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  2. thorne

    It's official: LPG is now dying off

    From the Completely Off-topic thread earlier this year:
  3. thorne

    XF to XD

    He may have: I mean, no guarantees, but he did manage to rustle up a fairly rare indicator assembly for my XH the last time I was there. Best way to see is to contact him: he doesn't have a website (not like Jolly's U-pull), but you can call him on (03) 9309 3223 (M-F 8:30am-5pm). Best of luck.
  4. Not that we needed a reminder, but I'm sure most people on this site with LPG- or dual-fuel systems would have noticed the availability of LPG across south-eastern Australia really begin to dwindle in the last few years. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-19/lpg-cars-disappearing-from-roads-gas-renewable-fuel-vehicles/102236128
  5. thorne

    Tall bloke vs Steering wheel

    Yep, 6'4" here and I've been wary of entering and exiting both my vehicles ever since I bought them. With the panelvan, there's no issue with headroom at least: yay extended roof-line. Only problem is, I look out the windscreen mainly through the blue polarised strip across the top of it. My thighs - which are fairly muscular - only just fit under the steering wheel, which has been set upwards at its maximum setting and the seat rolled all the way back. If I sit relaxed, there's no issue, but if I tense up my thigh muscles, then they make contact with the underside of the steering wheel. It's an interesting way to see if I'm stressed while I'm behind the wheel.....although I must say, on the odd occasion when I need both hands off the wheel temporarily, it's an effective way to steer. I have similar issues with the FGX, but that sits lower to the ground than the panelvan does, and because the A-frames are swept much further back, I have to remember to duck my head, or else it makes solid contact as I go to get inside it. Not a problem I have with the panelvan, as it still retains the X-series A-frames and there's no danger of knocking myself out! Thankfully the seats in the sedan appear to sit lower than the panelvan - and I can set them a little further back - but I only need to raise my knees about an inch before they hit the underside of the steering wheel.
  6. thorne

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    They look incredible!
  7. thorne

    CB radio

    Worked like a charm!
  8. thorne

    CB radio

    Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow.
  9. thorne

    CB radio

    Two of the removeable options were these: https://www.bcf.com.au/p/oricom-plug-and-play-5w-uhf310-radio-pack/573880.html https://autobarn.com.au/ab/Autobarn-Category/Shop-our-Full-Ranges-by-Brand-|-Autobarn/Gme/GME-5-Watt-Super-Compact-UHF-CB-Radio---Plug-'n'-Play-Kit---TX3120SPNP/p/ME24221 Pictures show magnetically-mounted aerial on the roof of the car, mounted from suction cap on the windscreen, powered from cigarette lighter socket. I'm sure the aerial won't have much coverage, but it will on the top of the car (instead of at the front mounted on the bull-bar) and it's removeable, I can put up with the interior cabling. This is a great idea! A decent aerial is a must for remote driving, but unnecessary for urban trips, and this sounds like an effective compromise. I must investigate this further!
  10. thorne

    CB radio

    Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum to post in, please move to correct one if needed. I'm taking another long-distance journey in the near-future, and I'm seriously considering a CB radio for the panelvan due to the isolation factor. Preferably a 5W, 80ch version, doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles, something functional will do. Unsure where to mount it to be honest (with a towing brake it's getting a little crowded already under the steering column) - although I hear there are "plug and play" units that are essentially removeable and are powered by the cigarette lighter socket - but I'm worried about the UHF aerial. The panelvan has a bullbar with plenty of space for a decent one, but I don't exactly live in a well-do-to area and I fear it's going to be nicked or broken off if it's left outside. Also, I have to park it under a storage locker above the parking space so it can't be too tall anyway. I know the big 4x4 utes (like the Ranger and F250) can get a roof console installed - perfect place for a CB - and while the panelvan does have the extended roofline, I don't believe they'll fit a panelvan properly, and a bespoke console will be too pricey. Any ideas? Any feedback welcome.
  11. Rebooting....

  12. thorne

    Darkside Garage Inc. Interior

    Nice! I'll have to ask you about your curtains and see if I can get them working correctly on my XH.....
  13. thorne

    New Acoustic windscreen

    I went through this myself on my FGX a few months ago (see FGX link in my sig for details), was able to get it replaced for free using glass cover option on my insurance. Definitely get acoustic glass if given the option (demand it if you can!). Does your VE have rain-sensing wipers? If so, the windscreen will need a hole carefully bored through it for the sensor, and it will most likely be acoustic glass they use to do so (at least, when the insurer asked if my car had rain-sensing wipers, they allocated an acoustic windscreen automatically). Certainly cuts down on wind and road noise....but then mine was replaced for free (more or less), so that might influence your decision.
  14. thorne

    Quarter windows.

    I've had to do this twice, once for my XF (which were openable and had hinges), and once for my XH (which were fixed and did not open). Both times I got them out was using a Stanley knife and scored the window along the outside edges from the inside to cut through the silicon. Then (very gently!) push in from the outside: I actually taped a tea-towel to the inside after I finished cutting, so when I pushed the window back in, it would fall against something soft, rather then fall in and shatter (and @2redrovers is correct, those glass panes are fucking expensive). The XF was a bitch, because it was made to move and has holes punched through it, so the pane is a lot more fragile and needs the hinges unscrewed first. I can't remember if the XG has fixed or hinged quarter windows.....?
  15. thorne

    New headunit

    Done, found this unit on special, does a lot more than I expected (including remote control and phone functions!), all for $170. Installation soon. https://imgbox.com/5ijA3Aou Thanks to everyone for your help!