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Found 3 results

  1. Harrison Kotrolos

    Photos - Falcon XC Sedan

    Hey everyone, So I've been gone for a while, and got back into Sydney after that huge storm hit. And well my worse nightmares, the rear footwells of my Falcon XC Sedan were a pool, I honestly have no idea where it came from. So Going to start with the rubbers, maybe they aren't on right, and then get the doors aligned again, because they aren't aligned properly yet. It seems to be coming from the front doors but at the rear, because its wet under the front seats as well. Anyway, Could you lovely people please EMAIL, or POST, or MESSAGE, some photos of your cars, and your rubbers you got installed. Need detailed photos, from the door belt of the door, to the pinch weld and door frame rubbers, Need front and back doors and photos. It will be greatly apprectiated. Cheers, Harry
  2. Harrison Kotrolos

    Sleeping Beauty Build HarryXC Falcon

    Hey everyoneeee, Okay so I have posted a few topics on here, and had a few people ask to see my little beastie. Okay so I'll start with a little back story, and slowly build this thread into informaiton, picture and goodies. I bought this car myself when I was 15 years old, I had a rough life growing up, and it was constant up's and down's. Being a rather large kid, and a not so attractive one at that with acne and all sorts, I was pretty outcasted in the world. Since a little kid I grew up with lego and Meccano, building and engineering the strangest of things, I could escape into my own world, my own rules. Slowly but surely, I really got into cars, I was also a computer freak, and would design cars and parts and learn as much as I could as possible, coming up to my late teenage years, I started doing a little racing and tweaking around with cars in physical form. As years went by, I finally wanted my own car, and being a massive fan of Mad Max, it had to be an Australian Muscle car, for me going to car shows and around the streets, the car that always got me, was a Falcon XC, sedan or hardtop I thought they looked amazing, pure beauty. So began the hunt nearly 2 whole years I was chasing down cars, all across Australia, until I found the perfect one. I remember I was at school, scrolling the ads when I came across it, the photos just showed this plain old Falcon XC Sedan, but better yet it was a 1977 model, the year I exactly wanted, and it was yellow. Of course I didn't know much about the cars, I didn't know about options, or the special packs, or anything, I was simply a 15 year old boy, looking at this car, sitting in a truck depot, in the mud, tyres deflated and paint all dirty, it looked run down, and as if it hadn't moved in years, but I just couldn't stop looking at it, there as something about it, I wanted it, I got this fizz. So here are the photos in all its glory, these are the exact photos that were on the ad, and I jumped on it straight away, I contacted the owner and harassed him, making sure he didn't sell it: Now this was the second owner, he bought it off the original owner in the Blue Mountains, and was going to do it up as a project car, but didn't have time. He was located in Gosford, Sydney, and I drove up there to see the car. I looked around, and I just got more and more excited, the car had been sitting there since 2000, so I didn't expect it to run, and expected rust and rats and everything. But much to my surprise it had barely any rust, it had a leak in the cabin because the top door seal had fallen off and therefore leaked in, AND GUESS WHAT ELSE. BAM She started, we were seeing this car in the pouring rain, mud and everything, it had no battery, but we got some crimps a spare battery and started her, with petrol and oil and everything that was sitting there since 2000, there was no smoke or anything, just pure orgasmic muscle car noise. So now you know my back story, let the fun begin, over a couple of days you will experience 5 years worth of work, ups and downs, and even defeat.
  3. Hey everyone, I am back here again in need of your endless knowldege. I have a Falcon XC sedan 1977, the car is so close ot being done and smick, but badluck is always around the corner. I was away for a week, and we had this massive rain in Sydney, I got back today and went to take my car for a ride, and bam there is water in the passenger well and rear passenger side seat. Now I don't have photos of yet, but I will get some as soon as possible. However, my first investigation has lead me to this: The rear seat leak is happening from the water leaking down the drip gutter, onto the door and running down the back door. However, it runs behind the door seal and then runs down to the chrome door step and basically it builds up behind the rubber seal and pools into the car. On top of that, the water runs down into the door through the glass, because old cars don't seal perfectly, and then the door drains basically drain this water into the same area, but it can't escape and it pools over again. Now the front leak is more difficult, I have noticed two things, I have a speaker in the front panel there at your feet, and what I have noticed is slight water running down that inner pillar, because there are water marks on the speaker. On top of that, I think the water is coming in from under the front guard, and leaking into the cabin, I had a similar issue on the drivers side, and I used metal putty and paint to cover this hole basically because the car isn't welded together perfectly from factory, where water was leaking in from under the guard. Now basically my question is, are these normal faults? Are they common? With the door one, could I be possible the doors are not aligned properly? Basically any help would be great. thankyou all, Will post pictures soon Harry