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  1. xd4.1efisc

    efi fuel line

    It sounds like a fuel damper, VK/VL Commodores had them.
  2. xd4.1efisc


    It is a Crow 14771.
  3. xd4.1efisc


    Back when mine was still M90 I blew a couple of pistons similar to what another guy did on here recently with his turbo xflow. The motor that blew had 28cc Precision Hyperectic pistons, crow cam, roller rockers, main and head studs, hardened push rods, ported E1 head, decked block, shot peened rods and whatever else I have forgotten about, it now sits in the corner of my shed waiting for me to do something with it. It blew just before Powercruise 2012, so I put a 100% stock low Km EFI E2 head motor in and bolted the M90 supercharger and bits to it, and bugger me it went better than the one that blew, that is why the stuffed one is still sitting in the corner. I have since changed to the M112 and the stock motor is still going fine, it had me worried on New Years Day when it did not want to run, it turns out 2 MSD leads were stuffed, it was fine the day before. A few years back I contacted Camtech about a custom cam for when I rebuild the stuffed motor, and I seem to recall the cam had a 114 lobe centre.
  4. xd4.1efisc


    The M90 on a XFLOW thread is mine, and I have since changed the M90 to a M112 from a Jaguar V8. The basic set up is the same as the M90, except for the pulleys I changed them a bit, from HTD to 8 rib serpentine style. I also went from the Bronco throttle body to a single 80mm. It now has 14 to 15 psi, and goes a lot better than the M90 did.
  5. xd4.1efisc

    doors doors and doors their not all the same

    It will work, the part of the handle that pushes the pivot down is in different spots between the different doors. I have been through it before. I do have an XD,XF and XH and I double checked them before I posted yesterday. The cut out in the doors is the problem, they changed it on XG-H. Take a look how the handle acheives the push or the pull, the same handle will either push or pull depending on the location of the hole for the rod.
  6. xd4.1efisc

    doors doors and doors their not all the same

    The handles are also different from drivers to passenger sides. If you change the pivot on an XD-F for an XG-H, drill the hole in the pivot needed for XG-H or buy the genuine ones as above then the handles need to be used on the opposite side to what the were originally used. IE: The XD-F drivers with changed or drilled pivot will need to go on the passenger side on XG-H, and a XD-F passenger will become a XG-H drivers. The cut out in the door skin is different to accomodate it.
  7. xd4.1efisc

    AC vs Non AC water pump (xflow)

    Now that I think about it I had an early cast iron XD Ghia with factory A/C and it had the 7 blade flex fan, but I also had a febuary 82 alloy head XD GL with what looked like factory A/C (York compressor, 2 belt water pump, A/C, and ALT pulleys) and it had a steel clutch fan, it could have been original (looked original) or it could have been changed at some point. I looked in my Factory XD manual and it does not show clutch fans on 6 cylinders only on V8s, like you said. Maybe the GL above had XE stuff on it been a very late XD. My last van was a 89 XF and it had a steel fan when I bought it, I ended up changed it to a plastic one. By 92 Ford were probably fitting what they had around, as the XG was close to been released.
  8. xd4.1efisc

    AC vs Non AC water pump (xflow)

    The only difference would be on XD where factory A/C had the clutch fan and non A/C had a fixed fan. Non A/C water pump (NO CLUTCH FAN) had no fan thread and a different pulley bolt pattern compared to the A/C water pump (CLUTCH FAN). All XE and XF had Clutch fans factory, all XEs and Non A/C XFs had a steel one and A/C XFs had a Plastic one, they all used the same clutch and water pump. Some water pumps come with different impellers but this just depends on the brand of pump.
  9. xd4.1efisc

    Pre X-flow engine number. Where.???

    xbcool is on the money, its on the passenger side at rear of block where the top of the bellhousing meets the block. In that picture at the top if you go towards the rear of where the 72DA number is you should find it. Xflows: XC-XE had it at the drivers side engine mount, XF (and possible some late XEs) drivers side near water pump.
  10. xd4.1efisc

    no brake lights

    Bridge the 2 Green/Red wires in the trip computer plug.
  11. Splice into the fuel pump relay circuit. Fuel pump only runs when cranking, engine running, or for a few seconds when ignition is turned on.
  12. xd4.1efisc

    Boot release

    That is how it is set up, says in the owners manual it is for security purposes, but it is a bit stupid if you ask me.
  13. xd4.1efisc

    Boot release

    He did say EL XR8.
  14. xd4.1efisc

    Boot release

    If it is like my EL Fairmont it has a time delay where it will only work from the button with the ignition on or for for 10 mins after turning the ignition off. This was standard.
  15. xd4.1efisc

    AU Injected 5.0 into XF questions.

    I just used the "E" series V8 heater hoses and heater tap. If you are running aircon I use the "E" series compressor to TX valve and compressor to condenser hoses. I modify the hose where it connects to condenser by cutting the "E" series fitting off and silver soldering a short bit of an XF condenser fitting to it. The other line from the receiver dryer to the TX valve needs to be modified at the TX valve end so that the clamp will hold it down. You can do it a couple of ways, either silver solder a bit of "E" series to the XF or take it to Enzed or Pirtek and have the XF end changed to an "E" series end. Also the A/C compressor needs a few lugs trimmed off the back, and where the mounting bolt goes in near the hose inlet/outlet connections needs to be shortened about 15mm to clear the shock tower. This will give you about 5mm clearance, depending on how much tolerance Ford built into the car, the 2 ZL Fairlanes and the XF I have done have been O.K. with the XF been very close although it used an AU power steering/AC bracket and the Fairlanes used EB/NC. When I do my wagon I am going to die grind the slots in the engine mounts and chassis as much as I can to move the engine forward as much as I can. On the XF I also mounted a EF/EL 6 power steering pump under the alternator where the idler pulley goes, this gives you a bit more room on the passenger side for Air boxes or pods. You will need to move the battery box forward as far as you can to clear the filler neck of the pump if put it like this. I made my own hoses for the power steering high pressure and return, by cutting and shutting XF hoses. When we did the Fairlanes we used the standard C2 pump but made our own hoses with what we had, I think they were XF hoses cut and shut with "E" series pump connections for the high pressure. XD/XE C2 pump high pressure hose may work but may not clear the aircon compressor, off memory this is why I cut and shut the "E" series one to the the XF one. For the return we used XD return lines, but you can use the XF ones if you like, you will probably need to lengthen the flexible hose from the hardline to the pump.