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  1. Your where right dean right front calipher sticking
  2. Thanks dean that will be my next set of checks ,front calipher hoses and rear hose (drum brakes) about 2 years old
  3. Yeah dean it that trw brand that you uploaded Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Brakes pedal dragging and can be really touchy and way too hard after xy 351c astra pump conversion.booster passes basic test and loosened master cylinder nuts to check rod adjustment and vacuum reading is terrible at 14 at idle and only reaching 20 at 3000 rpm. So I’m guessing my power steering pump stealing my vacuum has anyone come across this before and any checks ideas too what’s causing this
  5. Good point bgdav that’s what I’ll will run thanks everyone who replied
  6. Thx bear and Greg for feedback.Synthetic penrite Ldas is recommended for astra surely the xd steering box shouldn’t have issue.?
  7. Doing a xy 351 electric astra steering pump conversion and unsure of what fluid to run in pump.
  8. Todd

    Removing sump 351 clevo

    Thanks heaps gerg for that info thats awesome insight
  9. Todd

    Removing sump 351 clevo

    Hi,I have a screwed water pump bottom thread on a 351 Cleveland xy and timing cover plate looks dodgy anyway have a few questions best way to deal with this.Q1 it’s it possible to drop sump without lifting engine out I have standard sump and have 45/50mm clearance to x member will the sump baffle clear if sway bar removed pulling sump forward and down. Q2 when sump removed is the timing cover plate straight forward to fit around the crank keyway area. Q3 Or do I fix dodgy water pump thread to next size up on timing plate
  10. Todd

    351c waterpump weep at bottom

    Thx for reply gerg yeah it looks pitted in some areas are the sandwich plate straight forward to fit its looks like two bolts on timing indicator and another bolt opposite side with two dowels.Is it just just three bolts and a gasket or is there something I have overlooked.Cheers
  11. Gave my 351c a new water pump for incoming summer and used a zivor cast and its gets tiny small weeps coming out of bottom.first fitment I used aviatIon gasket sealant with gasket and couldn’t stop small weeps under driving temp no matter how much I did up bolts. second time I used water pump gasket maker with gasket and same result . Should I try different brand water pump maybe alloy type and maybe replace sandwich plate
  12. Thanks bear for input .A few questions for advice plz anyone Xy powersteer $500 for a 20/1 steering box reco’d , is that reasonable price and that will ratio be ok for xy sedan. how hard will it be to get pulleys ,brackets and pump ect to set up normal p/steer and $$$. I’m still unsure if electric astra pump would be legal ???
  13. Looking to convert xy 351c to powersteer so I can the throw its arse out a lot easier wondering has anyone tried the astra electronic p/s pump set up on a xy and was if up to standard and is it legal to run that setup option two. how and where do I get correct parts to convert it the normal powersteer way does not seem straight forward and anyone now some specialist in Brisbane to do this conversion.any info please.
  14. I Currently have punch weld with windlace ( I think that’s what it called ) anyway the pitch weld is short in some places up to door scuff plates. my questions are there any places still supplying these rubbers and were they fitted on xw-xy Fairmonts,gs and gt’s