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Found 8 results

  1. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi everyone, Pulled my xc off the road to do a few maintenance things and also replaced the water pump. Mine has aircon and was running a three belt v-belt pulley with a solid aluminium spacer against the fan. I pulled the old one off and put it in the trash box, but didn't throw it out. I guess out of sight, out of mind. I have to have two manuals for the xc, one for the body and running gear and the other for the xf engine so when I ordered a new xf water pump I used the manual. When the pump arrived I checked it off against the xf manual. All correct. Now comes a lesson in tardiness - I fitted the new pump and forgot to physically check the new one against the old one before I did. Wouldn't you know it, the pulley fittings are different and my fan won't fit. Center hole in my fan is far too small and bolt holes closer together. I assume that the mechanic who put my engine together and into the xc must have used an xc water pump which has a small hole in the aluminium spacer and fan. The standard xf has a large threaded shaft. The question is, would there be any problems with getting an xf fan and bits from somewhere and lining everything up with the aircon, alternator and crank pulleys? or should I just simplify it by ordering another xc water pump with the holes that will match my own fan and spacer? Any advice muchly appreciated. Heath
  2. Hi Guys, New to this forum but stalk the mustang forums regularly. My dad owned an XC coupe that he traded in for a family car shortly after i was born, and he's looking for a replacement. it was a 302 4 speed car, with a tan cloth interior and a green similar to the link below: can anyone tell me what colour this is? and if you have a car similar, maybe post a photo here? it was traded in Dubbo NSW in late 1982, and it was rumoured to have been crashed by the next owner in the following weeks. anyone heard of a car like this? Cheers guys, Tim
  3. Welcome Everyone, So I will give a quick run down of what this is, I've read heaps of the forums on here, especially those based around performance gains on the good ol' Crossflow. This forum, will be a kinda build topic, showing the build of the engine, specs, asking for help, giving you people information on what's happening. But most importantly, I wanted to create a forum, where I tell you guys what I'm doing, and what's going on, and you can give me specific answers and help to my issues and wants. Yes I know, there are heaps of build threads and forums and posts about gaining performance, but I want a post and forum specifically targeted at what I'm doing, so I can gain personalised help, as well as give results and insight to what I did for future project goers. Okay, so this is whats up, I started this build 5 years ago, and you can check it out on my other forum "Sleeping Beauty", I'm not going into detail with the build here, only engine related components. Alrighttyyy into the nitty gritty, quick rundown, engine rebuilt, everything nearly new, entire engine is balanced internally and externally including flex plate and pulleys. When motor was new it had a dry cranking compression of 210PSI. This is what it is running: - Stock OEM Cam - .050 Duration Int = 190 .050 Duration Exh = 190 Cam Lift Int = 234 Cam Lift Exh = 234 Valve Lift Int = 407 Valve Lift Ext = 407 - 350 Holley Performance Carby Jet Size = 52 - Redline Performance Manifold - PaceMaker Headers - 2 1/4 Inch Straight Pipe with Straight Through Muffler - Unknown Compression ratio, only know 210PSI dry cranking pressure - Converted to Unleaded Valves - Running 98 Octance Fuel - Mechanical Fuel Pump - Thermo Fans - MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Box with XF EFI dizzy and 8.5MM plug wires Okay, so that's a run down on the motor, I ran it in over 1000kms, and god was it a bitch, this thing had like 65 jets in it from the factory Holley tune, and it had original points ignition, so it just died, bogged, sucked absolute monkey b**l. Okay, I'll leave you guys with this last information, and will do an update in a day or so. I got the car dyno tuned after it was run in, had massive issues, the throttle wasn't even opening to full throttle only half, and when we did our first run, without any tune, we got a powerful 40RWKW, WOOOOO hahahaha So we fixed the throttle position, we pulled the jets straight down to 58, and then advance some timing, slowly slowly the power came up. Eventually, we ended the day on 53 jet size, timing, and without air filter 110RWKW and about 380NM of torque, and with the air filter on I lost 10RWKW, WOW, so turns out the air filter is super restrictive. Anyway, I'll leave you guys without for now, pretty late when I was writing this, will post some picks up with the work I just spoke about, and will then tell you what I've done next, where I am going, and ask a few questions I need help with. Thanks, harry ‚Äč
  4. Harrison Kotrolos

