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  1. Hey! Just realised: 6th post on the 666th page of the thread! *evil cackle* \m/ yeah \m/
  2. Right, all packed and ready, tomorrow I'm off overseas for 5 weeks: South America, the Falkland Islands, and Antarctica. Woohoo! My flight leaves Tullamarine airport tomorrow evening right after work. Keeping that in mind, I've swapped the FGX for the XH, and now feel less wary of parking for 5 weeks in the Long Term carpark. I'm sure these things are safe enough, but I still feel safer with the FGX now in the stable under covers while the XH does the hard time in an uncovered public car park. Or is that me being too paranoid?
  3. Ugh. I think I just vomited in my mouth a little.
  4. I might need to borrow that guide dog, as I think I've gone blind just looking at that monstrosity.
  5. You mean "Follow Me Home" headlights, the BA onwards had that function. Leave your headlights on when you left the car, and the headlights would stay on for a set amount of time (between 2-5min) before turning off automatically, or the owner could trigger it themselves by hitting the lock button on their fob. My FGX has it: despite my not actually having a driveway it's still handy. Unsure of they are any conversion kits for older vehicles, as many older cars tend to complain (ie: play an audible alarm) if you intentionally turn off the engine with the headlights still on (or could be upgraded to do so, providing on of those Jaycar kits); a conversion kit would have to bypass all that and then still power the headlights off the battery on a timer before killing them. An autosparky might know more, but there's the danger of letting the headlights drain your battery if something doesn't work right....
  6. Oh jesus, fuck that.
  7. Drove past the same Shell service station this morning on the way into work, price had gone from 99cpl to....86cpl. And again, passing it on the way home, back down to 76cpl, like ti never happened. Pffft.
  8. Yup, it's Shell, what do you expect? Always the first to flip their prices, always the most expensive - even when you factor in the 4c Coles shopper discount - and always last to drop their prices. They're even worse for LPG: most of my locals around my area of Melbourne recently sold it for around 65-69cpl......except for Shell, which every single place sold it for 74cpl, no explanation. Now since LPG has gone up again to 69cpl, Shell hiked it higher to 78cpl, and that was only about a week or two ago. I noticed Shell in Bayswater had flipped their LPG to 99cpl on the way to work this morning when last Friday afternoon it was 78cpl; nearly hit the kerb driving past in surprise. Everywhere else it's around the 72cpl mark.... what the actual fuck? Someone here mentioned the end of the LPG market, I think Shell is trying to hasten it somehow.
  9. Do you know how badly I wanted to ship my old XF panelvan (if I hadn't already written it off) to Europe when I was living there, just to see the reaction of everyone else on the road? You could have a game of "Spot the Aussie": anyone not gaping at you as you drive by is an Australian.
  10. Is there a Commodore fuel-door shortage or something? I swear, 4 out of 5 Commodore VT-VZ vehicles - sedans, wagons, utes, all builds - are all missing their fuel doors, with the black petrol cap exposed to the air inside. Those that do actually have them are usually the wrong colour, so they're clearly replacing a missing one. What's going on? Or is this just a Melbourne thing? Is there a run on the market for Commodore fuel doors or something?
  11. Yeah, they're popular in Europe: the Renault Kangoo, the Citroen Jumpy/Peugeot Expert, Volkswagen Caddy are all very similar "compact vans" that are handy, but don't really hold a candle to an Australian panelvan. A German backpacker friend of mine came to Melbourne for a visit - she drove a VW Polo - and it was actually rather amusing to watch her eyes pop when I pulled up to the airport in the panelvan. "What is this?" she kept asking, so I told her to imagine a Ford Mondeo mating with a VW Caddy. She thought it was awesome, being able to change for the beach in the back with plenty of space, and the backpacker-approved futon to crash on in the back. "Is this a new model? When will it arrive in Europe?" Loved her enthusiasm.
  12. It's one of the reasons I actually keep the LPG system on my XH panelvan: it's great for long-distance travels (650km total on full tank of petrol, plus 500km on full tank of LPG), and as someone already mentioned, should the fuel pump seize you can still at least continue onwards. Okay, so you shouldn't tow on LPG and you don't have as much power on LPG than on petrol, but if you're doing highway/freeway driving without the city stop-start habits, having another fuel source is handy. Really it comes down to the price of the fuel and operating costs. Even with the price of LPG going up recently, it's still cost-effective to run on LPG compared to petrol. Most of the time, money saved in daily operation will easily outweigh the price needed for re-inspection/tank re-stamping. Then again, I specifically looked for a Ford panelvan that was already converted because the advantages of another cheaper fuel source still trump the alternatives of it without. Ultimately it depends on what you want out of your vehicle. If you want more performance from your engine and eliminate wiring, converters and the tank to save on weight, then trash it. Otherwise it's too handy. Yes there are performance panelvans, but most of them (like mine) are still being used for dailies or work purposes where having LPG is still advantageous even today.
  13. Huh. No mate, no, it's not just you that does that. Seriously.
  14. Red may go faster, but purple is the imperial colour..... just putting it out there.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that too. Other disclaimers seem to indicate it's being sold by a car dealership, which almost always inflate the price. Yes it looks good, yes it's got low kilometres (122k), but $12k? Er, no: I bought my XH2 panelvan privately with even less on the odo nearly 3 years ago for half that price. As I've said before: "Tell him he's dreamin'!" No, seriously, he's fucking dreaming.