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El el rear door opening issues and wiper arm bushes

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Ok 1st issue is my ef-l rear left door has issues opening from inside an out. Door shuts easy enough but the issue is when l open it from the out or inside l have to either shove on it from I or pull hard to open it. I’ve adjusted the striker plate an watched as l shit it an it was dead even with the door and everything but soon as it starts to engage it’s a lil snugging but then open I get the push hard yank hard to open l even tried a different striker that l ground down a lil an changed the lock mec in the door same issue even changed doors same bloody issue.  What would be causing that. ?? 2 nd issue is wipers where does one get new bushes to fit the arms under the cowl as my left wiper has some serious free play. When l use them an turn off the passengers is still 1/4 in the up position an l just push it down. I’ve noticed that the bushing or what ever it’s called is pretty much fragged.  Need help as lm getting ready to paint the car soon an wanna have no issues with rwc as they will pick the hell outa those two issues 

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E-series doors tend to stick, if not opened regularly.

In my experience, it's the rubber seals which cause the problem.

If you apply some rubber rejuvenator/vinyl protectant, it should improve or prevent sticking.


I don't know of anyone making wiper arm bushes for e-series... not yet anyways.

Maybe try finding a good one off another vehicle, or get replacement bushes 3D printed - if that's even possible? 🤔

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