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  1. Fwoah, that FG! That's the kind of boot-lip spoiler I was looking for for my FGX G6ET. Do you remember where you got it from (and does it come in white)?
  2. Heh, all right you guys, you talked me into it: the XH will be at AFD next month, registered and paid for my tickets just now. Display only. I'll see you there in the sin bin!
  3. Done! Paid and registered. I'll be there in the XH (display only).
  4. Monty Python's "Life of Brian" was just on SBS this evening. It's been ages since I last saw it, but it's still a fucking ripper of a film. "Biggus.........Dickus?" "What have the Romans ever done for us?" "He's NOT THE MESSIAH, he's a VERY NAUGHTY BOY!"
  5. Stretch SY Territory anyone? For only $99,000!
  6. Ah, is that why you're packing a rocket launcher.....?
  7. Territory SZ mark II Titanium, agree with @gerg on the 2.7L turbo diesel, AWD model to make it a comfortable tow-rig. Gray or black. I very nearly went for a Territory SZII myself, before opting for the FGX.
  8. I'd forgotten how effective having leather seats can blister your arse on a hot day, but you think I could easily find a windscreen sun shade for the FGX? *mutter* I'm told that while there's many similarities between the FG and the FGX, sunshades cut for a FG windscreen won't exactly fit a FGX windscreen. However none of the auto store-chains around here sell virtually anything for a FGX, and believe me I've been looking! Something as simple as a sunshade or a dash-mat that fits an FGX outside of ebay....not so easy to find it seems. Are there other bricks-and-mortar stores I can find them (besdies Supercheap Auto, Repco, Autobarn, etc)? I'd rather avoid ebay, bad experiences and no guarantee anything I buy off there is actually brand-new.
  9. Spotto'd! Think I marked you earlier this afternoon, turning from Mountain Highway south into Scoresby Road: there's only one red Gemini wagon with no plates I know of in the Bayswater area. Didn't you see the idiot in the white FGX on the other side of the intersection waving madly at you?
  10. Seriously considering entering the XH for AFD.... just wondering if I should get her judged (and which category to put her in if so). It will be early New Yeasr until I can scratch up enough for registration....but I may just join in.
  11. All right, you've all got me seriously considering AFD 2018 now! So I've had a look at the registration papers, and I've noticed it's only an extra $5 if I want the XH to be judged. For those who have been to AFD previously and have a better idea of what exactly judges look for, do you think it would be worthwhile getting her judged, or is it too plain-Jane and not modified enough? If so, which category should I put it in: "Best Falcon XD-XH", or "Best Ute/Panelvan" (or can I do both)? Going to have to wait until New Year to register, overseas holiday and then Xmas meant my savings account took a beating.
  12. ....seriously? I hadn't really even considered it worthy for AFD, in all honesty! ... Something to think about?
  13. Happy 20th birthday, my old girl. Just another 5 years and I can put her on club plates.....!
  14. Look what passed me on EastLink a few days before Xmas: Don't see many of these on this side of the world!
  15. Oh man, that's a damn shame. Scotty didn't even lick anything this time!