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Found 6 results

  1. A couple of questions, on a 1998 XH XR8 what controls the kick down? driving at 100kmph cruising with light throttle the trans will kick back to 3rd gear by its self, by pushing you foot to the floor will make it change back up again at high revs to top gear. at times jumps straight back to third but comes right for 50-100km or so then with no issue. a 200km trip could see it do it 3-4 times. trans shifts smooth, functions normally other than this kicking down by its self. any thoughts people? cable? solenoids? sensor of some sort?
  2. Ok..I know pretty much what I see on youtube and research off google. Basically, not much. I was given an XH ute for free by a mate. Its motor was cooked. Other than some rust, needing tyres and a few bangs here and there it seemed like a good option. $2200 later and I am still shaking my head. Replaced motor with what was told to be out of an EL. Work was done on the cheap by local mechanic as I am a pensioner. The 1st time I got the car back it ran rough. Was told it's probably leads Took it to a friend and he said the hose was off the manifold vac, It ran much quieter and smoother. After a few days, it would start shuddering as i slowed down to approach lights etc and mostly end up stalling. It would start straight away but next time i slowed, it would happen again. I replaced the MAP, Air sensor on the TB, TPS, new plugs, changed out leads and dizzy cap. The only bad thing that has happened is the radiator coolant went through the gearbox. Looked like a McDonalds strawberry thickshake. It has had the filter and gasket replaced and as i was told i couldn't manually feed and flush the box through the lines, has been dumped 3 times. Fluid looks more cherry red now but when the gearbox gets warm (around a 60km drive at 110) its like i get thrown into a limp mode when i reduce speed, it begins to shudder, lose accelleration. I have to reduce speed slowly and deal with shudders and shits until i get back up to 2K rpm or around the 110 kph mark. It's almost like it also doesn't disengage the overdrive when its warm if that makes sense. My apollogies for my lack of knowledge but I am definitely trying. Cold starts are turn key for about a minute, rough firing cough splutter when it tries to fire. Sounds like some kind of compression, couldn't say where from as I don't have anyone to start it for me. Was also suggested dizzy may be out 10 degrees? I am hoping the box just may be a little low and when hot, wont change etc. When I can get a 16mm socket, i'll check. I will check back periodically for any info/help or suggestions and to update anything I have forgooten or fixed. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hey all, Just purchased a 98 XH2 panelvan with cruise-control (has standard-issue EL steering wheel with the usual buttons). It worked a grand total of twice while I was freeway driving late at night just after I bought it (typical)......now, it just doesn't seem to be engaging. I hit the cruise "On" button and the light in the display comes on.....but hitting or holding "Set +" or even "Set -" doesn't engage it any more. Haven't really done anything before or since to warrant its refusal to engage, but this is my first car I've owned with cruise control so I'm at a loss as how to troubleshoot it! I wasn't sure if it mattered, so I tried engaging it while on LPG then again on petrol, in Economy mode and then in Power.....still nothing. I know it's worked before, so what's the best way to find out how to fix it? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Jonathan Mark Davidson

    doors doors and doors their not all the same

    ok in this thread im going to try and clear alot of confusion between the different doors i'm going to start with confusion between xg/h doors and Xd/e/f doors (I know d to f theirs differences) At the front end of the door apart from the hardware used and a rebuildable hinge their the same. At the back is where the difference starts. I'll start with the lock mechanism in xd/f it's external on the door and the catch is almost a flat plate and the catch a xg/h it's internal e series type and the catch is a round bar and its catch Ok now it comes to the door handles xg/h door handles and most aftermarket handles will fit a xd/e/f but not the other way around Hears a pic of a genuine Xh handle from the inside Hears a d/e/f handle from the inside Now you can mix and match but it takes a bit of nounce. xd/e/f doors are a common conversion on g/h but you have to weld the holes up on a def catch and 're drill to suit the xg/h body Door handles can be swapped the reverse way by drilling a hole if you have enough metal or drilling of the pivot mechanism and fitting your g/h pivot mechanism and 're securing it with a self tapping screw or a bolt. that concludes this section as i grab some more doors out of my parts rack i'll update the differences between xg and xh doors also the differences between the xd/e and xf doors
  5. The Kelvinator

    Panel Van Tailgates and Barn Doors

    Ok so Id thought Id start a thread for those of us who are panno mad. What does your van have? My XF has barns and my XD has tailgates. Im trying to figure out a way to have a handle on the inside of the upper tailgate so it makes it easier for camping. Anyone got any ideas? share the things you have done or want to do! Keep on vannin!
  6. Hey guys! Got an issue with the door locks on the pano! When ever I unlock the doors, when I open it, the locks try and lock again flat out until my backside is in the car and I've shut the door behind me! Anyone had similar issues they can shed some light on why its happening?