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  1. My little corty would love 400hp on the street but who wouldnt want 800hp. I live fairly close to calder and heathcote and been to neither. Although one day i will, its fun telling the hsv boys its just a xflow at the next set of lights
  2. Mines on 10psi but only revs to just over 5k. I start making boost at 2500 and 10psi not long after. I killed my first low comp engine because of the tune on less boost. This engine i'v ran more boost and timing without issues. Both motors are anything but build, just bits and pieces I have laying around. This motor is mid 8 comp, mild na cam with alot of overlap and shows 150psi on comp test. I was just amazed about the hp figures the Yanks have on low boost blow thru set ups. I suppose it comes down to experience and knowledge of product. Or comp v boost/timing and when too much of one starts to effect the other. Get them both right and it's happy days.
  3. I'm not in the process of building an engine just found it interesting. When I put together my turbo motor I just went largest chamber and dish, zero decked to keep comp down.
  4. Hi guys, I came across a post on Facebook in a blow thru turbo page about the best way to achieve a desired compression ratio. It was pretty interesting to see different people's approach to the same goal. So it was basically which is preferred a larger cc chamber or dished piston. Now most of the guys on it are Yanks with big capacity v8 running high comp with boost making big power. Now this had me thinking about our old trusty xflows which have a variety of head and piston types to choose from. So which would be better, zero deck flat tops with larger chamber or small chamber with large dished pistons down the bore? I know there would be more to the equation but ideally flat tops, zero decked would promote quench, whilst dished pistons zero decked would do the opposite so would there be a point? Or is 10.1 still 10.1 no matter which way you achieve it? The Yanks seem to get away with high comp, big turbo set ups with e85 ect but we don't have the luxury
  5. LJDB

    keeping temps down with turbo

    Iv heat wrapped the dump pipe, turbo beanie and made a heat shield for the exhaust manifold from a b series heat shield. Iv also played with different thermostats and water pump pulleys to get it right. Im using a fixed fan with small water pump pulley. With the larger pulley, coolant temp fluctuates alot between driving and in traffic. If the turbo is water cooled the places the lines are tapped in may effect the system aswell.
  6. clutch is forked. Ordered a dual friction one from sunbury brake and clutch, spoke to the bloke and he has one behind his 500hp clevo so should do the trick http://www.sunburybrakes.com.au/ford-falcon-clutch-kit-cushion-button-stage-2-eb-ed-ef-el-au-4a1992-to-3a2002-h1220ncb-(2)
  7. LJDB

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Serious ports they look larger with the head on the block. What happened between cylinder 4 and 5? And is that a custom head gasket or decomp plate. Looks thick. This thing looks all business
  8. 250 crossflow, il have to pull tge box out and have a look
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know if there is a difference a single rail throw out bearing and a t5. Early single rail clutch kits come with a seperate bearing and the t5 style has a bearing and retainer clip all in one. Problem im having is minimal freeplay at the fork. I have backed the cable right off but if i push on the fork away from the clutch is hardly moves as if the throw out bearing is to wide. Google hasnt come up with much. The car drives fine but im getting slip if i give it a hard time. Its an extreme cusion button clutch and should be capable.
  10. Mines a 4 speed and I went back down to 2.9s. I had 3.7 and tried 3.23 and there was little difference. First gear was way to short and banging throw the gears way to quick. Revs are the big killer, mine only pulls to alittle over 5k. Starts making boost around 2600rpm and full boost (10psi) at 3k. 2.9s in 3rd at 5k im doing about 155kph. Mines also in a corty so pulls along nicely off boost and cruising around.
  11. LJDB

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Where did you get the plenum made? Theres been an add on ebay lately for them.
  12. LJDB

    Holley Sniper EFI

    With my o2 sensor in closed loop my cruise driveabilty is poor. The ecu is constantly altering the a/f and varies quite abit depending on temps. I also have low comp and mildish na camshaft which doesnt help. Before my current setup i changed from a redline 4bbl manifold to aussiespeed and they are definitely a better manifold. I agree that its the way to go but it can be made to work for now.
  13. LJDB

    Holley Sniper EFI

    As for fuel system, something like a fitech fuel commander would be easy. Easy to rig something up with the same principles. Although a small surge tank is fairly simple to set up. Better to do it correct from the start
  14. LJDB

    Holley Sniper EFI

    Wouldnt the sniper kit allow the tuner to select a targeted a/f ratio. This will make the tune safe but not ideal for all out power. Set the a/f so the leanest cylinders are safe going off plug readings? Covers the uneven cylinder flow. Iv done something similar on my efi set up with xf banana manifold but mines turbo so rich is good for me.
  15. LJDB

    XF EFI Fuel problem?

    Afm has like a trap door inside that can jam shut. Have alook at that. Have u checked spark. Have they actually confirmed it getting to much fuel? (Wet plugs). People love to jump to conclusions and miss the basics.