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  1. matt_lamb_160

    Checking 275 wheel clearance on the XF

    Old thread, but that car looks perfect. Can't beat gold rims and green paint! Back before I decided to leave my car as is, it was going to be pretty much this but with FR-1 style rims and redine tyres
  2. matt_lamb_160

    Unknown cam performance

    You will like the 208 cam.
  3. matt_lamb_160

    Unknown cam performance

    This is a bit old now, but I run that Camtech cam in a turbo'ed 250 and ran it NA for a while. It is a perfect HWY cam with 2.92 or 2.77 gears and can be used with an auto and stock converter. It suits an otherwise stock setup. Std springs are even ok. I recon Camtech's cam below this one should have been std. Both are perfect for how Ford planned for a 250 to be driven and are nice for cruising around. With a 5 speed and 3.23 gears I probably would go bigger (depending on what the car is used for) than the 208 cam, but no more than the 218 deg cam if it is a regular driver. The 14892 Crow used to be the go to cam.
  4. matt_lamb_160

    Replacement head for iron crossy

    I had a list of chamber sizes somewhere on xfalcon, but Ford Man's numbers match my memory. I think you want a C1 or an E2 if you don't want to do chamber work. Your compression is already pretty high and I think a D will make it higher (especially if it needs a skim or has had one).
  5. matt_lamb_160

    Holley Sniper EFI

    I am also keen to see updates on this...
  6. matt_lamb_160

    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    Agree totally with dean. Adding headers to this car will be a waste of time and money. It you are worried about originality, it is ruined as soon as the bonnet opens to. I suggest leave it as is or do a muffler swap only. The headers will make almost zero difference to your power. The exhaust manifolds are not what limit these engines in stock configuration.
  7. matt_lamb_160

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    The Camtech cam you are talking about is what I suggested. I doubt you will need new pushrods, retainers and locks. I also doubt you will need new valve springs, if you can check the ones you have and they are still ok I would use them. I have used std. pushrods, retainers, locks and springs with their 208deg at 50thou cam for years without issue (although I upgraded them when I added a turbo). Also, the cam would work perfect with 2.77 gears and an auto, so reconsider your gears. 2.92-3.27 would be my recommendation with a T5.
  8. matt_lamb_160

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    Email Camtech.
  9. matt_lamb_160

    $11 programmable ignition?

    Thanks Dean, I will have more of a look. I was looking for other things (chainsaw electronic ignition module) and just stumbled on it.
  10. matt_lamb_160

    $11 programmable ignition?

    Has anyone ever used these silicone chip "High Energy Ignition Systems"? https://www.jaycar.com.au/programmable-high-energy-ignition-system/p/KC5442
  11. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Nope, the rod is shorter to allow a longer stroke. The engine we are talking about is 272 cubes.
  12. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Faster spooling and because you can. I wouldn't do it, but it is nice that people do try these things. Your points about the effect it will have on the crank are correct and are a turn off for sure.
  13. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    Yeah, I am not sure about the pistons, something forged. Yes, definitely had an offset ground crank. It's weird the things you remember.
  14. matt_lamb_160

    250 Crossflow build

    No, it had 265 Hemi rods. I think it was 272ci too.