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  1. xwagon

    9" axles

    Hey guys, looking for how much a 9" small bearing axles sticks out past the housing flanges. So from axle flange to housing flange in mm.
  2. xwagon

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    My understanding was that 28 spline did not start till after the xf? And that all bw diffs before that were 25 spline. And apart from the 2.77 ratio. All the centres and gears were interchangable.
  3. xwagon

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    So the guy has come back to me about this diff. Said is t is 2.9 ratio, so that must be the 2.92 one, said it is lsd, so my question is, will this centre work in my ve valiant. 25 spline is what i have.
  4. xwagon

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    Thanks, will just have to wait till he tells me the ratio, only want the lsd for my ve val diff, if its the 75 series i cant use it i my 78 housing? Thats what someone told me?
  5. xwagon

    Xd fairmont ghia diff ratio

    Thanks and its the 2.77 that wont fit the other housings? Looking to use the lsd in my valiant.
  6. Hello people, what diff ratio should a xd fairmont ghia v8 be? Is drum braked. Guy is going to look at tag but would like to know from you guys too. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, looking at importing in a mcdonald engineering bolt in 4 link setup, main reason as i cant find a set of xw/y leaf springs in new zealand. Does anybody run these in their falcon?
  8. sorry may have quoted the wrong length, was told to cut 10mm off, i just dont have any boxes here that aunt tremec, even the length of a single rail or top loader as i think they would be the same, 165mm is a length that i think maybe right,
  9. well what a question? need some info as to how much the input shaft spigot should stick out past the face on the bell housing? trans is a tremec tko 500 and the bell is a cast iron hydraulic slave top loader, was told 10mm? and this needs to be cut off as the tremecs are for the us market with their deeper bells?
  10. xwagon


    gasket looks pretty big, do you have 4v heads?
  11. xwagon

    xf ute tank size??

    does anyone know how many litre a xf ute petrol tank is??
  12. use grade 304 pipe, not 316, and sch10 for the thickness, any steel place should be able to get this, hate to think what bends would cost, as all this type of stuff would come with test certs,
  13. hello everybody, just wanting to make sure i have this right, am fitting a new trans oil cooler to the c4 in my xa, does the hot oil come from the front port to the top of the cooler??
  14. Hey looking for some info on a suitable curve for my 351c in my xa. is one of those MSD ready to run units, has the two stiff springs and the blue stop bushing (21 degrees) at present, 351c 2v open chamber heads, rpm air gap intake, 650 demon, 215/215@0.050 .514 lift, c4 trans , 3.5;1 diff this is a new engine that has not run yet, plan to run on 98 octane
  15. does someone know what a xf ute diff width is ? too dark to get under car