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  1. Cool car, cool back story. Looking forward to following any progress on this one!
  2. Wow, pro job there! Few $ there in insulation and deadener. Are you saying that even after this, you'll put the glass fibre original insulation back in too? So three types all together? Nice work btw.
  3. Nice, I love a tidy XF Ghia. I had the opportunity of a beautiful Monza red one once. I'm wondering, while the HVAC and dashboard were out, how did you go about sound deadening and insulating the firewall in the cabin? From factory, I think they had a layer of glass-fibre insulation on the underside of the plenum and on the firewall - did you remove all that and stick down some foil backed butyl type insulation - guessing that's what the "stinger road kill" is?
  4. Maybe we should just call everyone "Dave" regardless of their actual name? How many Dave's have we got? P.S. Welcome! Beautiful car Dave. P.S.S. I'm also Dave...
  5. Seeing quite a few "1 of 1's" around now that Ford is including build stats on their letters. Yours will definitely be thanks to a corporate colour choice. I wonder if the minimum order for a corporate colour was just 2?
  6. As above, value for money, hard to go past a BA/BF Fairmont Ghia or BA/BF Fairlane. You can almost have your pick of them with that budget. But personally, I still think the AU is in a great spot at the moment - very unloved considering BA/BF/FG have now become so cheap, but the reliability (and repairability) of an AU is superior IMO. I picked up my AU2 Fairmont Ghia, V8 (5.0L), Tickford bodykit for $1,200. Spare parts are still moderately easy to come by, new parts (brake pads, hoses etc) are all cheap to buy, upgrades are easy and plentiful (brake upgrades, leather interiors, Momo steering wheels and knobs). Don't be scared of an AU or BA with 150,000 to 250,000k's as there's still life in them way beyond that, as long as you get it cheap enough and can count on spending a bit of money on worn out things like wheel bearings/hubs etc (which are all still available and cheap)!
  7. Very nice, I love my AU's. Yours looks great and looks like the paint is still pretty good on it too. Bet it's nice to drive with the 5-speed.
  8. Might squirt a drop of trans fluid down each bore one evening after work, thanks for the tip. I'll see if I can still turn it over by hand on the weekend too. I'm pretty lucky with the interior actually, door trims and seats are all pretty decent. Minor wear on the drivers seat and a small repair patch but over-all they're good. I remember the rear headrests are split though, seems pretty common. The other thing I don't have is carpet though. Chucked the original one out... But I see Knox carpets have a pretty good plush carpet for under $200 in the right colour which I'll grab when the time comes.
  9. Bloody hell, again?? Do you have a big strong magnet behind there or something!? Thanks for the info earlier on the elect vs air and strip disc, nylon wheel info. Always good to hear first-hand from someone who does it all the time, cheers! Might go grab a nylon wire wheel for the drill and a strip wheel for the angle grinder and have a go!
  10. I absolutely love coming into this thread and seeing your work. Always varied, always interesting and always inspiring! Just wondering, what's your go-to tool for stripping metal to cleanup an area of a panel before welding in a new section - electric or pneumatic? Do you jump to a grinding disc, flap disc or wire wheel or just a combination of all depending? I know, probably a ridiculous question and could even be personal preference, but it may have a simple answer?
  11. Looking really great. How are you finding the re-assembly process? Daunting or exciting? I've heard the jinpingpingping sound deadener is pretty good, and value for money compared to others. But what will you use for the firewall, before you put the dash back in. Same stuff or something more for thermal insulation?
