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  1. Surprised by this on the way home in Bayswater this evening, it's been a while since I've seen stretch Falcons (they're usually Fairlanes). What's more, it's a stretched FGX to boot! The extended section has been decently shaped; the upward angle of the rear door on a standard FG(X) has actually been levelled out a bit, and the impression at the bottom of the door has been reworked to fit in with the extended part. For those interested, it had an XR8 front-end on it (hockey-stick DRLs and black cross-hatched grille). They're this mob over here: they usually do stretch Chryslers but they've clearly got this gem as well.
  2. Pro-Holden comments on a Ford board? BURN THE WITCH!
  3. Sounds about right in Victoria too (Coles, Woolies, 7-Eleven, all punt their prices at once at around the same time), but there's also a series of independent fuel retailers (like APCO and United Petroleum) that - if not defiantly undercutting the big chain-stores - will tend to be the last to increase their prices (some by a few days), allowing those who got caught out by the usual monthly 25cpl price-gouging cycle to refuel at a decent price at least. Cycles aren't as eye-watering in regional Victoria, but aren't as cheap as they usually are in the bigger cities. What's becoming interesting is that the major chains are releasing apps allowing for either discount petrol or price lock-ins (like 7-Eleven: find a price for any kind of petrol from the 5 surrounding locations, lock in the cheapest price (up to a total of 50lt), and redeem it in any 7-Eleven). A friend of mine used a loophole for the 7-Eleven app: went interstate and locked in a price at the bottom of the price-cycle in Adelaide (around 125cpl), then returned to Melbourne at the top of the price-cycle (around 155cpl) and still got his discount! Heh.
  4. ACCC confirms Coles petrol is the most expensive petrol seller in Australia. Really? What a complete surprise! </sarcasm>
  5. Can't say they're enthusiastic in selling it. It's simply titled "car".....really, no shit! I'm sure that makes it easier to find in a search....
  6. Time for a service! The odo has just rolled past 180,000km, so off to the local Ford garage. At least they gave me a decent loaner, appropriate for a tall person (I'm not driving a fucking Fiesta again, I could barely fit inside the last one). It was the auto 2.2lt model, but the ride height was nice, and it didn't mind me throwing it around a little on Melbourne's wet roads. And back to pick up the old girl at the end of the day today: They even gave her a clean! Just in time for the next interstate road-trip to Adelaide next month.
  7. Saw this on an intersection in Bayswater on Mountain Highway, a TAS-plated Ford Courier with a camper wedged onto its back. Clearly gray nomads, the "Adventure b4 dementia" made me laugh.
  8. Jesus, I remember when GTA 1 - yes, the first and original - first came out for the PC. The graphics were pretty lousy in comparison to today's versions, but it was still fun committing crimes, getting the car repainted, listening to the radio announcements, avoiding cops......and aiming for any Hare Krishnas on the streets. GOURANGA! "Hey. I gotta message for you from Bald Man Sonetti. Cross him again, I'm gonna stick a gun up your arse, and blow your fuckin' eyeballs out. Capice?"
  9. Cheers @deankdx!
  10. Looks like another successful car system hacking, this time it's Volkswagen and Audi: A Dutch cyber-security firm has discovered that in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems deployed with some car models from the Volkswagen Group are vulnerable to remote hacking," reports Bleeping Computer. The vulnerabilities have been successfully tested and verified on Volkswagen Golf GTE and Audi A3 Sportback e-tron models. Researchers say they were able to hack the cars via both WiFi (remote vector) and USB (local vector) connections. Researchers hinted they could have also went after the cars' braking and acceleration system, but stopped due to fear of breaking VW's intellectual property on those systems. "Under certain conditions attackers could listen in to conversations the driver is conducting via a car kit, turn the microphone on and off, as well as gaining access to the complete address book and the conversation history," Computest researchers said in the papers. "Furthermore, due to the vulnerability, there is the possibility of discovering through the navigation system precisely where the driver has been, and to follow the car live wherever it is at any given time," researchers added. VW has deployed patches.
  11. I'd agree, my XH (Dec 97) has ABS, cruise control as an installed dealer option, and (even though the steering wheel is big enough to accommodate it) no airbags.
  12. Just had my yearly checkup at the doctor's. Good news and bad, I guess. Bad news is my cholesterol count is still too high, which is annoying because I don't really tend to eat a lot of fatty foods. I've only just paid off my last holiday (and have a new one to pay off, heh), which means I'm not flush with funds, so I don't eat a lot of take-away. I don't eat a lot of fried eggs and bacon or other greasy stuff either, so that's got me worried. I am carrying a few extra pounds with me though, so I suspect that will drop the more weight I lose. The other odd thing was above-average blood iron - I'm pale and have red(dish) hair, I've been battling with anaemia all my teenage life - so to hear that was quite surprising. It's not like I'm eating steak every week (at that price?), so again, baffling. The good news is I've finally dropped under the 100kg mark, for the first time since I returned to the country 3.5 years ago. I borrowed my mum's scales again for the first time in a month or so and was proud to see the needle stop swinging at 97kg. My target is 95, and then want to edge towards 90kg - I'll be happy there - but one thing at a time. I'm in IT, so I spend a lot of my time sitting at desks and staring into screens. For the last year, I've been eating lunch at my desk working and spending my 30min break-time simply walking around the factory grounds: I can do two laps of the site, and up to the main highway and back - a total of 3,3km my phone app tells me - in that time, and lately I've just broken the 29min mark. Just a simple 3km walk 5 days a week allowed me to drop under the 100kg mark! Took a while, but I got there! Thankfully I'm quite tall, so I can hide the extra weight a little better than most shorter people. Once I can drop a few more pounds and build up a little stamina, I'll be happy.
  13. I know it's a right-hand conversion job, but they still have the parking brake on the wrong side.....
  14. Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks that!
  15. Yeah, it's the other team, but it even got my attention just how much rare 1980s-series Holden Commodores were bought for. Just a quick summary: - 1988 VL Commodore Walkinshaw (SS Group A model), sold for $340,000 (after 66 bids) - 1985 VK Commodore (HDT Group A model, Brock edition), sold for $305,000 Full article is over here: And it's not just the Crummydores: - 1977 LH Torana SL/R hatchback, $250,000 Video article over here: Clearly old cards - regardless of badge - appear to be making good investment purchases.