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  1. DemonHunter

    425 duel mixer adaptor

    running a mild worked 351 clevo in my xf
  2. DemonHunter

    425 duel mixer adaptor

    does any one know of where to get one of these or at least get one made up at all?? lm running straight LPG on my xf pano , l have 2 425 mixers with the holey throtal plates on them but l want to run both instead of just the one.. the only place cn find one is on evilbay an its from the states which is way costly as hell.... lm also waning to run twin hi filters if l can an ideally would like to be able to get one made so that the mixers sit alil further apart to do so...or would that make it sit too close to the dizzy in the end??..Any help be great as this is the 1st time lve actually used the 425 mixer