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Hi all,

My XC was fitted with a slightly modified efi engine some years ago and the I have two inline fuel pumps between the fuel tank and the fuel rail. The guy that put the system together has fitted a fuel pressure regulator in the fuel line after the front pump and before the fuel rail. There's also the standard regulator bolted on to the exit line of fuel rail. I'm spinning my wheels doing upgrades on everything for the first time and feeling my way. I have a new fuel pump regulator (with Gauge) ready to be connected.

Question is, do I really need another fuel pump regulator down in the line before the fuel rail? Seems like overkill and complicated. 

Anybody there with suggestions?

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Only need the reg he fitted to suit system.... sure its a regulator inline and not a fuel filter?
If theres no return line from it to the fuel tank its not a regulator.
Why would you run 2 return lines?
Not needed.
If both are hooked up then all your fancy stuff and extra pressure means shit because it's all behind a stock regulator at the fuel rail.

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Hi Outback Jack, 

Thanks for the response. It's a funny little bell shaped connector in the line. No return to tank,  but it has an adjusting screw on the top,  just like a reg, so have no idea what it is. Can't find anyone who knows. I'm connecting another reg in place of the original so thought I'd take the bell out, run the line straight into the rail and connect my new  reg in place of the original. Thanks for the assist. Cheers! 


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