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  1. Nothing much happening, but we all like photos so here's two recent ones.
  2. I had hoped to find a second hand canopy with windows that would fit, but they were always too short or too tall, so custom was the only way. Similar to the windows on the old XA/XB "leisure range" Surfsider vans, that's what I based them on. Now if only I can get a pop-top...! Haha. Thanks, it's a pretty special car. It's far from perfect so looks best in low-light or from a good distance but it's pretty honest. Unfortunately it's not a Sundowner (JG47) it's only a GL with S-Pack (JG45) but it's nice to have the up/down tailgate same as Sundowner, full length headliner and it is a genuine Sundowner roof spoiler too. I still toy with the idea of getting the Sundowner stripe kit, but I'm undecided still. Not cheap ($800 per side) but it's something I ALWAYS wanted to have since I bought the van. I had the windows made by "Windows West" here in WA and I must say, the guys there are absolute perfectionists and do a top quality job. Incredibly impressed with how well built they are. They specialise in marine windows so they should outlast the van itself. Interesting, are you sure Bob had his from new? Between the 80's and late 90's I cannot account for who owned mine, so it's not impossible, provided Bob didn't have it from new? Just had standard 5.5" steel rims with XR hubcaps when I bought it.
  3. I got it 15 years ago from a wreckers yard in Midland, still registered. A young girl had it and didn't look after it, hence ending up in the yard. I know the original owner was Shell Australia and the rep who drove it lived in Wichmann Rd Attadale. He passed it (presumably in the 70's or 80's) to his Grandaughter who lived in South Perth. After that, and before the young girl (early 2000's), I'm not sure as there's a 10-20 year window there.
  4. That would be my XR! Well spotted haha.
  5. No progress on the seats but I have fitted the new sliding cargo area windows and I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out. Can't wait to "test them out" camping next time, hopefully a lot nicer in the back with the extra air flow and lack of bugs buzzing in.
  6. Someone has fitted an AU radiator. Those are butchered AU top radiator mounts and that is an AU bottom radiator support beam which has been chopped short.
  7. What do you guys reckon? Anyone know of the car?
  8. This morning in Welshpool, spotted a real beauty! Pastel yellow coloured XF Fairmont parked out the front of the panel beaters. Assumedly one of the guys in the workshop there. It was SO clean and tidy and looked recently painted as it was perfect. I'll see if I can snap a pic when I go back to collect my car next week.
  9. Yes, looks great! Looooove that colour.
  10. Pretty happy with the results!
  11. Nice old garage - they don't build them like that any more. Also, SO MANY PAINT TINS haha. Nice and tidy indeed.
  12. Is there a difference in length for XD or XE steering columns? Reason I ask is because the steering wheel in my XD is very close to the driver, have to squeeze past it to get in/out (I don't think I'm THAT fat)? I'm sure my old XE wasn't like it. Otherwise I might consider an aftermarket steering wheel as the XD GL type one does come forward a fair bit too.
  13. That's what I love about this panelvan is that it's never been more than a weekend or two from being back on the road again, which is important as I don't need/want another full-blown project, just something to tinker with and improve on slowly while using regularly. Supposedly "valves, checking the tank and new filler hose" but that's pretty vague. To be honest, I don't really know what's involved, don't know if they replace set items or just check and replace where necessary... It is very unclear. Oh and expensive, gas isn't that cheap and NOWHERE we went down South had gas, it seems like a waste of time having it for anything other than to increase range. Can't wait to see the new sliding windows, it should be ideal for ventilation. We used to crack the front windows down or have the 1/4 windows open but it just lets mozzies in. Dropped off some spare seat material to local detailers to have cleaned as best as possible. Hoping they come back usable. In which case, will drop the seats and spare material off at the local trimmers and have them re-done. Before:
  14. I finished off my dodgy LHR 1/4 repairs, all painted one colour again, back on the road and looking half tidy. I did end up just bogging the LH door back up again. Looks like the outer skin was a replacement on a very rotten original frame. I'll coat inside the door with fish oil and replace the door completely when the rust becomes a problem, the door is really toast but will do for now... Also replaced all the rubber fuel hoses including the filler neck - they were all pretty old and split. Re-connected the tank breather lines and put an O-ring on the fuel sender unit. No surprises that sorted out the petrol smell... Just returned from a 1,000km trip down South-West WA for my 30th B'day. Run happily (and safely) on petrol for the first time since I've owned it, so I might now actually remove the gas system. It's up for it's 10 year inspection/service which so far I've been quoted $450 - $600 for, not sure it's worth the money. The weather down South was warm so we used the tent, gets pretty stuffy sleeping in the back of the panelvan and bright at night with no curtains... Some sort of insulation in the back is part of the future plans but I have finally got a pair of custom made sliding windows on order. Getting made by Windows West who have been hugely helpful and accomodating. The owner has done two sets for Falcon panelvans before. Black powder coated frames, grey tinted safety glass and with flyscreens. Can't wait to get them, but I have chosen to instal them myself. ETA is another week away.
  15. Thanks! It's good to have it back. But I've still got too many cars (XR sedan, XD van, XE ESP and AU sedan).