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  1. ok so checked out the balancer at tdc, looks all good, cleaned the spark plugs, and re fired dropped the timing back to 10 degrees and it idles, has got a bit of a loop, has one of those msd ready to run dizzys, with the factory fitted springs and stop bushing, still have not driven as exhaust is not fitted, is up on stands and in drive has a bit of a miss under light throttle load, one thing i have not hooked up is the vac advance hose,
  2. sorry may have quoted the wrong length, was told to cut 10mm off, i just dont have any boxes here that aunt tremec, even the length of a single rail or top loader as i think they would be the same, 165mm is a length that i think maybe right,
  3. well what a question? need some info as to how much the input shaft spigot should stick out past the face on the bell housing? trans is a tremec tko 500 and the bell is a cast iron hydraulic slave top loader, was told 10mm? and this needs to be cut off as the tremecs are for the us market with their deeper bells?
  4. update- the knocking was from some casting flash i had not ground out of the rocker cover, so that is all good. next problem is that engine likes lots of initial timing, 25 degrees, runs the standard type balancer . am pretty sure that it was correct when i dropped in the dizzy, but will recheck, runs a unknown camshaft but is not big. runs good at this setting with a good idle when warm ( no choke on the carb) and has snappy throttle response, have a few questions- how much lifter pre-load are you guys running with roller rockers, 1/2 turn? 3/4 turn? etc from zero lash
  5. yes have roller rockers, have fitted mickey Thomson alloy covers the fined ones with " HOLLEY" on them, did grind off some casting shit on the inside, but did miss some bits down were the pcv valve goes, so am hoping its only that. run it straight out the pacemaker headers and by god did it sound good, has got a mild unknown camshaft. not bad throttle response. will reset lift pre-load tomorrow too
  6. bit of a update on this car- would you believe i only just fired the new engine up today, really dragged my feet on this, fitted lots of new parts to it, went away from the msd 6al instead fiiting a msd ready to run dizzy, brand new demon 650 vac carb, anyway fired up pretty much straight away, held it at 2000rpm to bed in the cam, but had a small fire mid way though from oil on the headers, interesting the oil pressure sat at over 100psi at the start? now is at 65psi, not sure if that is low/high? did notice i had some knocking from the drivers side rocker cover, have removed the cover for inspection, could feel it on the cover with my hand.
  7. hey, if you plan to change your rims, i would buy them before you ship over.
  8. gasket looks pretty big, do you have 4v heads?
  9. look what was on my door step when i got home. mcCloud rst twin plate rated at 800HP, should do the job, next thing is how will i connect it to my left foot? as the factory falcon master cant be used, as there is a cylinder head were that lives. might do a funky sort of bell crank under the dash or a cable.
  10. its a 500, brought about five years ago and never used, hope its all good, me too, have got half the engine built,
  11. all ready to to fit back into wagon.
  12. bit of a update; out with the old c6 trans and in with something i have had a long time.
  13. does anyone know how many litre a xf ute petrol tank is??
  14. https://www.facebook.com/SummernatsCarFestival/videos/10153424032932346/