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  1. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    How did you go @xfish?
  2. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    Do you think it could have gone into Limp Home Mode (ie locked in 3rd) when you put it in "1" and took off? If manual shift in 1st put it into LHM, but in "D" it shifts 1-4th as normal, could be a faulty inhibitor switch. Just a thought.
  3. macman

    El xr8 2 issues......

    Fuel pressure regulator sounds like a logical next item to replace. Keen to hear how you go with it. Also, EL2 XR8 - nice.
  4. macman

    Bonnet hinge threads

    Well done, definitely the best solution. I need to do mine on my XD.
  5. macman

    Confused XG project

    Someone has fitted an AU radiator. Those are butchered AU top radiator mounts and that is an AU bottom radiator support beam which has been chopped short.
  6. Is there a difference in length for XD or XE steering columns? Reason I ask is because the steering wheel in my XD is very close to the driver, have to squeeze past it to get in/out (I don't think I'm THAT fat)? I'm sure my old XE wasn't like it. Otherwise I might consider an aftermarket steering wheel as the XD GL type one does come forward a fair bit too.
  7. macman

    Any way to identify?

    It was converted to LPG back in 2008 before I owned it but it's up for testing this year and I CBF so plan on removing the LPG and going back to petrol only. Just sorting out the tank, sender and lines now. I'm tempted to stick with the iron head in the future, only because like you say I hear they don't seem to blow head gaskets like alloy heads... But I hear they're damn heavy which isn't surprising because they're a pretty big head. I need to do some serious reading on these forums about economical upgrades to a 250 crossflow for a bit more guts for everyday driving. If it turns out I've got a 200 motor, then I'd better start looking out for a running 250 at least.
  8. macman

    Any way to identify?

    Hahaha thanks guys. Quite easy to lose traction taking off in 1st (it's a 4-speed and a panelvan so maybe it's light in the rear) but it runs out of puff pretty quick and it's pretty gutless compared to my old Fairmont which was a 250 auto. Engine number is in a weird spot, isn't the normal "JG2xAA" format and the block has big "X" cast into it which is all very different to my old XE too. According to the tags it should be a 250 alloy head but it's definitely an iron head so it could be anything... Would be good to know, but I think it will be retired long term anyway.
  9. macman

    Any way to identify?

    Is there any way to identify if a crossflow motor is a 200ci or 250ci form the outside? My XD has had an engine swap at some stage, unsure what it's from but is there any way to tell if it's a 3.3 from casting number or engine number or measuring block height?
  10. One of the best colours for an XD S-pack IMO When it's 25+ years old and faded it looks like poop but when it's fresh it is incredibly deep, sparkly, luscious! Best examples I've got...
  11. I've noticed the plastic clips available in packets new - on those rotating stands in Auto One etc that holds all the nuts/bolts and other clips.
  12. macman

    Au 3 low idle

    Excellent, I'm very confident that the re-learn procedure (step-by-step above) will fix your issue. Let us know!
  13. macman

    Au 3 low idle

    When you removed the LPG setup, did you disconnect the battery? If so, the computer needs to re-learn. There is a startup sequence you need to follow on first-start after reconnecting the battery, which will set all it's baselines. Some AU's respond to this, others don't. My AU2 I know this HAD to be done or it would just stall. My AU1 didn't seem to care if you did it or not.
  14. macman

    Panel Van Tailgates and Barn Doors

    My XD panelvan has tailgate rear. I am planning to replace the old struts with gas struts. Also thinking about possible ways to ad and internal handle. Wonder if a caravan parts place would do a double-sided T-handle, lockable from inside/out...