reference sticky (if it doesn’t exist already) Few words on mods would be great guide eg removed spare wheel gained 5kW hahaha
  4. pioneerxf

    Tappet Cover

    Theres a dude on facebook with a stack of chrome cain ones for cheap price Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk