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  1. No worries, see you there tomorrow.
  2. Haven't been able to retrieve the panelvan for this weekend I'm afraid. I can still come over in the FGX but won't be able to offer towing services. If you still have need of me, does midday-ish sound okay to you?
  3. Holy shit! Where the fuck did that front end come from? It....kinda works actually, the extra ride height and super fatties on it certainly suit it. Has the bonnet hump for an 8cyl but ad states the standard 4.0lt 6cyl? Wonder what it looks like on the inside? 55,000 rand is roughly A$5,250 using current exchange rates.....yeah, I'd buy it.
  4. Yeah, I was in South Africa in 2012 and nearly fell over myself when I saw a Ford XH ute - Saffas call them "bakkies", not utes - in the streets of Pretoria with a Gauteng plate on it. This is how I learned of the Ranchero, as one drove right past me.
  5. Spotto'd at Bayswater earlier this week. 4:20, blaze it!
  6. Model code for a Ford XH GLi panelvan is 45781, according to my verification letter, if that helps? I assume panelvans and utes have different model codes?
  7. There's a panelvan with heavy-duty tow-pack that can be pressed into service at this end, let me know!
  8. Were there any Ford commercials built outside of Broadmeadows?
  9. So many Cobras......!
  10. We all love our Falcons here, but utes and panelvans are their own variety of special (I'm on my second panelvan in 15 years - and I specifically hunted down the XH2 I now own - and buying the FGX earlier this year was the first non-commerical in 18 years for me). Despite the fact it's been nearly 20 years since the last one, there's something about them that always draws us back. Welcome to the Cult of the Ford Commercials.
  11. Was in Campbellfield to pick up some parts for the FGX, then realised the Ford Broadmeadows plant wasn't too far away. So, a 15min detour later: She was built here nearly 20 years ago (production code is a JL, or Broadmeadows "secondary line"), so it's a return to her origins.
  12. Agreed, a Ford verification letter specifying the exact build of your car when it rolled off the factory line will be the best way to find out. It's easy to ask Ford for one: I wrote a thread about it a while back (used the instructions just recently to get a verification letter on my FGX actually). Instructions are a post or two down. Once you get it, scan it and put it up here. Best of luck!
  13. No XG I know of ever came with a one-piece rear-clip from factory. XGs only had matching bumper-ettes, the one-piece clip were unique to XH models only. I suspect XG with XH mods, but the XH rear clip is easy to augment onto older models and is fairly popular with previous X-series commercials: I've seen plenty of XF and XGs with a XH rear clip . I don't recognise the seat pattern either from my XH, suspect special S-pack patterns for the XG as the seat patterns match the door-cards (unless someone got very creative with fabrics as a custom mod). Lumber adjusts however come as standard with my XH, so it may have been a fabric-only upgrade from your XG seats to my XH seats.
  14. Verification letter just arrived:
  15. Another trip to Jollys Dandenong and Imlachs in Clayton. Jollys Dandy are still mostly mostly stocking E-series and beyond, with now two FG hulks (up from none the last visit), but Imlachs is still the place to go, with a few XD-E-F hulks and - to my surprise - a ZD Fairlane, two ZKs, and two TD Cortinas, with every body but the Cortinas mostly whole.