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  1. Thanks bear for input .A few questions for advice plz anyone Xy powersteer $500 for a 20/1 steering box reco’d , is that reasonable price and that will ratio be ok for xy sedan. how hard will it be to get pulleys ,brackets and pump ect to set up normal p/steer and $$$. I’m still unsure if electric astra pump would be legal ???
  2. Looking to convert xy 351c to powersteer so I can the throw its arse out a lot easier wondering has anyone tried the astra electronic p/s pump set up on a xy and was if up to standard and is it legal to run that setup option two. how and where do I get correct parts to convert it the normal powersteer way does not seem straight forward and anyone now some specialist in Brisbane to do this conversion.any info please.
  3. I Currently have punch weld with windlace ( I think that’s what it called ) anyway the pitch weld is short in some places up to door scuff plates. my questions are there any places still supplying these rubbers and were they fitted on xw-xy Fairmonts,gs and gt’s
  4. Todd

    Xw-xy interior problem

    I guess it could be never though of that as a option
  5. Hi have Xw now a xy gt rep trying to work out to have carpet run up b pillar currently carpet is roughly run up the pillar up to vinyl seam weld on pillar,I have bought those plastic hook brackets that sit under door scuff plates but if I run carpets under those I will have a gap between carpet and the vinyl which is seam blasted to b pillar. I’m thinking only way is to have trimmer run a extension of vinyl or have pillar completely re done in vinyl.
  6. Dam it I jumped the gun it still vibrates on highway cruising at 2600rpm and above, also feel a lighter vibration in park in same rpm range and above talking to gearbox builder and he believes the Clevo most likely balanced to previous toploader. were are considered adding some weight to flex plate and observing it gets better or worse without pulling c4 out yet
  7. It’s turns out I got lucky for once and tailshaft was out of balance at high speed so re balanced seems all fine so far.hope bear you get a solution soon champ
  8. Recent gearbox swap from toploader to a c4 with 3k stalkier in a xy Once hitting around 85kph and over I get a surging vibration ,during swap I had new tail shaft balanced with new uni’s ect. i’m having Tail shaft re checked tomorrow but i thinking it’s going to be something more deep then tailshaft anyone had anything similar with this transmission swap.
  9. I have xy 351c/ toploader/9” with 3.20 diff gears have shifting gears issues ,all gear changes are clunky and 2nd to 3rd is a lot worst I have replaced shifter with a new one from ford muscle parts ( $795 they saw me coming ) anyway even with new shifter the gear changes suck have played with linkages and adjusted to no prevail and hoping someone out there can answer the following . Q1. How do I determine the toploader needs rebuild or synchros are the problem rather then shifter. Q2. Was told toploader was close ratio is there a way to confirm this as 1st gear is very short even with 3.20 diff gears and would like too do a bigger skid before changing gears Q3.how much to rebuild a toploader and is it possible to chance 1st 2nd gear ratios during rebuild or do I need a normal toploader to achieve this
  10. Todd

    Xw heater box core issue

    Like to thanks everyone’s input and olm8 for photo’s
  11. Todd

    Xw heater box core issue

    Hi dean this is that the xw heater box I posted about and doesn’t seem to have blower fan,maybe it missing or it just runs using airflow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Todd

    Xw heater box core issue

    I did try to upload photo couldn’t work out how
  13. Todd

    Xw heater box core issue

    Hi dean ended up working it out had to stretch the heater box walls to release door hinge pin .
  14. Have pulled heater box out can’t find anything online that’s looks anywhere close to what I have pulled out ,most Xw-xy heater boxes online are a complete big square box mine is more off a cylinder funnel box with a short hose connecting to a letter box looking unit with a 45’ angle at one end . The heater core outlet pipe coming out through firewall has broken off and cannot find a way to remove core due to flap door hinge there doesn’t seem any way off removing flap door hinge rod with out destroying it so I can’t remove core to re core it any advice would be great. Maybe a radiator specialist have a way around this
  15. Thx gerg I appreciate that info mate I will try that thx heaps for replying