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  1. macman

    1999 au xr6 motor into a 2002 au Fairmont ghia

    If the starter just clunks with 12v directly onto its terminals, try as @wok said and give the solenoid a knock with something solid. Gentle tap with a hammer or tap with a big spanner. My XD starter used to jam all the time so I'd jump out, give it a tap to free it up, jump back in and it'd be OK again. If that's the case, it can get you out of trouble for now, but new starter required long-term obviously. The Fairmont Ghia has so many small extras over the XR6 (Falcon) so I'm not surprised you have found it a much nicer car. Plush carpet, extra interior lights, felt headliner, much nicer dashboard etc etc. I love my AU Fairmont Ghia... Being 2002 yours would be a series 3 though, correct? They have the nice leather seats with cloth inserts and other small refinements.
  2. macman

    1999 au xr6 motor into a 2002 au Fairmont ghia

    Done a little googling. As I haven't done this before, I can't vouch for this info, but it may lead you in the right direction (hopefully)! https://www.tiperformance.com.au/knowledge-base/wiring-up-the-neutral-switch-in-a-ford-falcon-manual-conversion/
  3. macman

    1999 au xr6 motor into a 2002 au Fairmont ghia

    Excellent suggestion. I second that Good chance it's the wiring to the inhibitor switch needs... something... You remember on the auto when you removed it, the inhibitor switch is the white plastic module on the side of the transmission. You may need to loop a section of it or put a resistor in there or something. P.S. I love a good AU, especially a Fairmont Ghia.
  4. macman

    How to I.D a xd,xe v8 brake booster

    I understand this to be correct also.
  5. macman

    Boot harness very urgent

    Who knows... Don't think we'll even see a reply which will answer anyway.
  6. macman

    Boot harness very urgent

    Can you please clarify? What part of the "boot harness" do you need exactly? It's not separate from the main wiring from dashboard across floor to the back end...? Do you just need globe holders?? I don't understand what "black bit" that goes between the boot and below the back window...? Do you mean the rear window rubber/seal?
  7. macman

    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    That's how mine look on my iron head crossflow too, just some of those bolt holes don't get used. Looks crap IMO but I believe that's just how they are. Extractors and larger exhaust are the generic first upgrades and obviously will make it louder. But whether you like louder or not is a matter of personal preference. Previous owner put extractors and a single 2.5" exhaust (with a 3" tailpipe section) on my 250 and I actually almost hate it. He absolutely loved the sound, but it gives me a ringing headache. Just two opposite ends of the scale with what some people like and others don't like. 2% of the time I get a bit of enjoyment when coasting down hill in 3rd gear, it sounds alight. But otherwise it's just loud. Power-wise, I don't know what it was like before the extractors and exhaust, but it hasn't got much guts now, so I hope it wasn't worse before - my suspicion is it's the same, just louder. P.S. I love your XC, looks great!
  8. macman

    XH Brakes.. FIXED ..!!!

    I've also had a friends EF Falcon's brake booster fail. Luckily at slow speed in a carpark. Plastic brake booster housing had split. AU series 2 onwards have the metal brake boosters FYI. Good upgrade as opposed to fitting another good plastic one. Interesting to hear it's a relatively straight forward modification to instal. Glad you've got to the bottom of it and can enjoy (safely) driving your XH again.
  9. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    How did you go @xfish?
  10. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    Do you think it could have gone into Limp Home Mode (ie locked in 3rd) when you put it in "1" and took off? If manual shift in 1st put it into LHM, but in "D" it shifts 1-4th as normal, could be a faulty inhibitor switch. Just a thought.
  11. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    Fuel pressure regulator sounds like a logical next item to replace. Keen to hear how you go with it. Also, EL2 XR8 - nice.
  12. macman

    Bonnet hinge threads

    Well done, definitely the best solution. I need to do mine on my XD.
  13. macman

    Confused XG project

    Someone has fitted an AU radiator. Those are butchered AU top radiator mounts and that is an AU bottom radiator support beam which has been chopped short.
  14. Is there a difference in length for XD or XE steering columns? Reason I ask is because the steering wheel in my XD is very close to the driver, have to squeeze past it to get in/out (I don't think I'm THAT fat)? I'm sure my old XE wasn't like it. Otherwise I might consider an aftermarket steering wheel as the XD GL type one does come forward a fair bit too.