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  1. Looks like someone flicked the wrong switch on the website sits on..... Hopefully it's an accidental issue the local site admin forgot to set, could very well have been hacked/brought down. HTTP 403 means there's something at the other end listening to your request (ie: the website you're trying to access) but it's not actually permitted to respond outside the 403 error (like the webpage you wanted). Tends to suggest a misconfiguration, but....anyone the site admin's email address? *hopeful look*
  2. Oldie but a goodie: Don't get me going, I work in IT and I get the whole "Why did you give me Windows 10, I want 7/XP/Windows 2000 (seriously?)" All the pointless questions, and 99% of all problems usually solved by a reboot......< /rant > Sorry, bad day at work today.
  3. Episode 8 is up!
  4. If it helps anyone, Supercheap Auto has a snap special on today, 20%-60% off everything for today only, in both physical and online stores. Bit late to mention it, granted, but you can buy online at least until midnight tonight,
  5. Well, it's been nearly a year since I last updated this! To be honest, there's nothing much else to show, as the Lady has eased comfortably into a daily role for me over the last year. Here's a few pictures parked at work: she's a little grubby unfortunately. She was overdue for a wash, so a morning getting detailed/valetted, she looks a lot better now: Much better! Of course, Melbourne being Melbourne, it rained not too long afterwards, and she looks nowhere near as nice anymore. At least the inside is still spotless. Least I could do for her: she was built about this time three years ago. Happy 3rd birthday to the Lady!
  6. That'd be him. Walked past today and he had his gray BA V8 ute out there instead, with similar detailing. That's not a sticker btw, that's actually badge lettering: he had the same one on his ute. This one also had a personalised plate: GK.DJR (I assume the owner's name is G. King).
  7. Hello fellow XH panelvan owner! Series 1 or Series 2?
  8. Jesus, someone in this country actually bought one of these monstrosities. A fourth-generation Cadillac Escalade, spotted in the Jersey Road industrial area in Bayswater. This thing is fucking huge, no joke. I'm fairly tall, but this thing is at least a head taller than I am. It's also one of the widest vehicles I've ever come across that wasn't a truck. What's the fuel economy of this monster? Even has a personalised plate. Wanker.
  9. Well that's a surprise, Inglourious Basterds is on 7mate at the moment. Great flick, only it has subtitles.....not something I'd expect to find on Channel 7.
  10. Yup, pretty much it. "Takt" in German can mean bar, clock or cycle, but in this context - "8 cyl/4 cycle" as a direct translation - I suspect gerg has it correct. Yeah, German is my third language. It's rusty as all hell, but decent enough I guess.
  11. My mother saw it last weekend, said it wasn't worth seeing on the big screen, pretty much. It wasn't too bad, but reception has been pretty lukewarm and while close to the original movie(s) in style, it never really gets it together. YMMV naturally. I didn't bother, I'll do as I usually do and just pirate it when the BluRay rip hits the torrent sites. Yeah, I'll be listening to Ocean's Eleven this evening doing my budget: EOFY around the corner, need to get my spreadsheets in order for tax time. Expenses for the FGX (as a "work" vehicle) feature heavily.
  12. Some miscellaneous pics of the old girl on my recent trip to Adelaide and the Yorke peninsula that didn't make my Roadtrips thread: Early start to beat the Melbourne morning peak-hour traffic: refuelling in Bacchus Marsh after a 0530hrs start. At Tolmer Park rest area,with Tatiara Creek and the Western/Dukes Highway bridge in the background, Bordertown. At the Baie Julie look-out of Ardrossan, on the eastern coast of Yorke Peninsula. It's interesting to note how progressively dirtier she gets.
  13. Lots of practice from my early 20s drivnig up and down the eastern seaboard, working as a contractor installing satellite pay TV. Longest I've driven is 18 hours: Brisbane to Melbourne via Dubbo in one go (stopping for fuel and meals). Dual-fuel vehicles really do help when you're doing long distances in a hurry. I find driving long distances is also therapeutic as well. With some decent music I can drive for hours and only need to get out of the car every now and then to stretch and maybe take a photo if the area looked interesting enough. I just need a decent pair of shocks, the quality of Australian roads can be bloody awful. Cheers. I've gotten used to just crashing in the back to be honest. I've got a decent futon, a thick blanket, and I take pillows with me if it's more than a night or two on the road. I just make sure I park somewhere secluded, park facing east and cover the windshield with the sun-shield (so I don't get blinded in the morning when the sun comes up) and lock myself in - just a precaution, I've never had an issue with others, but I've woken up to fresh dingo-prints around the vehicle the next morning. If it's really hot - or super-cold - then yeah, I'll go to a motel. If it's a cold morning, condensation caused by body heat on the inside of the car is annoying. And a hot morning makes for an uncomfortable start to a long drive. At least a motel (usually) offers a comfy bed, a shower and air conditioning! Ah, long-distance driving: it's not quite a lifestyle, but it feels like it sometimes!
  14. I get about 625km per full tank of ULP95 in my G6ET in city driving. Not long after I got it, I took it for a country run to Sydney and back and averaged just over 800km/tank; I was surprised and impressed. I barely get 600km/tank out of my XH, but that's dual-fuel (and tuned for LPG, admittedly).
  15. Another "short" trip over the Queen's Birthday long holiday: Friday 8th - Monday 11th June (hurrah for the extended weekend), for the usual annual trip to Adelaide, visiting friends in the Lofty my usual, winding, non-direct route, with the old girl fresh out of a service. Early start to beat the Melbourne morning peak-hour traffic: refuelling in Bacchus Marsh after a 0530hrs start. Heading west along the Borung Highway, about 20km west of Charlton, still clouded with morning fog. Driving west down Lloyd Street, the main drag of Dimboola, in the Wimmera, western Victoria. Driving south-west down Victoria Street, the main drag of Nhill, in the Wimmera, western Victoria. Crossing the border from Victoria into South Australia, at the Western/Dukes Highway crossing Driving north-east down Main Street, the main drag of Lobethal, in the Adelaide Hills.....early in the morning, with visibility down to 50m in some places! Driving west along Railway Terrace, the main drag of Balaklava, in the Mid-North Region, about 25km east of Port Wakefield Looking across the Baie Julie, its iconic red clay cliffs, and the Ardrossan Jetty, in Ardrossan, Yorke Peninsula. Driving west down First Street, the main drag of Ardrossan, about a third of the way down the eastern coast of the Yorke Peninsula. Driving east down the Copper Coast Highway, the Yorke Peninsula's main access road, about 15km north-west of Port Wakefield. Slowing chugging up the South Eastern Freeway approaching the northern portals of the Heysen Tunnels, just south-east of Adelaide. Driving east along the Mallee Highway, just east of Lameroo, Murray Mallee region, about 40km west of the border. Driving south along the Sunraysia Highway, about 25km south of Ouyen, through the Bronzewing Flora and Fauna Reserve Speeding through Speed! Headed south on the Sunraysia Highway through Speed in the Mallee. Note its welcome sign: "Welcome to Speed: please slow down!" Welcome back to Melbourne: driving south through the Flemington sound tunnel on Citylink, just outside central Melbourne. Route taken: Melbourne - Charlton - Dimboola - Bordertown - Mount Barker - Barossa Valley - Eudunda - Saddleworth - Port Wakefield - Ardrossan - Moonta - Mount Barker - Ouyen - Kerang - Bendigo - Melbourne Incidents: none (thankfully!) Notes of interest: Shitty weather on the way over threw me around a bit, but apart from that, nothing else really. Final tally: around 2,420km