  12. Yeah thanks guys, I'm hoping I can keep a slow and steady pace, cleaning up parts as I go and putting it back together. I don't want to go full nut and bolt restoration. I've got a tonne of spares so I'll use all the best bits and re-assemble it. The 6cyl 250 motor in it now is the original block with the code matching the tags which seems to be important in these things. At this stage, no plans to convert to V8 or manual, just keep it as it should be... Hasn't run in roughly 11 years so I'll need to look into what's involved in getting a dormant motor going safely again, when the time comes. Basic action plan is: 1. Re-assemble heater/dashboard/wiring/pedal box/steering column 2. Remove the petrol tank and repair the rusty and damaged rear 1/4 3. Remove the back windscreen to address minor rust (hopefully doesn't become major) 4. Re-fit headliner, back windscreen, get a new windscreen fitted (cracked), instal interior and door looms 5. Re-fit door hardware (hinges, locks, regulators etc), window glass (then the carpet and seats can go back in) 6. Replace any worn steering/suspension components front/rear (might have to spend some money here on bushes, balljoints etc) 7. Get the brakes working front/rear (rebuild kits for each caliper, might have to do the brake master cyl and brake booster) 8. Get the engine running (needs basic stuff at minimum - gasket or two, spark plugs, leads, water pump, thermostat+housing, air filter, oil filter, OIL) 9. Chuck all the lights, trims and badges etc back on 10. See where it stands - sell or keep! I need to organise some insulation for the firewall before the heater/dash go back in. The original stuff was nasty yellow fluffy glass-fibre which is all long gone now. Not sure I want to use a foil backed adhesive butyl though, something closer to original (like insulation batt) would be better - anyone got any suggestions?
  13. This is the story of my November '82 XE Fairmont Ghia. Just a 250/auto, silver with grey trim. Power windows and locks plus Option 54 European Sports Pack (ESP). I bought it in 2006, complete and running but unregistered so I had it tilt-trayed home (living with my parents at the time). The body shell was pretty rust-free but the doors and bonnet had a bit of rust in. Other bad spot was the driver side rear 1/4 where the bottom was rusted out. It's had some accident damage repaired above the tail light on that side and I reckon it must have been letting in water for a few years, boot carpet was all mouldy too. My plan was to strip it down and send the body off to be repaired and repainted. Pretty much completely stripped it down and packed everything into boxes and containers. I was also gathering spare parts, lights, indicators, trim parts and such as they were all very easy to source at that time, my local wreckers both had literally stacks of XD-XF's, Falcons/Fairmont's and Fairlanes. Grand plan was a V8/4-speed so I purchased a ZK Fairlane which I took the 302 Cleveland from and I picked up a full single rail conversion to suit, with all the hydraulic clutch parts. Loss of interest plus a change in priorities meant nothing happened to it for a few years until in 2009 when I decided to drag it out of the lean-to carport and try to sell it. I remember I wanted $3,500 for the whole lot (which seemed like a lot at the time). Only had one bite from a guy in Victoria who wanted photos of everything (which I did) and after a bit of back/forth I didn't hear back from him so I pushed back into the lean-to where it sat for another 8 years. Late last year I cleaned off the dust, spiders and leaves and finally had it tilt-trayed from my parents house to my house where I've pushed it to the back of my own garage! If I knew 10 years ago what I know now, I'd never have stripped it down. I had grand plans and good intentions but I should have listened to my Dad who said just tidy it up, get it registered and enjoy it. 2006 when I bought it. 2009 after I'd tried to sell it with no luck. Took a photo of it in the same spot in 2014 just to prove I still had it. 2017, first time in 11 years that it moved more than a few meters. And where it is now!
  14. Nothing much happening, but we all like photos so here's two recent ones.
  15. I had hoped to find a second hand canopy with windows that would fit, but they were always too short or too tall, so custom was the only way. Similar to the windows on the old XA/XB "leisure range" Surfsider vans, that's what I based them on. Now if only I can get a pop-top...! Haha. Thanks, it's a pretty special car. It's far from perfect so looks best in low-light or from a good distance but it's pretty honest. Unfortunately it's not a Sundowner (JG47) it's only a GL with S-Pack (JG45) but it's nice to have the up/down tailgate same as Sundowner, full length headliner and it is a genuine Sundowner roof spoiler too. I still toy with the idea of getting the Sundowner stripe kit, but I'm undecided still. Not cheap ($800 per side) but it's something I ALWAYS wanted to have since I bought the van. I had the windows made by "Windows West" here in WA and I must say, the guys there are absolute perfectionists and do a top quality job. Incredibly impressed with how well built they are. They specialise in marine windows so they should outlast the van itself. Interesting, are you sure Bob had his from new? Between the 80's and late 90's I cannot account for who owned mine, so it's not impossible, provided Bob didn't have it from new? Just had standard 5.5" steel rims with XR hubcaps when I bought it.