    Photos - Falcon XC Sedan

    Hey everyone, So I've been gone for a while, and got back into Sydney after that huge storm hit. And well my worse nightmares, the rear footwells of my Falcon XC Sedan were a pool, I honestly have no idea where it came from. So Going to start with the rubbers, maybe they aren't on right, and then get the doors aligned again, because they aren't aligned properly yet. It seems to be coming from the front doors but at the rear, because its wet under the front seats as well. Anyway, Could you lovely people please EMAIL, or POST, or MESSAGE, some photos of your cars, and your rubbers you got installed. Need detailed photos, from the door belt of the door, to the pinch weld and door frame rubbers, Need front and back doors and photos. It will be greatly apprectiated. Cheers, Harry
  5. Harrison Kotrolos

    Falcon XC MSD Ignition Help

    Hey all, So I have wired my entire car and everything is work, within the next few days I'll be making my spark leads and doing the timing and hoping all goes well and the car starts. But first I need verification of my build, I have a MSD 6AL-2 PROGRAMMABLE; I need to stress its the programmable box, as people get confused and tell me I need the dizzy module and what not. So I have the box wired up, and a MSD Blaster SS Coil Pack, I then have an XF electronic dizzy as shown in the pictures, I'm running it with no module as the Programmable box has a separate wire and setting for Electronic dizzies. I'll tell you how I have done it, so I have wired the wires from the box into the dizzy as the manual said, so there is a 12V wire going to the PWR plug of the dizzy, then there is a GRD wire coming from the dizzy, and then there is the WHITE/BLUE wire going the PIP signal wire of the dizzy, I then have the 12V ignition to the MSD and all the earthing done. So I turn the key to START, and the MSD boots up and I can read it off the computer so its all working, the settings up have been done and once I have the spark leads done up, I should be good to go. I just want you guys to confirm this wiring is correct, and it will work, I don't want to be chasing my tail here. Also, if you guys can confirm the order of the PINS internally on the dizzy are as follows, GRND, PWR, PIP (so that's looking up at the dizzy left to right) Will post pictures once photobucket is back up and running Thanks everyone.
  6. Hey everyone, I am back here again in need of your endless knowldege. I have a Falcon XC sedan 1977, the car is so close ot being done and smick, but badluck is always around the corner. I was away for a week, and we had this massive rain in Sydney, I got back today and went to take my car for a ride, and bam there is water in the passenger well and rear passenger side seat. Now I don't have photos of yet, but I will get some as soon as possible. However, my first investigation has lead me to this: The rear seat leak is happening from the water leaking down the drip gutter, onto the door and running down the back door. However, it runs behind the door seal and then runs down to the chrome door step and basically it builds up behind the rubber seal and pools into the car. On top of that, the water runs down into the door through the glass, because old cars don't seal perfectly, and then the door drains basically drain this water into the same area, but it can't escape and it pools over again. Now the front leak is more difficult, I have noticed two things, I have a speaker in the front panel there at your feet, and what I have noticed is slight water running down that inner pillar, because there are water marks on the speaker. On top of that, I think the water is coming in from under the front guard, and leaking into the cabin, I had a similar issue on the drivers side, and I used metal putty and paint to cover this hole basically because the car isn't welded together perfectly from factory, where water was leaking in from under the guard. Now basically my question is, are these normal faults? Are they common? With the door one, could I be possible the doors are not aligned properly? Basically any help would be great. thankyou all, Will post pictures soon Harry
  7. The Kelvinator

    Panel Van Tailgates and Barn Doors

    Ok so Id thought Id start a thread for those of us who are panno mad. What does your van have? My XF has barns and my XD has tailgates. Im trying to figure out a way to have a handle on the inside of the upper tailgate so it makes it easier for camping. Anyone got any ideas? share the things you have done or want to do! Keep on vannin!
  8. Trev Vaa


    hey guys wondering if anyone knew where i could get new seatbelts for the xc, i want ones with the original style buckle, i can get aftermarket ones with the orange "press" button but i love the original xc style.... they need to be ADR approved, i have to pass a rwc with them. guess this means a few of you will be cottoning onto what i'm about to start doing