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  1. matt_lamb_160

    Replacement head for iron crossy

    I had a list of chamber sizes somewhere on xfalcon, but Ford Man's numbers match my memory. I think you want a C1 or an E2 if you don't want to do chamber work. Your compression is already pretty high and I think a D will make it higher (especially if it needs a skim or has had one).
  2. matt_lamb_160

    Holley Sniper EFI

    I am also keen to see updates on this...
  3. matt_lamb_160

    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    Agree totally with dean. Adding headers to this car will be a waste of time and money. It you are worried about originality, it is ruined as soon as the bonnet opens to. I suggest leave it as is or do a muffler swap only. The headers will make almost zero difference to your power. The exhaust manifolds are not what limit these engines in stock configuration.
  4. matt_lamb_160

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    The Camtech cam you are talking about is what I suggested. I doubt you will need new pushrods, retainers and locks. I also doubt you will need new valve springs, if you can check the ones you have and they are still ok I would use them. I have used std. pushrods, retainers, locks and springs with their 208deg at 50thou cam for years without issue (although I upgraded them when I added a turbo). Also, the cam would work perfect with 2.77 gears and an auto, so reconsider your gears. 2.92-3.27 would be my recommendation with a T5.
  5. matt_lamb_160

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    Email Camtech.
  6. matt_lamb_160

    $11 programmable ignition?

    Thanks Dean, I will have more of a look. I was looking for other things (chainsaw electronic ignition module) and just stumbled on it.
  7. matt_lamb_160

    $11 programmable ignition?

    Has anyone ever used these silicone chip "High Energy Ignition Systems"? https://www.jaycar.com.au/programmable-high-energy-ignition-system/p/KC5442
  8. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Nope, the rod is shorter to allow a longer stroke. The engine we are talking about is 272 cubes.
  9. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Faster spooling and because you can. I wouldn't do it, but it is nice that people do try these things. Your points about the effect it will have on the crank are correct and are a turn off for sure.
  10. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Yeah, I am not sure about the pistons, something forged. Yes, definitely had an offset ground crank. It's weird the things you remember.
  11. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    No, it had 265 Hemi rods. I think it was 272ci too.
  12. matt_lamb_160

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    Poly on the front half is an interesting idea. It still has to deform the poly in bump, but at least there is less poly to twist (fear of snapping the rod at the thread still puts me off somewhat). I think there are a number of options and I would have thought more companies building these kit would look at it (mind you, there are a number of US options).
  13. matt_lamb_160

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    Just the front bush. Allows change in geometry under braking and relies on flexing the rubber/mount for bump travel. Yes it is reliable and does it flex that much under braking, maybe not. But out of the entire arrangement it is more of an obvious area of improvement than most other things addressed by these kits and I wouldn't be spending big everywhere else and leaving it as is. It's just a matter of replacing it with a proper joint.
  14. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    If you are planning to turbo, you are better off with stock or slightly longer than stock rods anyway. I would not use 200 rods, the benefit of the longer rods is for NA applications. There are pistons that exist for the AU rods that will work, but you will need to look. Just make sure the rod length + piston compression height add up to the same value as it does with the stock setup. If it is price that turned you off of the Spool rods, forget about 300hp NA + more later. If you have never driven a near stock crossflow and a decent sized turbo (say GT3582R) running 8-12 psi boost, you should try that first before committing to this build.