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  1. thorne

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Best of luck this year gents! Sorry I couldn't come this year; it turns out the old girl needs work after my latest interstate jaunt that I really shouldn't put off any longer. Maybe next year?
  2. thorne


    Geez Scott, you sure you want 9s, 10s or 11s there? Also, I know she's been through a few motors now - 3? 4? - but that's the first time I think we've seen the genuine green rocker cover on it, to the point it looks odd to see it that colour....or is it just me?
  3. thorne

    Grinds My Gears

    When they do this in the right-hand lane, it's especially punch-'em-in-the-face-worthy.
  4. thorne


    ..... ..... No words.
  5. thorne

    The completely off topic thread

    Interesting to see the new site upgrade at work, have already noticed the new colour scheme, and it looks like you can do more than just "like" posts now too.
  6. thorne

    New headunit

    I've been checking JB Hifi Home (virtually nothing, standard stores don't even sell them anymore), Autobarn (a better selection), and SCA (also not bad)....but I never thought to check Repco, as I just assumed they sold spare parts. Will note that down for the next visit, cheers.
  7. thorne

    thorne's roadtrips

    A fairly lengthy trip over the Australia Day long weekend: Friday 25th - Monday 28th January, in a loop around NSW and southern QLD to Brisbane and back ....in my usual, winding, non-direct route. No real destination in mind, just wanted to wander for a bit. Crossing the River Murray from Victoria into NSW on the Newell Highway just south of Tocumwal, NSW. Heading north on the Kidman Way outside Coleambally, 70km south of Griffith, Riverina district, NSW Heading west on Tipper Way between Mount Hope and Euabalong, central NSW (about 42deg outside at the time) Looking out over the Peak gold mine from Fort Bourke Hill lookout, 3km south of Cobar, northern NSW (about 45deg outside at the time) Welcome to Cobar and its mining industry, in northern NSW, with the panelvan outside the town's southern gateway (still around 45deg outside at the time) Your usual outback road: heading east along Cooneybah Road, 35km west of Coolabah, northern NSW (about 43deg at the time) Main street of Brewarrina, far northern NSW A pic of the old girl at the motel in Brewarrina, NSW (just too hot to camp in the back, needed the air-con and a decent shower) Heading north on Goodooga Road, halfway between Brewarrina and Goodooga, far northern NSW Greetings from Lightning Ridge, opal mining capital of northern NSW Driving along the main street of Dirranbandi, southern QLD Silo murals in Thallon, southern QLD Greetings from Texas!....well, at least the one in southern QLD Heading east along the Bruxner Highway through the Dumaresq Valley towards the Great Dividing Range, northeastern NSW Crossing the border over Mount Lindesay from NSW into QLD on the Mount Lindesay Road about 20km north of Woodenbong (yes, that's a genuine name!), QLD. Woolloongabba stadium from the Wellington Road/Stanley Street intersection, South Brisbane Crossing the Storey Bridge over the Brisbane River, central Brisbane Driving through Kyogle on Summerland Way, northeastern NSW Prince Street through the centre of Grafton, northeastern NSW Cudgery Street through central Dorrigo, Northern Tablelands, northeastern NSW Crossing the Great Dividing Range on the Thunderbolts Way, 20km north of Gloucester, North Coast NSW Bolaro Street through central Dunedoo, central NSW Topping up with power steering fluid in Wellington, central NSW (must've been all those twisting mountain roads crossing the Great Dividing Range) Main Street through West Wyalong, western central NSW Hello.....er, Hitler is it? A car with an noteable numberplate In the truckstop at Narrandera, southern NSW Another border crossing: leaving NSW into Victoria over the river Murray by the Tocumwal Bridge onto the Goulburn Valley Highway again, just south of Tocumwal, NSW Route taken: Melbourne - Griffith - Euabalong - Cobar - Brewarrina - Goodooga - Lightning Ridge - Dirranbandi - Mungindi - Goondiwindi - Texas - Tenterfield - Beaudesert - Brisbane - Casino - Grafton - Coffs Harbour - Dorrigo - Walcha - Gloucester - Sydney - Dunedoo - Wellingotn - Parkes - West Wyalong - Narrandera - Melbourne Incidents: none (apart from camping in the back of a panelvan on super-warm humid evenings which made for some uncomfortable sleep at times) Notes of interest: - Extreme weather (mid-40s in northern NSW) I thought might do the old girl in, but like last time I was in the area, she just kept going on, barely crossing the halfway mark on the temperature gauge despite hot northerly head-winds at times, running on LPG and with the air-con constantly on (you'd better believe it with those temperatures). LPG availability became an issue in the west and north of NSW, but thankfully not too much of an issue for a dual-fuel vehicle (still, $1/lt for LPG? ouch).The front-end still needs looking at, with all those outback tracks and gravel roads: still needs a realignment next time I get it serviced (steering wheel still shudders under heavy braking, a sure sign something in the front-end needs looking at). Should have looked at it before I left, to be honest. - And not forgetting half of a 1lt bottle of power steering fluid. Very hot days, lots of twisting mountain roads up and then back down the hills.....I knew what that familiar screech was once I descended down from the Blue Mountains for fuel in Wellington. Something else to keep an eye on, hope I don't have a hose leak somewhere. Final tally: around 4,750km
  8. thorne

