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  1. Sweet Cream

    efi fuel line

    Hi, you were right, its damper. I pulled it out as the XF efi engine doesn't really need it. New regulator fitted and all good. Thanks, Cheers!
  2. Sweet Cream

    efi fuel line

    Thanks Jack, Fixed the problem. It was a faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator. Ripped the old one out and fitted a new Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge and adjusted the pressure. The bell shaped thing that was fitted into the fuel line was a Damper and was overkill, so that's also gone. Now she's running as smooth as a sewing machine. The farm next to ours has a cute Kelpie and it goes crazy when the XC bellows up to our mail box, a kilometer away. He must have been missing it - when I test drove the XC to the front gate today for the first time in 6 weeks, the neighbour thought it was great and called me - his dog is going crazy again. Thanks for your comments. Cheers!
  3. Sweet Cream

    efi fuel line

    Hi Outback Jack, Thanks for the response. It's a funny little bell shaped connector in the line. No return to tank, but it has an adjusting screw on the top, just like a reg, so have no idea what it is. Can't find anyone who knows. I'm connecting another reg in place of the original so thought I'd take the bell out, run the line straight into the rail and connect my new reg in place of the original. Thanks for the assist. Cheers! .
  4. Sweet Cream

    efi fuel line

    Hi all, My XC was fitted with a slightly modified efi engine some years ago and the I have two inline fuel pumps between the fuel tank and the fuel rail. The guy that put the system together has fitted a fuel pressure regulator in the fuel line after the front pump and before the fuel rail. There's also the standard regulator bolted on to the exit line of fuel rail. I'm spinning my wheels doing upgrades on everything for the first time and feeling my way. I have a new fuel pump regulator (with Gauge) ready to be connected. Question is, do I really need another fuel pump regulator down in the line before the fuel rail? Seems like overkill and complicated. Anybody there with suggestions?
  5. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi Dean, Correct water pump here yesterday and fan fitted nicely. Got to get my EP mixed and up on iTunes by September, so might address electric fan later in the year when I have more minutes. My XC engine bay has nice elbow room, so a lot of options open to me. Cheers,
  6. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi deankdx, I'm tempted to go the XC pump way. HP not an issue. Going to fit a thermo fan end of year so I can address other issues then. My XC is farm and music transport vehicle so time is important at the moment. Thanks for input. Cheers
  7. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi Chestnutxe, yes - factory Cheers,
  8. Sweet Cream

    XF Fan and pulley

    Hi everyone, Pulled my xc off the road to do a few maintenance things and also replaced the water pump. Mine has aircon and was running a three belt v-belt pulley with a solid aluminium spacer against the fan. I pulled the old one off and put it in the trash box, but didn't throw it out. I guess out of sight, out of mind. I have to have two manuals for the xc, one for the body and running gear and the other for the xf engine so when I ordered a new xf water pump I used the manual. When the pump arrived I checked it off against the xf manual. All correct. Now comes a lesson in tardiness - I fitted the new pump and forgot to physically check the new one against the old one before I did. Wouldn't you know it, the pulley fittings are different and my fan won't fit. Center hole in my fan is far too small and bolt holes closer together. I assume that the mechanic who put my engine together and into the xc must have used an xc water pump which has a small hole in the aluminium spacer and fan. The standard xf has a large threaded shaft. The question is, would there be any problems with getting an xf fan and bits from somewhere and lining everything up with the aircon, alternator and crank pulleys? or should I just simplify it by ordering another xc water pump with the holes that will match my own fan and spacer? Any advice muchly appreciated. Heath
  9. Hi Fordies, still trying to overcome the hiccups in my XF EFI engine in my XC. Starts immediately hot or cold and runs beautifully until I step on the gas from a standstill in first gear. Engine responds immediately then jerks until I ease off the pedal. Slip it into second gear and run through the other gears and it runs smoothly anywhere . Stop and take off and under load in first it coughs and jerks until I ease and get going and all ok. Usually smooth as silk. Thanks for your suggestions and tomorrow, Sunday, I'm checking and cleaning out all fuel and air intale lines, replacing fuel filters, plugs and leads and checking the regulator on the fuel rail. After that I haven't a clue. Any more suggestions would be amazing. 

    Cheers SC  

  10. Hi gang,

    Have a problem with my XC. Engine runs smoothly on level ground or down hill but going up a steep incline it cuts out. Back on level ground it runs fine. Loose wire somewhere, lump of something in the fuel line, relay....I'm baffled. Anyone have any ideas?


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    2. Sweet Cream

      Sweet Cream

      Thanks Dean. SC

    3. Banno


      Check fuel regulator on fuel rail might be on its way out due to relying on vacuum manifold sinse it only does under acceleration it seems. Also check vacuum line to it is not cracked either  etc.


    4. Sweet Cream

      Sweet Cream

      Thanks Banno. Checking it out tomorrow.



  11. Sweet Cream

    Tyre life

    Hi Panko, Mostly conditions can cause anything anytime. I discovered Mastercraft tyres made by Cooper, the 4WD people. Transformed my XC wagon. Great dry performance and acceptable in the wet with no surprises. Just put a new set on yesterday after getting around 80,000 k's on the old set, and its heavy going out here on the farm. Link below if you wish to take a look. At my supplier my Mastercraft Touring LSR 215.65.15" 96T's cost me aud$600.00 fitted which is a ripper of a deal considering the comfort of the tyre on the road. Very soft, but precise, on the road http://www.mastercrafttires.com.au/index.php/tyres They might be a solution for your wagon. Check out the company guarantees - and they didn't go off when worn down. Cheers
  12. Sweet Cream

    Who can do a good wheel alignment "vic"

    Hi Ando81, Had heap's of alignment problems with my wagon. The tyre place in our town finally got it sorted out but it took multiple trips back in there until they thought I was some sort of kook (debatable - but I've had my XC since 2002, do most of the mechanical work on it myself so we get to know it a bit after a while). Its got to feel right when you take it out. Mine's lowered almost two inches at the front so camber plays a part in my tyre wear, but you'd think they could get the alignment right. Anyway, regarding your alignment, Cleavers have done a great job for my XC in my town and I believe they have quite a network, so maybe there's one near you. Because of the cart tracks out to our farm - potholes, corrugations, washes we've got the lot so alignment was important. We use Cooper tyres on the 4be so one day I was speaking to the Cooper Head office and they recommended CLEAVERS in our area for tyre stuff - they handle the Cooper range there and when I went in they did a great job on the wagon. They also mentioned that they had their newly introduced road tyre called Mastercraft in stock. So next tyre change I tried a set and they were magic. My last set lasted around 80,000 k's and my alignment problems disappeared completely. For anyone listening, try a set - they'll transform your XC. Soft ride, nice steering, safe in the wet and sticky in the dry and they're so quiet on smooth bitumen In fact I just fitted another new set of Mastercraft Avenger LSR's to mine today and Cleavers did another great job with the front end and the XC feels good. Ando81, if you've got a Cleavers in your area give them a try - for the sake of your alignment it may be worth travelling a kilometer or two to get to one if its in another town. They're pretty good. Hope you get it sorted out, mate!
  13. Sweet Cream

    Photos - Falcon XC Sedan

    Hi Harry, Commiserations - big storm up our way too. My car up on blocks at the moment doing gearbox stuff but will send pics when I get it down this Friday. I replaced all the door rubbers some time ago. Got them from Rare spares and still have one or two of the templates that were printed on the plastic sleeves. Perhaps if I send you pics of these as well it might help. Cheers, SC