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  1. running a mild worked 351 clevo in my xf
  2. xc rally clusters look way better , l fitted one to my old zh l had ages ago with blue leds in it , way better an fitted p6 front an rear end to it just to be a lil different
  3. xc rally cluster look better, fitted one to my old zh l had ages ago
  4. does any one know of where to get one of these or at least get one made up at all?? lm running straight LPG on my xf pano , l have 2 425 mixers with the holey throtal plates on them but l want to run both instead of just the one.. the only place cn find one is on evilbay an its from the states which is way costly as hell.... lm also waning to run twin hi filters if l can an ideally would like to be able to get one made so that the mixers sit alil further apart to do so...or would that make it sit too close to the dizzy in the end??..Any help be great as this is the 1st time lve actually used the 425 mixer
  5. p6 had the levers in the consul for the aircon heater an stuff , zh was just plain padded . l like to be different an as the old saying goes if it don't fit make it fit an that's what lve been doing with a lot of my cars lol
  6. thanks hendrixhc finally found a decant site that nobody will bag on you or anything lol look forward to being a long member
  7. pretty much yeap lol zj-k front end zl dash 351 from my old p6 fairlane l lost ages ago to a fire that's why its sporting the the badge work from the p6 along with the steering wheel and a zh consul , now just trying to figure out how to maybe fit xc buckets to the xf-g pv ute rails as l cant seem to sell them so why not reuse them instead if l can
  8. yeah fuel filler in the xf is for the LPG the xg is my youngest daughters an its being built till she is 18 or 21 which ever comes 1st lol, the plenum lm just trialing atm on my pv an that's going to be a very long build , the xg has had a modified xf pv tank done to fit behind the drivers seat jus now a matter of finding a new front bar for the xg a bar for mine and a new drivers xf-g door for the xg , mines now had all key locks removed from doors an have a hidden switch to unlock all of them and even have a remote for the hood,, the cowls made outa steel an everything fun part was filling in the sections with seal near the barn doors an flush mounting the pillar lights
  9. ve owned a few xd-e-f in my time but now lm doing a xg pv for my youngest with a efi 250xflow full xf dash harness etc ,, its got el xr side skirts custom fitted for smooth look etc etc ,, use to be a old tyre joint car from Bendigo, clean no rust no nothing but the ca was originally lime glaze green under the paint I'm also in he middle of building a xf x divie van , has had some minor rust work done like around side windows where they re common etc etc couple of minor dings but no major issues rust wise at all,, has zk front fitted reverse cowl lm doing outa steel zl complete dash straight gas 351