    New headunit

    Yeah, will attempt to glue in the old one for now, but I appear to have talked myself into an upgrade over the last few days. Besides, a unit with Bluetooth would be nice.....! As most cars come with integrated music systems these days, I've found the hard way looking in brick-and-mortar stores there's not nearly as much demand for headunits these days, as the older cars slowly die out. Bit of a shame, really: how do modern car-owners customise their systems?
  9. thorne


    Oh what the fuck......?!
  10. thorne

    94 EF $1k 30000kms

    An EF Falcon with only 30,000kms for just $1000? ......what's wrong with it? Do you have the original link to the site?
  11. thorne

    New headunit

    I dropped by an Autobarn on the way home to eyeball some of the units on offer. Alpine are still around - but are priced higher than other units that do pretty much the same thing, so it looks like with Alpine you're paying extra just for the badge. Also, Clarion are still around! But I can see why they aren't so popular these days: their units look dog-ugly. So that's them off my list. I'll drop by a JB Hifi and see what they're offering over the weekend. How easy is it to remove my old unit from the dash without the right tools? I would like to see how it's all connected and how easy it would be for me to install it myself.
  12. thorne

    New headunit

    Just snapped off the retaining hook on the inside of my Pioneer headunit in the XH after detaching the face from it....fantastic, it will only work if I physically hold the face-plate into the unit, if I left go, it falls out. Looks like......time for a new radio! Anyone have any suggestions for a 20-year old vehicle? Must-have points: - 1 DIN size (not carving up a genuine XH console just for a bigger screen, fuck that); - detachable face (I think they all are these days anyway?); - prefer mechless (no CD player), who plays optical media these days?; - at least one USB port; - Bluetooth: I have a new mobile phone without a headphone jack, so the only way I can play music from it (without a cable) is this way; - Needs to support extra speakers (I have two mounted on the top of the safety cage between the cargo bay and the passenger area); - A remote control would be nice too. Everything else is either optionable or negotiable. My last headunit was a Pioneer, so I'm leaning that way again, I like the design to be honest. Unsure about JVC or Kenwood, and I'm not particularly keen on Sony (higher prices and uglier models). Budget is $150 (although I'd consider more if I think it warranted it). Photo of the current unit: Any suggestions and recommendations would be welcome. Thanks everyone!
  13. thorne

    Sat Nav Update

    There are a couple of people that have done custom upgrades from Sync1 to Sync2, but it was too expensive to be worth it, as - from what I can gather - it required the entire FGX dash and all body/boot/engine looms plus ECU etc to be used, the looms were rerun plus a hole needed to be cut in the roof for the antenna, and there was still no guarantee on the GPS. There's some imperial DIY kits for American vehicles but I'm not sure how well they'd run in metric....plus some are as dodgy as hell. There's already a mod group looking at doing a Sync2 to Sync3 update (or even commercially like this Yank mob, for US$2300), but again, as we're out of the technology loop for a car that's no longer made, I'm not too sure how successful it would be. As for updating from Sync1 to Sync3.....I don't like your chances. At least Sync3 comes with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.....
  14. thorne


    Carnage have done a recent 4-episode thread transforming a 1963 Dodge Phoenix TD2 with a 440ci (7.2lt) V8 block:
  15. thorne

    Bargain X Series Thread

    Jolly's Dandenong have an XA wagon with a 250 in it for sale for $4000......obviously needs a bit of work, but the body seems whole and in decent condition......? https://www.jollysupullit.com.au/Home/ProductDetails2?AcqId=537417