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  1. Ah, here it is: on the Car Club permits page of VicRoads' website, under the "Driving on a club permit" section: Towing a vehicle with a club permit Vehicles being driven on a club permit may tow a trailer/caravan, providing it is registered, or operating on its own club permit or unregistered vehicle permit. All normal towing limits and restrictions apply (ie. Towing restrictions for P1 probationary licence holders or motorcycle licence holders within the first three years of holding the licence) Hope this helps.
  2. I'm sure I've seen gray-ghost travellers hauling a campervan behind their H-plated '70s Land Cruiser across country Victoria before. My panelvan will be up for club permit in three years (it's equipped with a towing brake and heavy-duty tow-bar) and I intend to tow with it.
  3. An extraordinary sighting in Yarra Glen over the weekend: By the past pic, it appears to be attracting other people's attention.... It looks incredible: while it appears to have had minimal modernisation (external blinkers installed front and rear), it's clearly in running condition. While the vanity plate on the front states it's a Model A, I'd've thought by its shaping it was actually a Model B.....? And on the way back, this raced past (at the intersection of Maroondah and Warburton Highways): Not entirely sure what it is, but it sure looks nice.....!
  4. It's that time of year again! So the Lady went in for a "major" service today....and what did they give me for a loan car.......? A pony! Sharp eyes would have noticed this is actually the 4-cylinder model: a bit of a let-down, but still surprisingly zippy nonetheless; I had fun in her! Admittedly the interior was a little cramped for someone as tall as I am, and the quality suffered from the right-hand drive conversion (hand-brake on the wrong side, wing-mirrors positioned incorrectly for right-hand drivers and their adjustment was difficult), space for only two adults in the rear seats, but it steered well, responded quickly to a bit of welly regardless, and had a kick-ass sound-system. This 4cyl model even had a 10-speed gear-box! Also came with a fully digital dash: Note the info on the engine's turbo (centre), and even vehicle-detection and lane-departure system (right), which rumbles the steering wheel if you change lanes without indicating (didn't give the emergency braking system a try!). Electronically, I was pretty impressed. Car came with keyless-go (push-button ignition, right of console....notice the old-skool switches across the bottom) and a Sync3 ICC. All up, not too bad: I wouldn't mind trying the 8-banger version sometime, but it was still a little cramped for my liking (too used to a family-sized Falcom I guess). At the end of the day I traded her back for the Lady, running a little quieter and having even been given a wash and looking classy again.
  5. I like the original darker gray 14" 12-slotters on my panelvan. I was seriously considering replacing them with shark-fin/FTR rims......but found myself liking the 12-slotters more. Maybe if I remove the bull-bar I'll switch to the FTRs, I don't think they'd suit a bull-bar somehow.
  6. Just finished watching The Hunt for Red October on SBS Viceland I love sub flicks (although in this case the book was superior), and far less ads on SBS.
  7. I remember seeing that Brougham.....hmm, lessee.... *counts on fingers* two factories ago. Hasn't changed much.
  8. Car racing legend and prominent businessman Robert Frederick "Bob" Jane has died aged 88 after fighting a long battle with prostate cancer. In 1961, Jane and co-driver Harry Firth won the Armstrong 500 at Phillip Island, driving a Mercedez-Benz 220SE. Jane and Firth won the race again the following year, the last before the event moved to Mount Panorama, retaining the Armstrong 500 name at the time but later becoming the Bathurst 1000. Jane, driving for the Ford Works Team, won a further two Armstrong 500s at the new venue, the first with Firth in 1963 and the second in 1964 with George Reynolds as co-driver. Despite the change of venue, Jane is officially credited with winning Australia's most famous endurance race four times in a row, something no other driver, not even 9 time race winner Peter Brock, has ever done. Jane won the Australian Touring Car Championship (now known as the V8 Supercars Championship) in 1962, 1963, 1971 and 1972. His 1971 ATCC win was in a Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 with a 427 cubic inch engine. Jane was forced by a rule change to replace the 427 engine with a 350 cubic inch engine for the 1972 championship but the Camaro still managed to beat the opposition, which included Allan Moffat's Ford Boss 302 Mustang, Ian "Pete" Geoghegan's Ford XY "Super Falcon", and Norm Beechy's Holden HT Monaro GTS350. Of the 38 races he started in the ATCC, he finished on the podium 21 times. Jane retired from competitive motor racing at the end of 1981 due to siatica in his back, but was inducted into the V8 Supercars Hall of Fame in 2000. Jane is best known for the hugely successful tyre retailer across Australia, Bob Jane T-Marts, first founded in 1965, run by his son Rodney, now estranged. In 2015 Bob Jane's Diggers Rest farm was seized by the state sheriff to pay legal costs resulting from court action brought against his son; he was declared bankrupt in 2016. More from ABC News Rest in peace, mate.
  9. A Saffa colleague of mine at work drives a gorgeous Fairmont XD 351, one of about 5 vehicles he has (he's working on a barn-find XE atm), and I was lucky enough to park next to it: Two siblings (Fairmont/G6E), 35 years apart! Looks beautiful, and sounds just as you'd expect too. He had it at this year's AFD. He knows me from when I drive the panelvan in occasionally, we've become good friends as a result!
  10. This thread might help you out.....
  11. Yet again in Bayswater...... I don't know what's more amusing: the car itself, or the fact the driver is dressed up for it!
  12. Hullo, I see Robbie is updating things again on Ozfalcon's forums? Site has changed slightly, different background colours and banner, and random threads have suddenly declared themselves unread again!
  13. Like hell! Interior looks pretty neat, apart from some fading. Noted the original stereo, and also the cigarette lighter. Looks like a series 2 interior, judging by the steering wheel and console. Does it have a cargo divider installed, or can you move easily between the cargo bay and passenger area?
  14. Looks like someone flicked the wrong switch on the website sits on..... Hopefully it's an accidental issue the local site admin forgot to set, could very well have been hacked/brought down. HTTP 403 means there's something at the other end listening to your request (ie: the website you're trying to access) but it's not actually permitted to respond outside the 403 error (like the webpage you wanted). Tends to suggest a misconfiguration, but....anyone the site admin's email address? *hopeful look*
  15. Oldie but a goodie: Don't get me going, I work in IT and I get the whole "Why did you give me Windows 10, I want 7/XP/Windows 2000 (seriously?)" All the pointless questions, and 99% of all problems usually solved by a reboot......< /rant > Sorry, bad day at work today.