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  1. Coming along nicely and looking pretty tidy. Fiddly small things take forever but pretty satisfying once all done. Love the tidy ignition leads, pet-hate is messy leads (OCD).
  2. Very cool project, will be awesome to keep an eye on this one!
  3. I've seen you ask this question on a couple of forums. Are you doing research for a PhD on the subject? Interesting if so. Personally, I think people steer away from things they don't understand. For an A-to-B driver, mechanics would be one of those things. Their car definitely just becomes an appliance which they either consciously or subconsciously place a maximum $ value on when it comes time for a service, or for repairs. I also think there's an increasing number of people who are driving cars they don't actually own (are paying off). If there's a problem, they might just chose to swap it out for another one (take a loss, trade it in and start again with a new one) as opposed to paying their fortnightly repayment + a repair bill. Then there's also people who don't want to over-capitalise on a car. If they've got a used car <$5,000 they might not see any value spending $1,200 for a heap of suspension repairs to worn out parts + labour. Personally, my daily driver (AU11 Ghia 5.0) was a $1,200 purchase. However straight-off I spent the same amount again on maintenance I knew it needed when I bought it, meaning it's already cost me $2,200. Then I decided I liked it so much I'd spend some more money on upgrades and add-ons and have easily spent the same again. I'm probably at ~$5,500 now and if I was to try and sell the car tomorrow, it wouldn't be worth that in todays market. BUT I have a car that is comfortable and a joy to drive for 2 hours every day. I also know that it's currently safe, maintained to a high standard and looks good (IMO) and has almost guaranteed me another ~100,000k's of trouble-free driving in a car I enjoy. Here's an interesting video which is probably relevant to this discussion too.
  4. Nice old XE GL but price is WAY off. Would be better around 5k negotiable, surely. Wonder if it comes with a new bonnet release or if you get to keep the rope one?
  5. PM sent!! Thanks again!! Painted the inside of my repairs this evening with killrust black. Finished grinding and tidying up my welds on the outside 1/4 repair and gave it a light spray of primer as I probably won’t do any more until the weekend now. I reckon it’ll come up damn good with a skim of filler! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. For now I've plugged it into green+green, but I can't actually test anything at this stage (still lots of wiring sections removed currently, needing to be re plugged back in). If you can check for me, that would be awesome (thank you for the offer)! With the balance knob wiring - if it's not been chopped and you can get a photo, that would also be wonderful. With the horns, massive thanks for the generous offer! However I just recently picked up a pair from an XD Fairmont being wrecked (hi + low) and was interested to notice they were different to those on my XD... My XD has plastic Hella ones and these ones I just picked up match the snail shell description you say, and are metal. Might swap the metal ones onto my XD and the plastic ones onto my XE - sounds more logical. My XD is a Feb 82 and my XE is a Nov 82. Last night I had a go at starting to remove the windscreen. Poked some metal wire through the seal and wound the ends of wire onto a screwdriver handle on each end (to hold/grip) and then tried the sawing action. Slow hard work, snapped the wire once and in one spot started chipping shards off the glass so I left it... Sent an inquiry off to a local windscreen guy to see if he can remove (and dispose of) it for me... I don't really want to have to try and get rid of a heap of glass anyway.
  7. Beautiful looking wagon there. Love the tan trim when it's in nice clean condition like that! As above comments, I will just reiterate: 1. Fluid levels - engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, P/S fluid 2. Tyre age (and inflation) 3. Spare tyre (as well as a wheel brace and jack) - make sure you can actually undo the wheel nuts and they haven't been rattled up too tight to undo with a wheelbrace... 4. Make sure all the lights work 5. Make sure you can wash/wipe your windscreen 6. 20L of drinking water (for you OR the car if broken down) is an excellent suggestion above 7. If you're unfamiliar with the car and doing long distances, don't necessarily just trust the fuel gauge, keep an eye on KM's travelled too, you don't want to risk running out. Also, if it's your first single-rail 4-speed Falcon, make sure the gear stick isn't about to pop out
  8. I think you're giving these people too much credit Back in the days of the trading post, stupid people didn't have the brain capacity to enter the correct string of numbers into their telephone keypads (or rotary dials) to even call, so that weeded them out, straight off. Whereas now, every 8 year old and every clown has a mobile phone in their hands 12+ hours of the day staring into their screens scrolling through BookFace for something to do...
  9. Mammoth job, but you're chopping through it. This thing is going to be noticeably more solid minus all that rust and with all that new steel. Neat job on the creases and folds etc. Definitely watching this one
  10. 9 times out of 10 that's what happens when I try to sell something on Gumtree. Had my TE50 for sale for $5,000 with new tyres, new shocks and 12 months rego, still got offered $2,500 or swap for a 1995 clapped out Land Rover.
  11. Definitely agree on the AU cockroach. And I can also say without malice as I also own an AU Ghia and have owned two other AU's prior. I had a black AU2 TE50 and it was definitely a cockroach shape. On paper, 20k for a 6cy XB wagon seems like a lot. I guess if it's a 4-speed GS with two way tailgate and in a good colour, makes it easier to understand. But if it's a tan coloured bench seat base model needing work, it's probably too much. Do utes still command more $, generally? Speaking of overpriced junk, I did offer my XR Falcon for sale for $25,000 about 6 months ago, on Gumtree. I figured usual Gumtree etiquette was to offer 50% what someone's asking (which was probably closer to the money, in reality) but not even a sniff so back in the shed it went. And I even gave it a wash before taking the photos
  12. Nah, someone will steal it and chuck it on BookFace. One of the awesome things I love about these forums is the ability to search and find related threads for a good read of info, not just a scrolling mess of "posts." I vote we keep it for ourselves haha.
  13. The yellow one actually looks good IMO (condition-wise). But honestly, this barn dust - bull dust is getting stupid. To ask decent money for an XD-XF you still need to put effort into presenting it decently, it's still not a desirable vehicle and the dust and dirt just looks like neglect. Cleaned up and for 3k it would have gone by now...
  14. I also have a section that could do with repairing, where the windscreen wiper mech bolts. I was going to leave it alone, but now I'm stuck into the welding, kinda wish I'd left the dashboard out now...! Still might just leave it alone, got enough to carry on with as it is. Pics, just because.
  15. Wonderful info again, and detail. I almost feel like printing this out and hanging it on the wall in the shed haha. I suspect I'll be referring back to these tips and advice a few times! Cheers for clarifying. I seem to work most efficiently when I have a list to follow, step by step of the basics, and can usually fill in the gaps from memory or on auto-pilot once you know the basics. So yesterday I started work early which meant I could knock off early(ish). Got home and decided to get stuck into the repair above the windscreen. Cut out the rusty junk, wire wheeled everything clean as possible. Made some neat little repair sections (basic 2d shapes) and tacked them in place. But I noticed once it was all done, that a nearby area some pinholes had appeared. Obviously the metal must have been really thin there and welding nearby just popped them though? Tried to tack them up and they just blew through. Damnit. Just means I have another area to cut out. I will now be removing the windscreen to see what else might be hidden nearby...