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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently bought an XF sedan that's been 5-speed converted it was originally 4-speed manual and the reverse switch hasn't got anything plugged on to it and I'm wondering where the wires would be located to solve this issue, eg what colors were the original 4-speed reverse light switch wired too?
  2. Harrison Kotrolos

    Exhuast Note

    Yo yo yooo, How's everyone going? Okay so here is the go, Got my Falcon running pretty nice, I recently did a electronic conversion with MSD box and TFI dizzy. I finally got a graph that she likes and shes running pretty well, of course I ran into a problem the mechanical fuel pump just wasn't cutting it, so i've got a small electric one running inline witht he mechanical and that issue is fixed. The final thing i have to do is possibly change the cam on the accelerator, because she bogs out when you flat foot it from idle or even cruising. Anyway, shes sounding awesome, once out of bog, BAM, she just launches, you just watch the speed go up and up, the engine revving to 5500rpm, and bam shift. Now this is great and all except one part, the exhuast, when you are flooring it, it sounds amazing, its a 2 1/4 inch straight pipe, with a small "sports muffler", it has PaceMaker Extractors which have been wrapped from the head all the way down. Now my problem is I want to refine the exhuast system, make it loud but nice, get rid of the drone when idling and curising, and the ugly frequencies you hear when you aren't hammering it. Now of course, anything I do will make it a tad softer, but I don't want to make it too soft, I love it loud, just want refined. I'll make an example, take a modern commodore, now factoring out the fancy exhaust flaps and stuff, I want ot be able ot cruisie around in a nice burble and hum, and when I floor it, its as if the entire exhuast has just opened and the demons of hell are all yelling at the same time. Now there has to be a way to gain what i want, I am more then happy If i have to weld in a flap system, to redirect exhaust notes, into a soft muffler and and then into the louder one. What about running resonator?? Like throw me all the ideas guys, it can be out of this world I don't care, I will consider it, I love different and challenging, as well as aweosme. Hope to hear what you all got. thanks, Harry
  3. Harrison Kotrolos

    Photos - Falcon XC Sedan

    Hey everyone, So I've been gone for a while, and got back into Sydney after that huge storm hit. And well my worse nightmares, the rear footwells of my Falcon XC Sedan were a pool, I honestly have no idea where it came from. So Going to start with the rubbers, maybe they aren't on right, and then get the doors aligned again, because they aren't aligned properly yet. It seems to be coming from the front doors but at the rear, because its wet under the front seats as well. Anyway, Could you lovely people please EMAIL, or POST, or MESSAGE, some photos of your cars, and your rubbers you got installed. Need detailed photos, from the door belt of the door, to the pinch weld and door frame rubbers, Need front and back doors and photos. It will be greatly apprectiated. Cheers, Harry
  4. Hey everyone, I am back here again in need of your endless knowldege. I have a Falcon XC sedan 1977, the car is so close ot being done and smick, but badluck is always around the corner. I was away for a week, and we had this massive rain in Sydney, I got back today and went to take my car for a ride, and bam there is water in the passenger well and rear passenger side seat. Now I don't have photos of yet, but I will get some as soon as possible. However, my first investigation has lead me to this: The rear seat leak is happening from the water leaking down the drip gutter, onto the door and running down the back door. However, it runs behind the door seal and then runs down to the chrome door step and basically it builds up behind the rubber seal and pools into the car. On top of that, the water runs down into the door through the glass, because old cars don't seal perfectly, and then the door drains basically drain this water into the same area, but it can't escape and it pools over again. Now the front leak is more difficult, I have noticed two things, I have a speaker in the front panel there at your feet, and what I have noticed is slight water running down that inner pillar, because there are water marks on the speaker. On top of that, I think the water is coming in from under the front guard, and leaking into the cabin, I had a similar issue on the drivers side, and I used metal putty and paint to cover this hole basically because the car isn't welded together perfectly from factory, where water was leaking in from under the guard. Now basically my question is, are these normal faults? Are they common? With the door one, could I be possible the doors are not aligned properly? Basically any help would be great. thankyou all, Will post pictures soon Harry